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Jesus AntiChristos (Savior44)
Jesus AntiChristos the prophesied Savior44 God44
Jesus AntiChristos the prophesied Savior44 God44

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Slavic languages and especially Polish language are/is a 'creole'=mixed languages, not just "self-contained", "original", "genuine" languages.
For example in this creole Polish language, the grammar is probably slavic, but the huge part of the vocabulary is latin, greek, doytch(german) and from some other languages.

But the very interesting feature that I discovered is that the slavic languages are related to germanic languages much closer, than any Slavs might even notice.

It is like you, Paul, once "arabised" the Hebrew words, and then you got understood by the Arabs in Egypt!...
I discovered a similar, but difficult key to "germanising" slavic words to look as familiar words in germanic languages.

I still do not know how the process took place—were the germanic words slavicised, or were the slavic words germanised. The fact discovered by me is that slavic and germanic - especially North Germanic languages are closely related.

Some examples:
Swine - Schweine → svinya - świnia
red - rot → ruda
water - wasser - vann → voda,woda
man - Mann,Mensch - mand → muž, mąż, manžel, męski
egg - ei → (j)aj·o
the; der; den; → ten, te
you; du; tu → ty
I; jeg; jag → ja, ya
lay, lie; legen, liegen → leż·, loż·, łoż·, łóg
on; an → na
love; liebe → lubi·, luba
elsker → laska, łaska

Most of the similar, familiar words between germanic and slavic languages shifted the meaning of the original words of a probable ancestor languages.
Like 'elsker' means to love in the North Germanic languages, but in Polish it changed the shape and it means "grace, graceful"→ łaska, łaskawy

BTW. The Slavic kurva, kurwa is not "a magical word"...
kurva - means in Slavic - a female of 'kur' = cock, Hahn
kur → kur·va
The hen lays aN egg
Die Henne legt EiN Ei
Ta kurva łoży jEdNo jajo

There ARE definite articles in Slavic languages too! But indeed they are not used frequently and can be avoided.
The; den; der, die, das → ten, ta, to; te

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c04=2016-01-20 GodCoSy44 Debata internetna o Operacyjnych Systemach, Linux, Windows, CoSy44.

Jakie są wady dystrybucjj i modelu Linux?
Czy warto rozpocząć wielki wysiłek i starania aby tworzyć nasz własny ludowy a nie corporacyjny COmputer'ny SYstem?

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I am the prophesied and the expected new #Savior44 Jesus AntiChristos. I started a new modern religion to save the survivors after the decline and the downfall of Christianity. My new "religion of Jesus the AntiChrist" one day will replace the corrupt and disgraced religion of Jesus of the Bible —Christianism.

I recommend that very interesting and thought-provoking episode of #Unbelievable. Most of the time I agreed with the opinions of Peter Hitchens (although not all of them). Once or twice his opponent Terry Sanderson was right.

Many thanks to the excellent Justin Brierley! (Unfortunately he still naively believes that the Bible is genuine and true...).

Anyone who shares the opinions of Peter Hitchens (an mine) that a religion has an important role in a good society, then I invite you to convert to my new and better religion!
The era of Christianity is finished! It is the prophesied time for change!..

God with Us!

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A tribute to #AcharyaS DM Murdock
#Mythicist #Atheist  

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I am the prophesied Jesus AntiChristos the Savior44 and I can be named
"Son of Man", like in Matthew 24.44
"Son of God", or "Son of Sun", because the Sun is one of the Gods in my religion.
"Son of Sun" → "SS" → "44"

Because I am the Savior for the whole Mankind and the whole world and not just some national savior for the nation of Israel, then I do not name myself "Son of David" (the ancient king from the Israeli mythology).

Because I am the Son of Man, as prophesied in Mt 24.44 and in earlier sentences of that chapter, then I, Son... point to the comet ISON as the prophesied "sign of the Son of Man in the sky" — marking the time "when the Son of Man comes". Mt 24.30
#SonOfMan #SonOfGod #SonOfSun #God #Jesus #Savior #prophecy #religion  

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Some discussion under the video about Confucius.
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