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Hey, anyone use gardening software / apps?  I've been interested in some from Mother Earth and Grit, but don't know if I want to pay an annual fee.  Actually, I do know: I do not want to pay an annual fee.  But I'd pay for the app if it was a good one!  What are your faves?

I need a hug.  And confirmation that the #@$#@ that ate two of my chickens is a raccoon.  I have pics.  Pretty sure the #$#@ that got my favorite bird and another bird is a #@$!@ raccoon.  If anyone is okay with looking at the carnage and can help me identify, lemme know.  Who the #$@# eats a Brahma, the sweetest bird on the #@$@# planet.  Also got my "easter egger."
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I'm getting new baby chicks tomorrow!!  So excited!  Brooder's set up in the basement, space will be squared out for them in the run/coop as protection/sequestering during the introductions to the Old Birds, and they have gold laced wyandottes and brahmas at the shop!!

Hey, I just joined.  and I just ate a bite of homegrown jerusalem artichoke for the first time ever!  It is crazy easy to grow.  We grew it in an old recycle bin because our research (teh interwebs) revealed that it loves to spread and spread and spread...
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