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excellent service, Vince knows his stuff. not the cheapest but that place didn't even know the size tire i needed, I had to check for them. Vince knew it right off the top of his head just from the model car.
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my car passed emissions test, but then when i got the bill they said i failed the visual inspection due to having silicone vacuum lines why wait till the end to do the visual inspection, if you could tell from the start by just looking at something then that's the end of the testing, don't hook it up to the machine, don't continue with any testing save everyone time and money. There is nothing wrong with silicone vacuum lines, every auto parts store in America sells silicone vacuum lines and these guys are saying they are illegal. I cant find anything online about silicone lines being illegal.
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Called the number to check if they had a product. does not appear to be there anymore. the number is a residence.
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