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David Ward
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David Ward

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here is a handy tip for those that own a domain name to organise social media
Get your own vanity URL for Google+  - Create a sub-domain

If you are on G+, it would not have taken you long to relise that G+ will not allow you to have a vanity URL.  Instead you have to make do with an impossibly long URL that no customer is ever going to be able to remember.  

Some people have gotten around this by using services such as which will allow you to have your own vanity URL which is a bit easier to remember.  While this is an excellent service, it is using a third party that to some extent detracts from your URL. If you own it would be nice to have your Google+ page tied in with your domain and not

There is a simple solution to this problem.  You can create a subdomain of your main domain and then point that to your G+ profile. For example my G+ profile can be found at That is way way to long.  So I created a Google sub domain to my main website address at So now my G+ profile can be found at 

I have my web site hosted with and found this very easy to do. If you have your site hosted elsewhere I don't think it will be too difficult for you either. 

This will also work for any other social network.  Maybe you have tried to get a vanity URL on Facebook or Twitter, but found that it has already been taken.  Not to worry. Just create a Facebook/Twitter sub-domain ( and point your customers there.  As it is your domain, you do not have to worry about it already being taken. 

I currently have subdomains for,  as well as

If you have found this useful please share it with others. 

#googleplus   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmedia   #socialnetworks   #photographytips   #marketing   #marketingtips  
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David Ward

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for those people interested in bird photography
Circle 7/7 - BIRD LOVERS Worldwide
This is the "seventh Circle" of the Page and the Group
"BIRD LOVERS Worldwide!"
#birdloversworldwide   +BIRD LOVERS Worldwide  by +Robert SKREINER 
All members are asked to share this circle publicly!
The next "Circle 8" will be published within a few days!
If you are a real "BIRD LOVER" and if you want to be included in the next circle, then please give here +1 and a short comment and share this circle publicly in your stream (Conditions and rules)!
Important: If you are included in this Circle 7/7, please give +1 and share this circle necessarily in your public stream, so that you are also included in the next circle round. Anyone who does not share, is not included in the next Circle-Round. This is one of our fair rules!

Circle 1/4
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Circle 5/6
Circle 6/6

#birdloversworldwide   #birdloversworldwideseventhcircle   #birdsinfocus   #birds  
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+10000 Photographers around the World 
+Dog Lovers Worldwide - DLW 

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Global Birdlovers united ;) Many thanks!
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David Ward

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I posted this to the Photo Tip community and thought that this information may also interest other photographers.
If you have not tried photo stacking before, I found it relatively easy after watching the  video (see link on original post).
Clicking on the photo allows a better view of the detail.
#sexyfly  curated by +Shane Williams 
#10000photographersaroundtheworld  curated by +Robert SKREINER + +Nikola Nikolski 
#macro4all  curated by +Walter Soestbergen 
#macromonday  curated by +Kerry Murphy +Jennifer Eden  and +Kelli Seeger Kim 
Last week a person wanted to know what photo stacking was in relation to Macro photography.  Various ppl gave her information however it reminded me that I had this as one of the things on my "to do" list.
For those unfamiliar with macro photography it is when you get very close to a subject and take a photo which has a very small depth of field (DOF) or area in sharp focus.  This can be done with a macro lens, reversing a lens (I am not going to explain this process here) and/ or extension tubes.
So I looked up some photos that I had previously taken. The best single photo of a fly had one wing, its back and the top portion of its eyes in sharp focus.  I combined four photos together to get this images, a big improvement.
For further information on the actual process in Photoshop CS5 please follow this link:
Focus Stacking in Photoshop CS5
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David Ward

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I think this is a very important message to get out.  Feel free to share this with others.
Earlier this year, I have produced the video below, to do my little part in addressing the serious issue of "negative body image". This is a subject that many disregard or play down, the sad truth however is: it's a serious issue for more young woman than we might think.

It is now time to give this video and it's message a second wind, so please watch and share:

The truth about Fashion & advertising Photography / behind the Scenes

Why young girls shouldn't compare themselves with the glamorous images they see in advertising and in magazines...

On youtube:

#photography   #photoshop   #fashion   #depression   #bodyimage  
William Sledge's profile photo
This is a very important issue and I am glad that you have re-posted this information. Personally I prefer natural pictures of healthy happy people who have honest expressions on their faces that bring out their hopefully happy personalities.
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David Ward

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Interesting interview and philosophy and not just for photography, but any artistic pursuit.  You don't need to go to some exotic location.  
Find your own voice, what are you passionate about.  It can be in your backyard or town/ city; that is the place to start.

#photography   #photographytutorial   #passion   #artwork  
If you love photography, this interview with David Alan Harvey may be the best 10 minutes of your day today:
Doug Alder's profile photoDavid Ward's profile photo
I hear and agree with you +Doug Alder I think it is an over looked resource by a lot of ppl
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David Ward

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a lot of possibilities can come from these techniques.  I know that I will be trying them out.
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David Ward

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Dove is just indirectly promoting its product, but it does it in such STYLE!
Dove finds a clever way to get their (very important) message across.  :)

Dove: Thought Before Action
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David Ward

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Many people use photography to create an image, whether beautiful, terrifying or for some other reason.  Matthew Albanese creates an image from everyday items and then photographs it capturing absolutely beautiful, mesmerising scenarios.
Visit his blog and find out how to create he created an alien landscape from paprika or a willow from feathers.
David Ward's profile photoNatalie Oakley (Morte)'s profile photo
I know! It all looked real. truly amazing skill.
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David Ward

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some information to those that are going to a celebration tonight.  I'm sure this will help and have a good one.  Cheers
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David Ward

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Alerted by a rustling noise from the side garden I found an echidna, buried as much as he could under a large piece of wood and leaf litter.  After waiting for 15 mins he started moving around and I carefully crept up on him to get this photo.
Echidnas are monotremes, which are egg-laying mammals and are a very exclusive sub-species.  There are only five mammals, four being echidnas and the platypus.

#hqspanimals  curators +Joe Urbz  and +Marina Versaci 
#myownbackyard  curator +Craig Pifer 
#howishotthisphoto  curator +Vince Ong 
#10000photographersaroundtheworld  curator +Robert SKREINER 
#300mmmonday  curator +Gailen Mapes 
#naturemonday  curators +Rolf Hicker and +Kate Church 
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What an adorable little face! Great shot +David Ward :)
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David Ward

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Enviously watching a yacht sail by, under stormy skies at sunrise.

+Sky Sunday - Photography Theme curated by +Randy Scherkenbach and +Patrick Scherkenbach 
+Beach Sunday curated by +Ross Campbell 
+Dawn On Sunday curated by +Ray Bilcliff and +Sherry McBriar 
+Landscape Photography curated by +Margaret Tompkins 
+Sentimental Sunday Theme curated by +Louisa Catharine Forsyth 

#landscape   #landscapephotography   #seascape   #australia   #photography    
Ray Bilcliff's profile photoMargaret Tompkins's profile photoAnnette Junge Daugaard's profile photo
♥ ~❤❤❤~ ♥ :) 
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David Ward

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David Ward's profile photoRay Bilcliff's profile photoMargaret Tompkins's profile photo
Beautiful!!  Thanks very much for sharing with the #LandscapePhotography theme!!   
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Photographer - generally nature and macro photos. Moderator of the Photo Tips community.
I started taking (film) photos when I was about 20 yo and in 2009 resurrected this hobby, after a very long break.  In that short period I have increased my skills through practice and various courses but recognise that I have a long way to go.
I live on 30 acres and photograph the various animals and plants that I share this land with.  I also try to capture the beauty that I see in my travels.
I don't specialise but mostly take landscape, nature and macro photos.  I am increasingly becoming more intrigued by digital manipulation ie paintography, textures, etc).
Started an Arts course this year and haven't had much time for photography however have increased my background knowledge.

Info for new members on G+
As I am a photographer and I am here to share my interest in that matter.  So just in case you circle me and you aren't a Photographer (pro or hobbyist) there is a chance I wont circle you back, to keep my circles within my interest. Empty profiles, profiles without pictures or inactive will be ignored.  I may not circle you straight away but I do try to review those that circle/ interact with my profile.

Circles that you may want to include me:

* Landscape
* Nature
* Animals
* Macro
* Sunset/ Sunrise
* Water - especially seascapes
* Paintography/ textures
* Australia

Thank you
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Kempsey, NSW, Australia
Sydney, NSW, Australia - Macksville NSW Australia
Photographer - landscape, animals (non-domestic) and some macro photos.
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