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Japanese cherry tree
Spring in Japan is a quiet and gorgeous season that is
the season of cherry blossoms, it is a fascinating time of Japan

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The video of one day
                                      The video of one day

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52,600 Minutes

365 COOL JAPAN on Google+ April チームに参加して、今日で365日目。

すんごく大変だったし、家族にもえらい迷惑かけたけど、なんとか1日も欠かさず365枚のCOOL JAPANを発信することが出来ました。

ここまで来れたのも、いつも写真を見て下さるフォロワーさんや、同じCOOL JAPAN メンバの皆様、そしてなにより、文句ひとつ言わずこの活動を見守ってくれた嫁ちゃんのおかげです。


写真展『JPCO Gallery Spring 2015 / 日本の写真文化を海外へ』に出展した1枚です。
たくさんの出会いと、たくさんのチャンスを私に与えてくれた COOL JAPAN 365 Photo Challenge。



私の COOL JAPAN 365 Photo Challenge は今日で最後になりますが、これからは『StrayPhotography』や『HelloWorld』など、私自身で撮り続けているテーマがありますので、そちらの方でお目にかかりましょう :)

またどこかで皆さんにお会いできる日を楽しみにしています :)


365 to participate in COOL JAPAN on Google+ April team, 365 days today.
It was really hard, I was over very annoying even to family, I was able to place a somehow 365 shots of COOL JAPAN.

Even had been coming up here, always me and followers to look at the pictures, everyone of the same COOL JAPAN members, and above all, thanks to the daughter-in-law-chan who watch over this without saying one complaint activity.
Thanks from my heart.

Well, the last one as 365CJ chose the most memorable one in the past year for me.

Photo Exhibition "the JPCO Gallery Spring 2015 / Japanese photography culture abroad" It is one that was exhibited at.
Of course I memorable also Kyushu expedition when it is taken, but above all it is exhibited at the photo exhibition in Yokohama, a lot of Very happy that was able to see the person, it became a thing very memorable.
And a lot of encounter, COOL JAPAN 365 Photo Challenge, which gave me a lot of opportunities.

Halfway, and Japan many times I was almost chooses one good little Ballmer does not matter, I'm going to have to straddle my own.
The called that has been devoted by much have strong feelings that would end with today, is it rather than somehow peace of mind, is more of feeling that lonely strong.
If this feeling thought Naa somehow nostalgic, I realized.

This would be feeling to graduate school.

My COOL JAPAN 365 Photo Challenge will be the last in today, such as the future is "StrayPhotography" and "HelloWorld", because there is a theme that continues to take on my own, let's see you in the way of there :)

The during the one year, Thank you for your relationship!

熊本県阿蘇郡産山村 池山水源
Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture Ubuyama Village, Ikeyama fountainhead

/// 365 COOL JAPAN on Google+ ///
Day 365 : 21st April 2015

Camera : Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens : Canon EF100mm f/2.8 Macro
#Strayphoto #Nature #NatureJP #Kumamoto   #Headwaters #cooljapan #365cooljapanapril

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