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Max Riedel (Madmaxx82)
Creator and developer of 4EXT Recovery and Recovery Control
Creator and developer of 4EXT Recovery and Recovery Control


Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you are not too drunk already to smell 2013 air tonight ;)

I thought I should let you know about the latest status update:

There isn't much new information than what I posted on G+ a few days ago though.

I wish you, your families and friends a great, fun evening and a successful and happy New Year :)
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I hope you all are enjoying some nice free days :-)

Concerning support: I won't be at home until after the 28th so please expect a greater delay in answering mails.

During the last few weeks I got numerous mails asking about progress and when device xy will get support already.

So I guess it's time for a status update:

December sucked regarding progress, because I had to deal with some urgent personal matters.

2013 will start at full speed again in order to hopefully achieve the current goal of a first release by the end of the first quarter.
Although this is anything but certain, currently it seems to be possible and I'll do anything to get it there.

Just please don't count on it.
It feels really bad to constantly postpone and to disappoint by not meeting expectations in time.
Having said that, it can't go on so much longer than that or I'll bite the dust ;-)

Since many have asked: yes, the HTC one x+, the Nexus 4/7/10 and most probably the Desire X will be added once 4ext next gen is out and stable for the first batch of device models :-)
( for a more complete list and priority please check )
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Recovery Control v2.4.4 and 4EXT Recovery v1.0.0.5 RC9 have been released.

On some Android 4.2 alpha roms it wasn't possible to select zip files via Recovery Control, so this was an urgent update.
Now continuing work on next gen ;)
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Hi everyone ;)

Sorry that it's been silent for so long.

Finally fully recovered from a computer crash (genius me watered my board, raid failure and so on. Sometimes everything you love so much comes at you at once).
Thanks to that I decided to upgrade instead of replacing components which will speed up development too a little ;)

Oh, I updated the status on and also added info about the devices that will be supported next.

There is still a lot of work ahead, please check the status update on the site.
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Regarding progress and support for the One series and Galaxy Nexus, please take a look at:

Something really nice will happen to 4ext, but I need more time to be able to make it possible.

Please read:

A very nice weekend to all of you!
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4EXT Recovery v1.0.0.5 RC3 has left testing.
New features, please check the changelog.

To get this stable was much more work than I had thought.
Now that this is done I can finally continue working on the galaxy nexus and htc one versions.

It's still not possible to estimate how long it will take at this stage, but there's progress.
I should know more in a few days.
Any other HTC devices need to wait until this is finished.

Small teaser attached. And no, it won't look like that when it's finally done ;)
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4EXT Recovery for the Thunderbolt and Evo 3D CDMA has been released... finally ;)
Thanks to Snowboardkid503, MJesse1981, Speedycarv and Jamesclinton for a whole lot of testing!

Without you I couldn't have made it :)
Thank you!
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4EXT Recovery Touch RC3 now in testing ;)
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