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looks around Google +.. this feels like my first tweet and facebook status all over again!..but just for the hell of it: "Hello Google+. IDK what I am doing, but yay for my first tweet!"
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OHH! #FirstStatusFail .. I meant my first.. umm, "Plus" ..?? o.0
WHERE'S THE LIKE BUTTON!!!! lol #FacebookWithdrawl #TwitterWithdrawl
Thanks for adding me to your circles!! Can't wait to meet in person. Only 3 weeks?
IDK WTFitz this circle crap is, but no prob. And thanks in return! / And I can't wait either! # of the longest weeks ever! Hoping to work some overnights my job has coming up so I can have tons of Cherry Cricket money ;)
I have GOT to get some Cherry Cricket! Yea, this circle stuff is bizarre. #twitterismorefun Not that hash tags do anything here.
Hashtags should automatically activate dancing chimpanzee's or some crazy shiz. Google's gotta step it up if it wants to compete.
Dancing chimps! Yes :) I've been here all day, and still trying to figure it out, LOL
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