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Matthew Snell
I'm a man of few words - But I love Photography oh and cats =(^_^)=
I'm a man of few words - But I love Photography oh and cats =(^_^)=

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Tekno EB48 SL with Hobbywing XR8 Plus & Hobbywing 1900kv motor

I purchased, soldered & installed the Hobbywing XR8 Plus & Hobbywing #4268 SD G2 (1900kv)

The motor fit but there is not much room. I'm using the stock spur and 17t pinion

I'm going to be running 3s batteries!
Deans connectors

for the motor slight modification was required
(grinding down wire hold down & screw hole)
I just completely cut the screw hole off under the motor (see pictures)

I had to update the firmware on my Hobbywing. Program Box, My buggy is now ready to go!

Weight -- 6 pounds 12oz -- Checked on scaleο»Ώ
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Does anybody know what capacitor this was.

Control Board A2516-590
Showing as Danby / Haier part
I'm (trying) to fix for a friend if possible.

I have been searching online like crazy with no luck.

I found one site showing 102 on the motherboard next to the capacitor.ο»Ώ
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1/8 scale?!?!

Yes! I finally got a 1/8 scale 😍

Tekno EB48SL w/EB48.3 parts "SuperLite" 6.5 lbs
Tested outside for about 5min. the thing is fast but I didn't open the throttle up fully! After 5min. my pinion came off I guess it needs thread lock πŸ˜€

Already replaced pinion when I bought it, it was chewed up badly.
Spur is ok, somehow

Motor & esc are from a Yeti they work
(came with buggy) I put a fan on the esc it got very hot when testing.
--I did have to resolder the connector & add shrink tube over the wires of the esc "BARE WIRE WAS SHOWING "

I'm eventually going to get a Hobbywing XR8, & not sure on motor/battery yet ?

This buggy is made to run 2s ! Holy crap!
1/8 scale on 2s

It is fast with the yeti system on my 2s

I set the ackermann for small tracks I might need to set it more.

The center diff is leaking need to order parts for that.

It has a few small parts missing

Could use a nice painted body eventually

LOL did you skip all that too πŸ˜„ο»Ώ
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+K. Mel​Thank you my love πŸ˜…πŸ˜…β€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ§πŸ§ο»Ώ

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The colors from my cellphone camera did not look right it appeared more blueish in the photos it should be Metallic Purple

took me awhile loading new pictures but I wanted everyone to see the actual color, this is why I Trust my DSLR.

Body: 1981 Ford Bronco Pro-Line body

Camera Used: Pentax KR - used built in flash
Camera lens: 18-55mm ο»Ώ
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My 1981 Ford Bronco Pro-Line body for my Team Associated SC10 ο»ΏDark Purple, but looks blue in photos ο»Ώ
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Just painted, trimmed and added decals on the body for my Team Associated SC10 it's a Pro-line 1981 Ford Bronco

I painted it dark purple metallic with gold as a final coat (gold is only visible from underneath)

One area gold paint is visible through the fender.

Body requires extended body post which are discontinued & sold out everywhere!.. ugh!

Needs 6071-00 pro-line body post

I tried the 6070-00 body post but they are nowhere near identical.

Time to search online......... againπŸ˜•ο»Ώ
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This is me !ο»Ώ

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