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It's an all new HTTP 203! +Paul Lewis is worried that the complexity of build tools are creating a steep "on ramp" for the web. Meanwhile, I've ruined a pair of earphones.

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BPG is a very interesting format, images encoded using BPG are super small while the quality is far better compared to other, more popular formats.

The problem is that there are no browsers supporting BPG at the moment, but hey, with #serviceworker  we can intercept all the responses coming from the server and, with a bit of JS, we can implement a BPG -> PNG conversion on-the-fly!

This is exactly what the library I released today, BPG Converter, does! 
More info and the obligatory demo on the project's GitHub page: 

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It's starting!
"...First, the #serviceworker  came.
Later, it was the #notifications  and from there..."

No one could stop it :)

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Using #serviceworker to convert transparently an XML endpoint to JSON

#gde  #video #html5

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Mark Tickner and 2 others were tagged in Radek Simko's album.
GDG Greenwich Launch Event
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Just published xml-converter, a library that uses a ServiceWorker to transparently convert XML responses into JSON. Details and examples available on github.

#gde #html5 #opensourcecode #serviceworker

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Great to see the Guardian improve from 4 stars to 4.4 on Play by using features like alpha/beta testing to drive user engagement.

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The results of a quick 1hr session of couch programming yesterday.

Wrapping it up this evening and hopefully release "Mini Mirror - Edge"

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Really cool talk by Sebastien Cevey showing how The Guardian uses Polymer and Web Components to build monitoring dashboards for their servers.
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