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Nite Ize's Reusable Twist Ties
$3 for 4 ties that are 3-inch's long each

Useful, reusable, colorful

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Louisa Harding Grace Silk and Wool
50% Wool/50% Silk (hand wash)
110 yards of DK
$6.99 a ball down from $12.95 (46% off)
24 colors with 50+ balls in stock

If you're looking at event metrics in a custom report, when could you have 4,614 unique visitors but only 110 visits? This report is not sampling and no segments are applied. The event has fired 21,777 times, and I'm trying to get at an average number of times it fires per visit.

Custom report information:
Dimensions: Event Category, Page
Metrics include: Pageviews, Unique Visitors, Total Events, and Visits

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Sean, For cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics you also have to set up a profile with a filter to append the full domain onto the Request URI. After that the Pages dimension will show the full URL. So the difference will be particularly noticeable on the Content > Site Content > Pages report and any other reports with that dimension. You can read about implementation here:

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Yes, it is possible to get geographic e-commerce data without the use of the API. Make a custom report with the following dimension drill-downs: Continent, Country/Territory, Region, City, then go under Conversions in the metrics category to find e-commerce numbers.

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Allen, in answer to your Google Analytics question, I think you need to use an advanced filter on the Request URI. You can go here in the documentation to get started: There is also a really useful hint on the Admin > Profiles Tag > Filters Tag select the "custom filter" radio button, then the "Search and Replace" radio button then the yellow help icon. You'll have to write your own regular expression, but it is possible. Now that you have the right keywords I think you can Google up an example of this exact instance.

TIP: apply it to a NEW secondary profile, and keep the main profile in tact without any filters.

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