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#Photography #Travel #Expat
#Photography #Travel #Expat

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#PhotoDuMois: Le Silence

This month, it’s Sinuaisons who provided us the theme for the Picture of the month. And she chose “Silence”. Ce mois-ci, c’est Sinuaisons qui nous a choisi le thème pour la photo du mois. Et elle a choisi “Le Silence”. Some of you may have recognized…

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#Photography: Measuring my progress after 6 years of practice #PrachovskeSkaly

As I recently wrote in my post about Prachovské Skály, I went there twice. In July 2010, then in July 2016. In July 2010, I was still just using a Point and Shoot camera, pretty much just “snapping pictures as I went along”, with not much photographic…

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#PhotoDuMois: Lace / Dentelle.

This month, Giselle 43 chose the theme “Lace” (Dentelle). Ce mois-ci, Giselle 43 a choisi pour thème “Dentelle”. I wanted to do a “selfie boudoir session super combo”, but I assumed the thought of a closeup of my hairy legs with a lace garter might not be…

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A glimpse into the Český Ráj, the "Bohemian Paradise": Prachovské skály #VisitCZ #Prachovskeskaly

North East of Prague, there’s a Protected Area that is aptly called Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise). Sounds a bit presumptuous at first, but I’ll just give you a glimpse of the region, and you’ll tell me afterwards if you think the name is deserved ;). It…

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#PhotoDuMois: Comme disait l'autre: "C'est pas un voyageur, c'est un touriste!"

This month, BiGBuGS chose the theme “Tourists”. As you can imagine, in a city like Prague, there is no shortage of tourists. Tourists, the bane of the locals. So annoying, yet so important to the economy of big historical cities as a source of revenue.…

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#PhotoDuMois Reflet

This month, Testinaute chose the theme “Reflection” (Reflet). Ce mois-ci, Testinaute a choisi pour thème “Reflet”. A seemingly easy theme, but not necessarily a walk in the park. Although a litteral walk in the park may provide some good photo…

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I spent a day #climbing #outdoors in the Czech forests, and it was amazing #VisitCZ

It is not a secret to anybody, I like to climb. But most of my climbing happens in a gym. I wish I could climb outdoors more often. But it’s not so easy to arrange, and I don’t know the region so well. So in order to go, I need to go with locals who […]

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#PhotoDuMois Philosophie au programme ce mois-ci, on parle équilibre et homéostasie...

This month, Homeos-tasie chose the theme “Homeostasis” (Homéostasie). And because that’s not exactly a concept or notion that one may be familiar with, she was kind enough to provide a detailed explanation: Homeostasis is the [response in a human being to…

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BLOG: The birds and the bees...

Nah, I’m not going to give you that talk. I assume you’re all big enough to know how things work by now. Or do you? We have a big garden here. With lots of fruit trees. Mostly apple trees, with the occasional cherry tree and a few berry bushes (although…

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#PhotoDuMois La photo de L'infini!

This month, Christophe chose the theme “Infinite” (Infini). Ce mois-ci, Christophe a choisi pour thème “Infini”. I was going to take some picture of a pattern repeating itself apparently indefinitely, like dominos, for instance. Then I read an article…
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