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Joan Ford
A quilt pattern designer who is 100% 'for the birds!'
A quilt pattern designer who is 100% 'for the birds!'

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Butterflies and a Pin Tip
I’ve shared that I often bring my laptop out to my front porch (I call it my summer office) when the weather is nice. My house doesn’t have central air so my desk can get pretty steamy when the mid-day summer sun shines through the skylights in my office sp...

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A Sticky Situation
For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been preparing for a series of workshops I’ll be leading during a trip to Alaska next month. Alaska isn’t exactly around the corner for me, here in Syracuse, so I’ve been engaged by three guilds who will take advantage of ...

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Dare I Say It?
I have to admit, it’s pretty quiet around here. After a big weekend on the road at the Vermont Quilt Festival (here is a photo of my booth at the show), the week after is all about putting stuff away, taking inventory, doing some accounting, and paying some...

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A "Normal" Day on the 'Highway'
After a busy couple of weeks on the road, I was glad to start out this week realizing that it’s back to ‘normal’ here on the highway. Then I got to thinking: what exactly does that mean? ‘Normal.’ So I decided to take a closer look at a typical day around h...

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Packed Month
To say that the next few weeks are going to be busy is a bit of an understatement for me. I'll be on the road for most of the month. Here's where you can catch up with me. . . A couple weeks ago, my work table was full of fabric, interfacing, zippers, and b...

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Watch the Birdie
I love it when you share your finished projects with me - made from one of my patterns. I try to include them in the 'Good Migrations' newsletter when I have them at the very bottom. But that means, sometimes, you have to scroll and scroll to see them!  And...

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Busy, Busy!
A lot can happen in two weeks! Due to a three day software seminar, I wasn’t able to post to this blog last week. Seems like the time just flew by, but looking back, I surprised myself with the things I managed to accomplish in just two short weeks. For sta...

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Book It!
I used to include a calendar listing in my weekly Good Migrations newsletter, but I changed things up a little bit when I switched email providers several months ago. Plus, I’m not traveling nearly as much as I used to, but you wouldn’t guess that looking a...

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See You Around
I know I keep coming back to this quilt . The blocks were hand stitched from a pattern and technique by Mountain Patchwork . The blocks have been my travel project for years, and only recently I finished the blocks, and assembled a quilt during a mini-retre...

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Good News Week
I’m gonna give it to you straight - I’ve had a crummy week. We've all had them. Nothing really terrible happened, but things kinda started out a little bit in a funk and then just kept going downhill. Until the other day when I received a bit of news that...
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