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Jean DuSablon
Works at self-employed
Attends University of British Columbia
Lived in Oakland, CA


Jean DuSablon

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What will the Census of 2080 ask?

—Do you consider yourself to be a:

a) Homo sapiens (natural human being)?
b) Homo cyberneticus (mostly human with some external cybernetic enhancements)?
c) Homo hybridus (mostly human with some genetic enhancements)?
d) Homo machinus (slightly human but mostly machine)?
e) Other?

—How many times have you changed your sex? What categories have you experienced?

—How do you generate your own nutrient and energy supplies?

—If you do not have a biophysical domicile, where would you say "you" usually are?

Jean DuSablon

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scratch 'n sniff ... intoxication by trumpet flower

Jean DuSablon

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Jean DuSablon

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With thanks to +NASA astronaut Nicole Stott, a +Fragile Oasis valentine for you.

Jean DuSablon

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thx, Elizabeth :) Spring in's gorgeous year 'round, lucky us, and especially yummy at Springtime.
  • University of British Columbia
    Forest Science, 2012 - present
Basic Information
  • self-employed
    bean counter and musician, present
  • Shake It - old school funk/R&B
    bass, present
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Oakland, CA
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