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Definitely a tool worth checking out!
I wanted to share a bit of love for a tool I've been using heaps lately:

It's a third-party funnel visualisation tool that plugs into an existing GA account.

The things I love about it are: 

- It's free (at least, at the moment)
- You can build funnels around Events, which is great for _onClick events bound to form fields on a one-page checkout (for example)
- You can build funnels around combinations of Pageviews and Events (!!!)
- You can analyse funnels side-by-side based on traffic source, campaign, country, device, you name it
- You can select a massive date range and analyse funnels week-to-week or month-to-month
- It tells you when you're looking at sampled data

Above all, the developers are really, really responsive both with helpfulness and with implementing features at user request. 

Check it out if you haven't already. And if you like it do spread the word -- this is (IMO) a great example of someone seeing a deficient aspect of Google Analytics and developing a better version for everyone to use, which is a great facet of a supportive community around the product. 

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Anyone else notice YouTube video comments showing up in their Google+ feeds:

"__ commented on a video on Youtube."

I think it adds a lot of value to the Google+ Community now that Google is pushing it on YouTube more aggressively then before.

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#WorldSeries , let's get this trending!

Nothing like October baseball, and some pumpkin pie. 
Show your friends and family how awesome the Maker family is! #Homerun

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Want to get ALL Your Videos Downloaded from YouTube?

This is a new way to get your own videos from your YouTube Channel... What you uploaded is what you get, no transcoding or modifications. What you put up onto YouTube is what you get back to your computer. (good for backup)

I missed this info, thanks to +Dan McDermott for pointing it out to me.
Now I get to point it out to you!

FYI, the Download Function you can still use from your YouTube Channel's Video Manager is limited to 2 videos per hour, now you can get them all via the Data Liberation link:

That's Dog-Gone Brilliant! ...
- - -
#youtubetips   #videotips   #downloadvideos   #dataliberation  
- - -

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+YouTube Creators announced a new feature if you have over 5000 subscribers (for now, since it's a beta).

It's called Top Fans and you can see who your top fans are on +YouTube in terms of engagement and how many subscribers THEY have.  (The list below is sorted in order of Subscribers)

You also create a Google+ circle for them so that you can interact with them, send them private updates, etc (Mailing list FTW). And it's a cool way to see the videos of those who support me the most.

+Vic Gundotra, the G+ integration is a LONG time coming, and THIS will bring the YouTubers in finally. Well done! 

Note: Some don't have G+ accounts yet, or they aren't set up with their YouTube, like SassiBob for instance (+Stevie Boebi)

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The importance of doing keyword research
So I always make sure to do a lot of keyword research and include those keywords in descriptions of my YouTube videos. Usually my videos get an average amount of views and never have I seen any get 10,000,000 views because of it.

However this last week BuzzFeed released a video and two of my videos were the suggested videos at the end of it because of the keywords that I used on the videos.

These videos went from getting a low amount of views to getting 200 times the views and now that the video it was being suggested on slowed down they are still getting 4 times the views they got before this happened. Also because of the increase of views I also got an extra 100 subscribers in 2 days.

Moral of the story:
Keyword research won't just help you right now but it will help you down the road. You never know what video is going to go viral and if it isn't yours you can at least get a piggy back ride off of their success through keywords.

#youtube #youtubetips #youtubers #youtubesubscriptions  
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