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I am kinda stuck with this. I was trying to use emacs with tramp mode to create a replacement of putty. I have been able to successfully connect to the servers where the files are and I can modify them just fine. I am also able to connect to the server using eshell: cd /hostname:~ I can open the files there using find-file just fine. The problem there is that I want to use the enviroment variables and programs from the server, but I cant. I tried using eshell and sshing to the server but then I am not able to open the files from emacs. I have to use another buffer to open them and I have to use the firstmethod. I would love to have a single solution where I no longer need to use putty and can open and run commands on the server from emacs. Is that possible?
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I did just that and I got this.

Opening connection for user@host using pscp... \
Tramp: Opening connection for user@host using pscp...done
shell-mode: Wrong type argument: processp, nil
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I am feeling extremely noobish. I just installed the nlinum package. I want to load the minor more nlinum-mode at startup so it works on every buffer. But I cant seem to make it work. How can I do it?
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E Sabof
+Eric Hanchrow nlinum is a modified version of linum, which tries to work faster, if the header is to be believed.

+Gianfranco Arroyo Each minor mode provides a variable and a function with the same name (ex. nlinum-mode). Calling it without an argument toggles it. Technically writing (lambda () (nlinum-mode 1)) would be cleaner.
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Gianfranco Arroyo

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I dreamt last night about catching ghosts with a pink soda can. It also involved a genie which granted 3 wishes. I missused the first one and my friends in the dream used the second to wish for 3 more genies. But each of those genies started granting that wish, so I wished to only have 5 genies. Then I wished to be the most powerful being in the universe. And somehow things turned bad with the genie and I had to stop the apocalypses.
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Hi everyone,

I have a specific question.

I am using the sqlplus package. I can connect to the databases correctly. The problem comes when I use a username in the form user[apps] and I try to connect to a database. user[apps]/database. I put the correct password and that is the correct username but I get the message that the user or password is invalid.

What could I be doing wrong?
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it says invalid username/password if I use sql developer with that user, that password and that database it works perfectly.
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I have a question.  Is there a way to have a replacement list and apply it to a buffer? I mean if I have in a file:


and I want to replace all the instances of the first word in a completely differentbuffer(which have many of the first words) is there an easy way?

EDIT: I think I made my post kinda ambigous, sorry for that. I meant that I have two files. One is the one I want to edit by replacing the words. The other file is one that has replacement rules.
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+Elias Mårtenson, it is one of my abiding shames that I find elisp so convenient that I've never learned to use keyboard macros for anything. I really should.
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Tidalis is a freaking awesome puzzle game. Seriously go buy it, you wont regret it.
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Did you do the adventure mode? XP
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The favorite son of the universe.
I am someone who likes learning lots of things. I love  traveling and trying new things. I am not afraid of making mistakes and I hope I will improve my art. I am a transhumanist and I love AI. And I am a furry and bisexual, deal with it.
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