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Landscape photography is my first and true love, and as time goes on, I'm trying my wings at portrait photography and seascapes. Photography has always been an interest of mine and now I'm more serious about it than ever!
Landscape photography is my first and true love, and as time goes on, I'm trying my wings at portrait photography and seascapes. Photography has always been an interest of mine and now I'm more serious about it than ever!


Can anyone suggest a very easy to use portrait retouch program and either free or very low cost? I'm not a professional but am just looking for something to quickly retouch some photos I recently made for my daughter when she opened her spa/salon business. I have Photoshop and Lightroom but what I mainly want is just some portrait retouch for skin/eyes/blemish removal/airbrush look, that type thing. Thanks so much!

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** Photographers, need some help asap please.**

My Mother is in critical condition and only expected to live a few more days.  I am trying desperately to re-size some photos for her slideshow at her funeral and I can't find a program that does a good job of re-sizing.  Some I need to make smaller and some larger.
Can anyone recommend a program for this?

Also, I have scanned in numerous photos and some of them end up looking like the one here and others don't.  Does anyone know what is causing this to happen?  Obviously can't use them this way.

Thank you in advance!

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Just tumbling around playing with Pic Say Pro!

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I love you spring time!

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Wanted to post a SOOC photo I took with my new toy!  Finally bought a macro lens and I am having so much fun.  I would absolutely love to hear any pointers anyone may have about macro shooting.  From the number of terrible shots I deleted, I have a lot to learn!  Been off G+ for awhile and have missed everyone.  Looking forward to some catch up with friends. Thanks..

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Please do yourself a huge favor and read this post by +Robin Griggs Wood .  Enjoy the beauty of her photo and the inspiration of her words.  She always seems to 'sense' when others are in need or struggling in some way and then - WOW, there's the post and photo to pull you right up.  I am blessed for having the privilege of knowing her through G+.  If you aren't following her yet, please do!   
Revealing Your Vision

Do you have a vision for your life? What is it? Do you actually know?

What is "vision"––you know, when we're not talking about something which might involve your optometrist?
The definition of "vision" I'm talking about is:
"The ability to visualize, think about or plan the future."

So, back to: Do you know what your vision is?

If you don't, I can at least tell you what your vision was yesterday, a month ago, a year ago.


You're sitting in it right now.

Yep, that's right.

The course, direction, circumstance of your life, as it is right this very minute, is the vision you've been working on. It's the one you've been holding in your mind and it's manifesting itself today.

Do you want to change that?

Here's the how-to. 
First, think about what you want to have or do.

Next, write out a list with those aspirations on it leaving enough space on the side of each to write the obstacles preventing you from getting them. Those items next to your goals will be anything that is not contributing to, or is destroying, what you want to have in life. Include all the things that are stealing your attention, making you angry, sad, nervous or distracted. Include in the first column on the list the things you would be doing "if only __". Include all the "if only"s at the side of each of those, too. Be honest and be as thorough as you can.

As you are writing out your list, notice that everything that you've written to the side of your goals is what you are putting your focus on instead of your goals. Those things are your current "vision" for your life; they are what you are thinking about instead of the vision you really want.

It should be easier to see your vision for your life now, once you weed out the stuff that isn't part of your vision.

The cool thing is, every one of those things you wrote on the side of your goals is an actionable item.
You can actually do something about each one of them. Once you do the actionable item, you don't need to have your focus on it anymore.
Some of them you can even toss away completely! Things like too much web-surfing, horrifying news stories, TV or games that don't contribute to your vision.
(If one of those things you want to toss away is your mother-in-law, you're going to have to be clever about it, though … ;o7)

Don't think that all the FUN is going to go out of your life when you get rid of things that aren't contributing to your vision, just be sure to include "Enjoy life" on your list ... :o))

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I've got a picture to prove it!!!  THE one and only +Scott Jarvie in my living room.  (fluttering heart be still).  I know you guys are just too jealous and I have to brag gloat er, at least let you know about this.
Here he is in my living room trying to make friends with my dog Moki. Scott has been a real trooper and Moki has been a real pain. I think Scott is making progress, but I'm sure he would prefer the 'other end'.  Still smiling though...

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This is a photo my granddaughter took of herself and asked me to post for #selfiesaturday.

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So the conversation among the seagulls here goes,,,,,,

OK guys, is there a seagullbutt theme or is it a non-theme?

I'm confused, but all these gulls keep flying in from everywhere trying to land in my spot.

Hey, stop trying to be in the front.  You're such a ham!

I am NOT going to be in a photo where there's a whole bunch of seagulls; that is just degrading.

What about you?  Stop washing yourself and listen up.  I've heard a bunch of crazy fun photographers are trying to capture photos of seagullbutts.

Well, I'm not showing my butt to anyone without compensation!

You know, the photographers are so confused they don't even know if there is a seagullbutt theme or not!

Bwahahaha -- good one Joe....

PSST -- you gotta watch that +Robin Griggs Wood .  She is a real instigator of fun and other total craziness!


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