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Is there any kind of view available for creating an interface such as the Google+ Android App uses? I have seen the StaggeredGridView listed on and that provides the ability to create a grid with "cells" of differing heights, but I am also interested in the functionality of adding additional elements when you have scrolled to the bottom and animating them sliding in. 
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me too looking for this, but haven't found anything yet. please share if you find something. thanks
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Can anyone share any tips on how to make Dalvik code more readable?

I built an app for Android a few months ago to allow people to photograph documentation that they need to submit to our firm and to upload it to us. I was able to get the app built and finally deployed, but I have found the actual code to be a bit unwieldy for my tastes. I have been programming for 35 years and started with Z80 assembly language. I think it is important to have code that performs the desired function and is optimized for a devices resources, but I also think it is important for code to be easily readable. I find that creating inline callbacks defined in an objects method really starts to obfuscate code to the level of a BASIC "GOTO" command.

I'm not trying to be negative on Android and Dalvik. I preferred writing in Dalvik to the iOS objective-C, but I just like things to be easier to read.
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This will most probably only become handy if you use abstraction or generic, parameterized functions to create the desired object.
Instead of trying to solve this problem once again it might wiser to use some kind of annotation framework.
Though resulting in a bit more overhead it can indeed make the source code more readable. The latter I tend to doubt for a bigger number of functions of the kind you favor...
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