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I'm posting this to say, that I've decided to leave the community. I've loved it, and it has been (and still is) my favorite community, but recently I couldn't find the time to RP on it as much as I used to, and that's because I'm moving on to newer things in life.

The legendary post wasn't the reason I decided to leave, it was just, a last push... or something. I've been considering this for a while, because in one hand, it's fun, but in another, I only RP when I have nothing else to do, and at the moment, I have had lots to do. So basically, the reason I'm leaving is because I'm doing other things that just, don't let me RP that often. And not just in this community.

I joined at around, 30 members I think, and it was great watching the community grow. Although I wont be in it anymore, I'm looking foward to seeing it grow to... 300 members? 500? It's a really good community, I wouldn't be suprised if it went that far.

Anyway, I'll miss you guys! Goodbye!

Diastima: "Goodbye to you all, and good luck!"

Rose: "hee hee~! It was fun! But I have to go now!"

Sever: "Hah... It's hard to say goodbye. Let's just say... See ya later."

Amaranth: "I've had a delightful time here, but it's time for me to leave."

Ellie: "Uhm... bye bye... I- er- I'll just go now... "

Laura: "bye, honey! Thank you for the stay!"
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Name: Orkid

Pokemon: Chikorita

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Level: 11

Moves: razor leaf, synthesis, heal pulse, poison powder

Ability: overgrow

Likes: adventure, healing, beautiful things, perfect weather.

Dislikes: battles.

Nature: gentle.

BIO: Orkid was born into the guild, she is especially good at healing others. (Can she be like, a healer or something? 0-0) Although she is very bold and loves adventure, she isn't the best battler therefore she has to stay out of some of that action.... sometimes :3

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Hey sorry, but I won't be on for a while. I'm on this road trip, and most of the time there's no wifi, or just really bad wifi. Sorry, I'll return as soon as I get wifi back :D

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This kind of has nothing to do with gijinkas, but I have the weirdest sense of humor and this made my day.

Ok, I'm going to be as honest as I could ever be on this.
I love roleplays. But I sometimes don't like it when someone plays as a, well, in this case a legendary. NOW I'M NOT SAYING ITS BAD! I just have been in RPs where the other roleplayer is like, an OP Arceus or something.
So when I came to this RP, I never really thought anyone would be a legendary.
But this is gijinka, things work differently. So now that I think about it, it's pretty fine.

I saw (I don't remember) two people, I think, ask to be legendaries? One was moira, the other I don't remember (sorry). Honestly, I didn't even know you could be a legendary until Moira's post. I read it, and it said you had to be a week active to be a legendary.
Now, that's when I thought, "that would be cool... to just have- just one higher OC" Because most of the time, all my OCs are small scale because I'm so obsessed with being fair to others in roleplays. (Since im kinda tired of seeing all these OP god OCs EVERYWHERE. But I never saw that in this community. CUZ ITS AMAZING :P)
SO then I thought, "I never have those higher scale OCs. This could be a cool change. Just one, ok?"

So then I began thinking of what legendary I should take on. I thought of all kinds, from cresselia to jirachi. But I narrowed it down to Kyogre and Dialga. Then I thought Dialga should be saved for someone else (Cause dialga in my opinion is considered male more often than Kyogre, so I felt like it would suit someone else better) so I decided on kyogre. Then I told myself, "now, I'll wait a week,"

Now, this is so far my favorite community. I love the idea of a hotel for gijinkas- so creative! Plus, it has a LOT of roleplay opportunities. Therefore, I think I'll be pretty active on it.

But I have the obsession of being fair (as I said earlier) so I will wait until a week's worth of being active if that's what's needed to take on a legendary. I only posted this to let you know, and to make sure if I'm not meeting a requirement. And I'll be happy to wait as long as a week or more before I post the actual profile.

If I do get a kyogre, I won't step over the line and I'll play fair battles and I won't roleplay like an OP god.
(Long story short, I want to be a Kyogre once I reach a week worth of activity)

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Happy holidays, everyone!
(The last picture was added cuz I have the strangest sense of humor)
(Also I didn't draw the last, only the first two)
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"Where are we going again?" Tulip (a Deerling) asked, padding behind Rose through a forest. The leaves fell elegantly and patches of sunlight shone upon the grassy grounds in areas where the trees opened up. This forest was our home.
"There's supposed to be a cave in this direction... it's all spooky with zubats everywhere!" Rose (a Vulpix) replied excitedly.
"Er... zubats? Rose, you know I don't like that kind of scary stuff," Tulip murmured.
"Oh, you're no fun. C'mon," Rose said.

(two hours later)
Tulip and Rose arrived at a ruined city, where debris lay still and dust crowded the corners.
"Hm. This isn't the cave," Rose said.
"what? Where are we then?!" Tulip asked fearfully.
"Don't know," Rose shrugged, "but I want to check it out," she padded ahead leaving Tulip trembling.
"W-wait for me!" She exclaimed.
(Open RP)
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