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Does anyone have a suggestion on an older used phone I can purchase to use with Cardboard? My current phone is an original MotoX which only has 720P resolution. I can see the pixels on it holding it close to my eyes without using a magnifying glass, so I know it will not be a good experience with cardboard. I would like to get something $150 or less since this will just be used for VR purposes.
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Go search on AliExpress Qhd display phone under 200$, but only if you intend to use it ONLY for VR.
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Darrell Sullivan

Electronics  - 
Does anyone know where to obtain transparent LCDs like what is being used on this clock? 

I am working on building a night stand and I would like to incorporate a display like this.
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Darrell Sullivan

Help Center  - 
Can anyone share any tips on how to make Dalvik code more readable?

I built an app for Android a few months ago to allow people to photograph documentation that they need to submit to our firm and to upload it to us. I was able to get the app built and finally deployed, but I have found the actual code to be a bit unwieldy for my tastes. I have been programming for 35 years and started with Z80 assembly language. I think it is important to have code that performs the desired function and is optimized for a devices resources, but I also think it is important for code to be easily readable. I find that creating inline callbacks defined in an objects method really starts to obfuscate code to the level of a BASIC "GOTO" command.

I'm not trying to be negative on Android and Dalvik. I preferred writing in Dalvik to the iOS objective-C, but I just like things to be easier to read.
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This will most probably only become handy if you use abstraction or generic, parameterized functions to create the desired object.
Instead of trying to solve this problem once again it might wiser to use some kind of annotation framework.
Though resulting in a bit more overhead it can indeed make the source code more readable. The latter I tend to doubt for a bigger number of functions of the kind you favor...
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Darrell Sullivan

General Discussion  - 
Has anyone built an Arduino or Raspberry Pi project that will flash lights with the beat of music being played? I am looking for the beat, not the frequency. I want to flash an RGB light so that each time it flashes a different color.
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Thanks for the feedback! I will take a look at just using a laptop since this is only going to be a one time thing and as long as I can keep the cable run out of the video frame I should be fine.
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Darrell Sullivan

Questions/Help  - 
I am trying to find out if there is a sub $1,000, 3D printer out there which I can use for making cases for my electronics projects, grip items for my photography work, and custom props for my photography work.

I would need to be able to print in ABS and possibly nylon for some grip items. The Simple Metal would not work for me since some of the items I am looking at printing are 6.5" in diameter and others are 7" in length. I also need a heated bed.

I am not averse to a kit, but I don't want a kit that is going to take more than 20 hours to put together. I build a CNC router once from plans in wood and I spent more time re-calibrating it than I ever spent using it so that did leave a bit of a bad taste in my mouth as far as "rolling your own" goes. I have seen many kits that use fastener grade all threaded rod and I found when building a CNC device that at the very least ACME/trapezoidal was needed for fair precision.

I am in the US if location is a factor.

Thanks for any assistance.
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+Darrell Sullivan Plywood will work pretty reliably if you seal it with e.g. paint. Though it might become a problem when you're exposing the printer to direct sunlight or using it next to a radiator.
There are some i3 kits available that use aluminum plates. Nophead's Mendel90 kit uses dibond for the frame.
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Darrell Sullivan

Help Center  - 
Is there any kind of view available for creating an interface such as the Google+ Android App uses? I have seen the StaggeredGridView listed on and that provides the ability to create a grid with "cells" of differing heights, but I am also interested in the functionality of adding additional elements when you have scrolled to the bottom and animating them sliding in. 
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me too looking for this, but haven't found anything yet. please share if you find something. thanks
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