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Does anyone know how to fix an issue? I can login, but I can't download my emails over imap. I can see all new mail on web based client. I can also send through my client (Apple Mail 6.x). Here is OpenSSL output that shows the error I am seeing. Thunderbird also displays a similar error. I have tried all the methods I can find to fix the problem, logged out all sessions, tried but failed to "unlock the captcha". It isn't an auth problem, verified by OpenSSL and web browser. I changed my password for good measure. Still can't receive IMAP messages. If anyone has helpful ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

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Really Senate? Of all the things you have done recently to piss me off? IT workers, write to your senators to kill this bill. Why should high tech workers be singled out for the elimination of motivating pay? I specifically took a job last year because of incentives like overnight and off hours pay. If you are in IT you know how many all-nighters you have pulled already for free, this is a slap in the face.

In a field where there are already not enough skilled workers and so many B and C players, why would you want to work 18 hour days on systems that cost companies millions if they go down and not be duly compensated? Not to mention the total vilification of IT workers when things do go down or aren't working right. When was the last time you thanked the IT guys when everything was working well for a week or two on end? We don't just play ping pong and video games, we stay up way past the rest of the office to do our jobs and still make it to work early enough for your coffee and bagel meetings in the morning.

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Right on Andrew.
"People say that the Occupy movement has not been clear in its demands. I would say that their demands could not be more obvious.

They are already being articulated everywhere: the New York Times, the Huffington Post,, the New Yorker. They are full of luminous writers: Nicholas Kristof. Paul Krugman. Gail Collins. Hendrik Herztberg. George Packer. Steve Coll, Bill McKibben. Dozens of intelligent books have appeared on the shelves in the past few years, examining the country's problems and offering thoughtful proposals for reform.

They want a fairer tax system. They want a sane energy policy that addresses climate change and searches for cleaner ways to power our civilization. They want a government that is not wholly owned by the rich. They want access to justice and education. They want a reasonable hope of getting and keeping a job that gives them a living wage and the ability to invest for the future.

They want a rational health care system that they can afford. They want government policy that is driven by thoughtful attention to rational research, not ideology. They want a transparent government that holds the powerful accountable. They want a government that understands the importance of investing now in human capital and infrastructure."
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