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Så coolt. 
Muggles (and unlicensed wizards)! Did you know you can apparate into Diagon Alley with Google Maps #streetview?

Remember: Destination, Determination and Deliberation  #nosplinching  

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Bra info för den som vill komma igång.
*Getting started with #AutoEnhance  and #AutoAwesome *

Many of you have been asking, "How do I apply Auto Enhance and Auto Awesome to my photos?" The good news is, all you have to do is upload some new pictures, and we'll do both automatically: 

- To review Google's automatic enhancements, just open a newly-uploaded photo in the desktop lightbox
- Click the new "Enhanced" button to toggle between your original, and Google's enhancements
- If you like the changes, keep them. Otherwise, just uncheck "Auto Enhance" from the More menu
- You can also turn off the feature completely in settings:

It's the same story with Auto Awesome. Just upload some new pics, and we'll get to work:

- Visit your Photos page (, and look for one the five Awesome icons on top of a new photo: Mix, HDR, Pano, Smile, Motion
- Click the Awesome'd photo and enjoy!
- And of course: if you don't want your photos awesome'd, you can turn off this feature too:

In the weeks and months ahead, we'll also be enhancing and awesome'ing the photos you've already uploaded to Google+ -- it just takes a while to process billions and billions of pictures :-)

In the meantime you can either apply Auto Enhance to existing photos one at a time, or upload new pictures to Google+ to have them enhanced automatically. Either way enjoy, and let us know what you think of #AutoEnhance   and #AutoAwesome !
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Så bra! Så jäkla bra tal!
This is just amazing, and absolutely worth your time. I promise, it is worth your time.

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So who do I talk to about Google Maps on iOS? Obviously not Does +Matt Cutts know?

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Retro tech that took us to the moon

I was at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for the TEDMed dinner reception last week, and couldn't help but be struck by the crudity of the technology that took us to the moon and back.  This is the command console from the Apollo spacecraft .

Today, our computers are sleeker and more powerful, but our aim is set much lower.  What an inspiration the "Mercury 7" were when I was a child; as a teenager, how I thrilled to the grainy telecast of those first steps on the moon! I never dreamed it would take us so long to get back.

I'm really delighted by the initiative of entrepreneurs like +***** of SpaceX, and +Edward Lu of the B612 Foundation, who are taking us back to space with big dreams, but I also have to lament that we seem to have lost the shared will to greatness.

As I've often said (echoing, unknowingly until recently, Abraham Lincoln), government is a means of collective action, of doing things that are too ambitious for individuals and even big companies.  Our space program was such a big, shared initiative. And I miss it.

In our focus on "small government", we've also embraced small dreams, and no longer seem willing to make big bets on the future.  The work of Elon and others was made possible by big investments that we made in this age when computers were the size of washing machines, and had less power than our disposables.  It was our courage and will and our dreams that made the difference.

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Sparrow är ju riktigt bra!
I am very excited that the excellent Sparrow team will join Google - and my Gmail team. I was (and still am) very impressed with their apps - especially the level of detail to create a beautiful experience.

Welcome guys - it'll be awesome!!!

Google Contacts doesn't recognize ISO date format? What. The. Fuck?

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Hm. I'm not seeing any games in my + yet. Must be doing something wrong.
Sharing is about more than just conversations. The experiences we share are another great way to build relationships. So to help you do this, we’re adding games to Google+.

With games on Google+, we’re focused on giving you control. When you're ready to play, the Games page will show you gameplay updates from your circles, your latest game notifications, and information on what's been played recently. This means your Stream will stay focused on conversations with the people you care about.

We’re starting with a small number of fun and interactive games to play on Google+, and we want to give a big thanks to the developers who’ve worked with us to make them available. Check out our Official Google Blog post for a full list.

If you're a developer, you can get the lowdown on our new developer blog:

While games in Google+ will gradually roll out, we look forward to making them available to everyone in the field trial soon. When you see the Games icon on the top of Google+, give it a try and send us your feedback.

Thanks for your continued support. Let’s play!

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This balloon chart tries to visualize which dietary supplements might actually have tangible health benefits.
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