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Post has attachment Meet Sepios, the CYBER CUTTLEFISH: Marine robot mimics creature's undulating swimming to explore ... #MailOnline

Post has attachment So THAT'S how the zebra got its stripes: Alternating pattern absorbs and reflects heat to create ... #MailOnline

Post has attachment The giant screens that can show 3D WITHOUT glasses: Laser technology could revolutionise ... #MailOnline

Post has attachment Is YOUR boss a messy eater? Power makes people develop bad table manners, study claims ... #MailOnline

Post has attachment Google Translate app adds conversation mode to translate SPEECH in real time and signs at the ... #MailOnline

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Android gets sweeter!

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Go Gadget go!
Favorite male character right here y'all XD.

ANIME: Angel Beats

#anime #TK #angelbeats #swagdude

~Matsuge-Chan ^w^~
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From transparent phones to 3D printing... take a sneak peek at what the future holds.

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#StayWithMe by @samsmithworld:
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