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We provide Analyzed, Strategically Managed and measurable Techno-Marketing Solutions on Digital Platform.
We provide Analyzed, Strategically Managed and measurable Techno-Marketing Solutions on Digital Platform.
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Whoopee!!! We are official '+Google for Work' Partners. Want to take your business on #googleapps ? Contact +PRODITECH Solutions.

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Why +Google+  or anyone should not care about #Google   not owning domain

Will this end .COM dominance?

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BIG CHANGE and #Google  mobile #search  ranking.

April 21st’s mobile-friendly update boosts mobile search rankings for pages that are legible and usable on mobile devices.

This update:
* Affects only search rankings on mobile devices
* Affects search results in all languages globally 
* Applies to individual pages, not entire websites

Which means If your site’s pages aren’t mobile-friendly, there may be a significant decrease in mobile traffic from Google Search.

Just creating responsive website does not qualify for mobile friendly website. There are ways to test if your site is mobile friendly or not.

PM your website URL if you want us to test your website.

Google+ falls under ____.

a) SEO Strategy
b) SMO Strategy
c) Not SEO and Not SMO
d) Both, SEO and SMO

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A good read for people planning to use Google Business Pages. Would recommend to follow +Google+ Your Business
Posted by +Toby Stein on behalf of the Pages team:

Correction: space between images is 15px, not 25px as stated in the image

Your profile picture and scrapbook photos (the 5 that appear across the top of your page) are key to making a good first impression on visitors to your page. I talked to Googlers Devin Ivester and Barbara Velos, and put together some tips for you!
1. The possibilities are endless!
Consider your scrapbook photos a billboard for your business, an opportunity to express what you and your team are all about.
Present your products, locations, or iconic images like +Google+
Create a panorama, like +Burberry
Or, introduce your team, like +Fox News
Aim for colorful and detailed, like +Google for Nonprofits
Or clean and simple, like our page

2. These photos do not need to remain static!
Change them every week, every day, every month. Keep them interesting to tell your company’s story best.

3. Take advantage of our Creative Kit.
Click the photos tab from your profile, select the image you’d like to edit, and navigate to “Creative Kit.” Quickly and easily spice up your images for holidays, special occasions, or just for fun.

4. You can add photos behind the profile picture.
When users click that picture, it flips over to reveal the one behind. This hidden gem allows you to be quirky (maybe “Boo!” on Halloween) or send a message to your users (for instance, an announcement of a promotion). Just add these to your profile picture album and you’re good to go.

Check out the specifications sheet attached to this post to get a sense of how best to size and format your pictures.

Apart from widening our circle, we would also like you to be informed about industry updates and about our work. Add us to add you back. Lets do the +

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