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Thanks to +Sergio Schvezov and +Lucio Torre's team, you can now get notifications for gmail, twitter, and facebook* on the ubuntu phone! Here's how you enable it:
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Dear Interwebs,

Say I have a message store or buffer or box where messages pile up while I'm away. This thing has a single API call that gives you everything that piled up, emptying itself. A bit like a PO box, in that stuff piles up there for you, and you go empty it out every so often.

What's the verb for that action?

`Empty()` doesn't sound like it'd give you the stuff. `EmptyOut()` isn't much better (and could be worse -- what does the suffix Out mean on this method call? do I now have to call free() on stuff? augh!)

`Drain()` would work, except it's not clear it's draining towards you, and it seems to imply it's not that quick. Also it's a noun as well as a verb.

`Unload()` has similar problems.

`Gimme()` is a bit too informal.

`Collect()` can be interpreted to mean exactly the opposite.


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