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Jacob Thomas
Director Of ItWasRandom, Owner Of BloodWork Comics
Director Of ItWasRandom, Owner Of BloodWork Comics

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Going Live on Halloween Night (10/31/2012) on our Podcast for the first time. It will be posted on after the session is done.

Looking for all of ya'll to either share this info and/or join us on there as well.


Title: Live Chat w/ BloodWork Comics

Time: 7:00PM - 8:00PM MST (Arizona Time)

Where: On Skype and Google+ Hangout

Skype: Blood.Work.Comics


For More Info, Visit:

Visit and Like our page in support of our company. 


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[Dear Future Wife- Lying to the Kids]

Hey, if we gotta lie to our kids... we can at least have fun doing it. And seriously, when we were kids we loved being lied to. Santa? Ahhh c'mooon, I lived in an apartment building growing up. Santa would have to park his sleigh in the far parking lot, show his ID to the gate security (who would make everyone show their ID, even erstwhile famous mythical jollymen and their sacks of free gifts, thank goodness), and then Santa would have had to find his way through our labyrinth of an apartment complex just to get my door which would have to be unlocked. Anyway, let's just say - as soon as I was old enough to grasp the concept of Santa, I was old enough to know the difference between a benevolent and malevolent lie.

The tooth fairy? You bet. Think of it this way: if there weren't some magic attached to losing teeth... the next logical step for a child is: "Mother of god(s, science or other ostensible 'power') I'm falling apart!" - we've all seen 'David after the Dentist'.

The Stork? Well... actually this one is terrifying, if a giant bird can bring babies - seemingly at will - it can take them away... as a matter of fact, I feel like we should proceed with this one so that our offspring will learn the benefits of being aware of their environment... of course, the Stork really only accounts for an air attack, so we need a ground threat...

I got it... I got it... Tremors will not be a cheesy Kevin Bacon sci-fi B movie... but rather an instructional video.

Man, my kids are going to be awesome.

#dfw #dearfuturewife  

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Going Live 10/31 - Find us on Google + Hangout (BloodWork Comics) or add the name: jacob.thomas52 on Skype to ask your questions for us.

Going Live 10/31!

If you want to chime in and ask us some questions - add this name on Skype or check us out on Google + Hangout:

Skype: jacob.thomas52

Going Live at 7pm Arizona Time 10/29

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