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Here's a detailed write-up of the lock-free stack bug I fixed yesterday.

"If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, when and how often would you deadlift?"

I cannot overstate how much pure fun the deadlift is. For one thing, I can sling around more weight with this exercise than anywhere else. Today I moved up to 275 pounds, and next week we'll go for 280.
It's also the closest thing to a whole-body exercise you can get to. There's heavy involvement of the core, legs, and grip, plus as the weight moves up the lats get engaged. It's so taxing neurologically that typically only one set at max weight is done, versus 3-5 for most other major lifts.

The deadlift is so much fun I'm actually willing to do ab exercises just so I can get better at it. Abs were never a fun workout for me, but when they became the limiting factor keeping me from injury or progressing, I was all, "more planks plz, k thx".

So I'd encourage anyone who likes lifting weights to watch some vids on form, get a gym membership or buy an Oly bar, get a friend to watch you (or set up a camera) to check your form, and lift the sh*t out of some weight.

If you have experience programming for network switches or similar experience, and are considering a job change, please let me know. We're hiring one or two good engineers to work on network switching code.

Your new co-workers will probably be the smartest people you've ever worked with, at the best job you've ever had.

I'm trying to shake my tree of connections. If you do systems software, hardware, or UI/UX, my group has budget for 80 new hires for 2015 (maybe more). This is a great product and a great company. Product is not yet at Alpha stage. Located in Mountain View, CA. Great benefits (e.g. 100% health expenses covered) and great salary and equity. Free food, amazing holiday parties, etc., etc. Exit strategy is to make a profit and do it on our own (like Isilon almost did), so we plan to control our own destiny for the foreseeable future.

Especially looking for top talent generalists; every aspect of the product has lots of work to do and you can pick what to work on. At least half the people I work with are smarter than me, so there's lots to learn here.

So the U.S. Women's Gymnastics this evening isn't live; that's fine.  And yet when they came back from commercial they were in the middle of Kyla Ross's uneven parallel bars routine.  And then we waited for no reason for a while before seeing scores.

#nbcfail -- if you're going to edit, edit out some of the waiting between athletes and not part of their routine.

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Randall kinda just squared a circle, in three dimensions:

"That’s a neat coincidence I’ve never noticed before—a cubic mile happens to be almost exactly 43π cubic kilometers, so a sphere with a radius of X kilometers has [about] the same volume as a cube that’s X miles on each side."

For those who don't remember geometry, squaring the circle ( is a geometric problem of producing, using compass and straight-edge, a square with the same area as a given circle.

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I signed a petition at to create a "Do Not Kill" list. I consider this a satirical effort to protest the Obama administration's willingness to assassinate U.S. citizens without due process. You should sign too. Every American should be deeply concerned about this loss of due process and violation of the constitution.

I've noticed in GMail lately that it's removing the "Re: " from the start of an email subject line. I use this information to decide whether to read an email sometimes; in FreeBSD commit lists I don't read commits to project branches very often, but I always read the replies.

Is there any way to get GMail to stop changing subject lines in its attempt to put them all in a "conversation"? In general I like threaded email, but not when headers are being changed without my knowledge!

Google+. The place where a bunch of PR lamers can add you to their circles for no apparent reason. I don't even live in the same city as you creeps.
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