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Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep… wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you’re just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky his is to have you…. The one who turns to his friends and says, ‘that’s her.’
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Aww ..that's actually a perfect description of my husband!!
That's the guy every girl wants<3<3
You gals must be very lucky if you find a guy like this... :-))
Thanks to my friend, my life changed, he does everything for me with big love... I love it and very much I appreciate.
Find the girl who knows the difference between hot and beautiful, who doesn't hang up on you, or consider falling asleep around you a good idea. . . wait for the girl doesn't want to be shown off, respects his time with his friends. One you shouldn't even have to tell how much you care and doesn't consider herself so above you that you should consider yourself lucky to have her. . . The one who you don't have to in order to please her.
Sounds like the kind of "nice guy" who turns into a stalker after you drop him. Sorry...guess I've been watching too many episodes of "Who the &%^& Did I Marry?" on ID Discovery. 
I am that guy.  What happened?  Got married.  Got betrayed.  Got divorced.  Turns out, if she doesn't respect you, trust you or believe in what you say, it's not "love."  It's just a meaningless word.
i think it sounds like the man loved the girl to much on little brake up and he  goes to all costs to get it back together kind of sweet but im the kind of girl who likes romances
Wish can find that kind of guy...:)
Aww!! That reminds me of The hunger Games and Peeta...Mayr its just an unhealthy obsession but I love quotes and messages in a book or on my G-plus! 😍
This is how I felt and what I did for someone very special to me and who I still love but doesnt love me back
The kind of guy i had from my year 2006-2009, best man i ever chapter of my life. 
So true. Im still lookin for that guy.
I remember. Having. A guy like. That. Once. Upon a time....
Found him! Although I don't where makeup often.....
I had that guy and im lost him!!!!!!" unfortunally....
Jenny A
This kind of guy doesn't exist except in your fantasies.
It does not. You want to meet my fiance? He's on here.
All the guys are ghetto nasty boy so I don't go near them
Have you been with every guy? +Shekinah Otis I think not! So don't say they are all this or that or the same.  
Peggy R
That's my Henry! <3
I don't think that they exist....but it's a nice thought.
It may be to you but it isn't for me. I've found 'him' after failed relationship after failed relationship. I've gone through being beating by the wrong man that I loved for all the right reasons. i've been to where you are right now. I didn't believe either. Until I ran into +Vidal Moore  and my whole thought process changed about guys. So I know that the right person is out there for you +Shekinah Otis :)
it will be so nice to have some one like that
I might have... but he's not really the romantic type... but he's definitely amazing...
I have this quote on my computer. Its really nice
I had that guy for almost a year and than he just dumped me... but I am just glad I can say I did have a bf like that once
sorry Jenny, he does and I married him.  he has seen me at my best and worst, stood by me all the way, stood up for me when I did not deserve it, says he is the lucky one, I could go on and on.  Don't give up, they do exist.
hard to find... :)
i didnt know you were allowed pen and paper in the kitchen
No one with some self respect is going to call you back after you hang up on them. 
It seems like that guy doesn't exist, but I know that he's looking for me too somewhere in this world :)
I'd hate to lose someone I truly loved because of my pride, call it self respect if you want to, either way, is it worth it?
Yeah it is but Im on there to much so i'm taking a break. People might think i'm dead on there. it's THAT bad lol
that type of man who only holds my hand in front of his friends o no that is a guy who only thinks about himself and maybe even is just doin this thing with his friends
I'm waiting for that day to come when I will meet that guy!
Vice versa....  its is impossible to find a Girl with these qualities....
I've got one of these guys.
Been with him for almost 17 years now.
For those that say this type of man doesn't exist, maybe you're looking in all the wrong places (eg. pubs and clubs aren't it - they attract slime)...or are too fussy?
Even my man has faults...lots of annoying ones, but, you know...I live with it.
Every successful relationship requires equal effort from both parties. Both must want the relationship equally as much to weather the rough patches. If it becomes uneven, problems arise.
Did you put the effort in?
Let me know if you any of them have young brothers like that. Man I would love for a guy like that.
okay if my boyfriend would do that for meh we would be married .. is your boy like that
Yo girls, check your friend zone, he's there.
That's my boyfriend. 
Like it....... Wish my crush would TALK to me.
In other words, find a gay guy
Take from a 60 yr. old women that's been for 39 yrs. (that has had a good man, but not to her soulmate), girls, ladies, that is the best advice anyone could give you, find that person, and your days will be blessed no matter what life brings... And Gentlemen, you deserve the same thing. Search with your heart, and not your eyes...Nana
Married him 3 years ago. And I am constantly reminded of just how blessed I am to have him. <3
That's my baby..did u meet him before writing this lol
I want to cry now that was lovely
Thats sooo sweet!!
I wish I had a boyfriend :(
Found him, married him, now we've bred a couple of potentials... currently 6 and 9.... will keep you posted ;)
Good  luck!
To those who think men like that don't exist, they do.  Of course, it took me two divorces first, but I've been married to my wonderful husband now for 17+ years.  Every day is not a joy ride, because unfortunately life steps in every once in a while to screw things up, but I wouldn't trade him for the world.  He's my best friend and a great lover.  Don't give up!  There is always hope.
If you believe this then Gals you stay single whole your life. LOL 
Oy vey.  Seriously?  With the discussion of partnerships at a level that trite, stereotyped and immature, the future looks as dim as the bulb writing this garbage.  Hopefully, women can find actual partners, not a character outline for a rom com. 
Naawe i found him him heaps <3
Oh , im gonna puke¡
Afgghhh. Why do guys turn into pussys...
I like that my husband thinks I'm hot, and isn't a doormat:  ie, hanging up on him.
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you know, I might just be picky, but I am SOOO tired of illiterate adults on the internet. It doesn't matter what you're writing where - but jeez, would it kill you to check your spelling and make sure every word is actually recognizable as a word? Because some of these replies are near gibberish to me.
For fuck's sake....get a decent education and maybe someone will be more interested in you...unless your key skill is lying in bed with your legs in the air, but who's going to respect you for doing that? O.O
If you raised boys as a mom to be men you think that stupid quote is all about one sided worship. Get real people. Love is two sided...girls don't sit around waiting for perfect guy. You are not perfect but human. Use your inner compassion and zest for life and you'll find love and respect. Guys do the same. So there.
i dont hav to try this coz im always invisible to women
Mz Nik
I need this guy 
well my friend jen has found one....lucky her :)
I found him and he makes me feel like 1in infinity! ❤❤❤😍 I love my hubby so much, I tell him everyday. He always reminds me how he's the luckiest guy in the world to be with me! ❤❤❤
Sky Elizabard u r the luckiest girl on the planet
Really heart touching..
If this were my boyfriend, I'd leave him at the mall. 
dont we all wish we had a guy whi is like that, i guess i have to keep looking for that one special guy...
Congrats to all of you hwo findhim for me the serch continue n.n
How nice to be so close to each other!
I could be jaded, and going after the wrong girl. But If asked to bet i would not go with this. I see it as a sure fire way to fail. (edit) K so i know im going after the wrong girl but still this shoulda worked. 
I had my best friend for 5 years, left Arizona to move to California in with him to be roomates, all to discover that E IS THAT GUY!!! Now we are together and promised each other to be together forever!!
Let's be brutally honest now, are there guys out there who actually do all of that stuff?
Real love very rear in the world....
I think I should stop acting like an ass!
I've found it twice with 2 very special men. But I have also had my share of pain, heartache, and abuse. Good people are definitely hard to find...when you find them, show them appreciation and love as often as you can!
Gee, I think that for me, that's not gonna be happening for years yet. =D Me and my tomboyish ways.
love comes and goes but true love stays the same and never changes even if u have a bad breakup if its truly true love u guys will still be friends afterwards and look back on the good memories not the bad....
I've read this soo many times. But still I find it sooo nice everytime I read it. May be I'll find it nice till I find a guy like that ;) lol 
That is my crush all the way! I love him, and people say he likes me back, but I don't know. Doesn't it suck when you have the most perfect guy ever in your reach, but you just don't know how to grab him! He is all I can ever think about, and my heart physically hurts for him! Doesn't love just suck when it is sooo close to being perfect, but something happens, driving you apart? Especially when it's physical, like someone moving away or going to a different school. If only love could be this perfect...
Watches you sleep? Twilight reference much... I don't want someone watching me sleep. That's creepy. O_o
One man who can give such unconditional love is my father
as far as my experience goes the bad turned out to be the best :D i m lucky :D
I think it's sweet to want all of those things as long as that truly makes you happy. ; )
i think i have one but who cares
I guess I have this guy :)
spineless and is like looking for a chupacabra 
There are basically 7 TYPES OF GIRLS...

1. HARD DISK Girls: 
Remember everything forever.

2. RAM Girls: 
Forgets about you the moment you turn her off.

Just for looking.

4. INTERNET Girls: 
Anybody can Surf them.

5. SERVER Girls: 
Always busy when needed.

Makes horrible things looks beautiful.

7. VIRUS Girls : 
These type of girls are normally called 'WIFE'.
Once enters in your system don't leave even after format.
Nope I do not have one of those guys =(
Well person who are good in heart and who always care for others will find such romance as god's gift and will always treasure it till his death, miss Khadija.....
well i had that in now well i wont try to make anyone happy again in ill never give my heart away never hurts like iv never felt before....
I'm sorry to say that at my age I think it's a fantasy... I've had a few bad ones, maybe that is coloring my point of view.. But I still hope! So I guess all isn't lost.!
I will find him 1 day. I believe when the time is rite & its meant 2b, i will find him.
I have found this guy...and he is my mate,the most precious person in my life.Many years have passed and now I love him more than ever.I thanks Life for this gift each single day....
There are very few men out here that are like that... And I have yet to find mine.... Siiiiiigh.
nd how to find a guy like tht its vry difficult..........
Teen gals please read/absorb this advice 
this is the truth if you find a guy who does allthis hes really in love with you
found him & wont ever let him go! My soldier, my love my you daddy
"...and then friend-zone him."
I figured I should finish this for the sake of realism.
this ain't real. A lot of girls will die single if they r waiting for this. Real love is not perfect those things only happen in movies
this ain't real. A lot of girls will die single if they r waiting for this. Real love is not perfect those things only happen in movies
this ain't real. A lot of girls will die single if they r waiting for this. Real love is not perfect those things only happen in movies
If you don't quite know what to look for but you know its called "love" keep looking and don't settle til you recognize that person in your life. That is "the one"
this ain't real. A lot of girls will die single if they r waiting for this. Real love is not perfect those things only happen in movies
+afolabi ajiboro   You're sending a wrong message to my mind. I have those things in REAL life,each single one this post is talking about, and I'm surely not the only one in this world .The fact we have never experienced things doesn't mean they don't exist.The fact that these things are more difficult to find,doesn't mean that's impossible and definitely doesn't prove they doesn't exist.I live this kind of relationship with this kind of guy in real life,and not in a movie :)
Wish my husband would realize this b4 its to late
I found him and I can't wait to spend my life with him
@+laura. What I mean is there is no ideal man or woman in reality. I've had something similar to that but it ended some how. U r lucky n I hope it last 4ever, only God is perfect
Love it! Shows us how we need to be towards our wives!
BY DESIGN arriving just in time.
+J. Arthur Lee  My dad has had the same experience you're saying with my mother.And I see everyday what this mean.No platitudes by me for what you wrote.I'm sincerely deeply sorry.....
“प्रतिपच्चंद्रलेखेव वर्धिष्णुर्विश्ववंदिता शाहसुनोः शिवस्यैषा मुद्रा भद्राय राजते।”


शहाजी पुत्र ( शिवाजी ) यांची प्रतिपदेच्या चंद्रकले प्रमाणे वाढत जाणारी अशी हि विश्ववंदिता ( सर्व जगाला वंदनीय ) राजमुद्रा ( लोक ) कल्याणासाठी शोभते आहे ....


The glory of this Mudra of Shahaji’s son Shivaji (Maharaj ) will grow like the first day moon .It will be worshiped by the world & it will shine only for well being of people..
Most of the time.. Isn't the guys who are looking a for a girl to say these things to?
my teacher always says that iam beautiful!
Oki Cho
I know he is not the one I should be together with
unfortunately when your young and stupid you think that decent  person is boring cos its hot to be bad and moody, plus you think you can be the one that they change for, its only when your older you realize they are just bad moody people who will always be out for their own interests and start to appreciate your own worth, then you look for someone who treats you the way you deserve
This isn't true at all. I know from experience being one of these guys gets you hurt. Badly. Unless it's just American women that have lost respect for these values, I don't know, but I don't necessarily seek to be right. Several non specific experiences have seriously deterred my thoughts, I guess.

Let me know if I'm wrong I certainly don't mind friendly debate!
Zak Nag
I like that. I want this  woman that i can feel the same toward her. 
My wife found me 20 odd years ago
I'm still looking where would that guy be? Someday, somewhere out there.
you may find him just in a day ..after a week?he is gone...
The day I could be this guy, is the day I will marry.
That's a true love quote, but hw do we know the real guy.
+Kendai Asagiri guess both should have the same feeling for each other for this to work. Otherwise, it's a missing link. :/
Jai Sri
only a few people loves truly.......vry tough 2 find them.......
wow! really this is the best example of true love..........
that's a nice speech, but it only applies to those shy beautiful people who dont think they're beautiful but they obviously are cos the lovely guy likes them and takes notice. like in those crappy movies that lots of people hate.
Yup, I found that gal. I was the guy that did all this shit. Turns out none of it matters to her at all. Its all nonsense, wishful thinking.
Find a girl who calls you handsome instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on her, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep… wait for the girl who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of her friends, who thinks you’re just as handsome without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much she cares and how lucky she is to have you…. The one who turns to her friends and says, ‘that’s him.’
I found him already & hopefully will tie the knot within this year. Amen!
no its not really is true, 4a woman it matters that her man acknowledge her presence and  importance,in his life.
it is a matter of pronouns and adjectives.
Oooh poor poor +Matthew Hoover hopefully you'll find your Mrs. Right soon & someone who can appreciated what you've done to her. Amen!
+Temesgen Engdaw I do the same to my prince charming :) "treat someone the way you want them to treat you".
Fantasticccccccc, i am also lucky as i have that!
well i guess m smart coz found the guy n he is my hubby now
i dont know what that is bc im 10
sweet sentences and well pronounced.......... the finest thing tht ever exist in this mortal world is not few fair sentences to woo some one or to make them incarcerated about ur luv for dem or to just spell how much u luv them but rather the beauty of the kinship and relations lies on the way u pampered for some one inspite of saying them millions time tht "i luv u" will not be the things that will mesmerized dem but if for the time u utter and shows them through ur action tht u really care for the ever existing relation and to the one who really makes u especial among the desperate mob of so many silly human, their eyes choose us and make us what we really are.
it's hard to find a guy like this nowaday. maybe in a movie but not in a real world.  
lovely... its superb... bt no one this kind of guy in my life...
I am Lucky get because my bf love me so much
I surely did because these love quotes are about me, so there hahaha
wow... do we have such people in reality..? just a dream i guess..!
Need that guy tó come, i'm single & a lonely guy
I know my guy, my Amari :D Luv him <3
i wish i found like this... huhuhuhuuu
its not stupid!! Waitin 4 tht guy... do they exist??
Agh so true I'm waiting for the right guy
Hoping to find this kind of guy.. but i don't think that's easy..
morgs p
Find a girl who gets you a beer from the fridge, takes away your empty and says you look hot.
Such guys are hard to find so love and treasure them til the end of time     
i think it don't exist anymore..
Its true.. that guy is the guy who gets treated like shit when his former gf was treated like shit.. so its a cycle of wtf opportunities for the rest of us to battle. 
hey that's me lol, no wonder my beutiful girl is the luckiest one alive! rofl
Girls u dnt need a guy, u need a rebort who just listen to u!! Was just laughing the demands of girls :)
There might be obiviously someone in this world for someone.
So have a good friendship and find him.
Find the guy who is the luckiest one to have you and then cheat he won't leave you!!!!
Its very true but it is followed by few.
It's OK. But B Positive Always.Thnx. 
wow that is soo  awesome and nice
heyyyyyy im so bored nd i jus got this account nd i dnt hav no frnds n i wnna kno how u or other peps get to become mii frnds haha
Describes a "nice guy", you know, the one you use as a scratching post between climbing the ladder between the bedposts. They exist, are naive, and should have their love returned if you want this kind of guy around. Otherwise, you turn them into someone unwilling to put up with your faults even at the beginning because he knows you won't compromise meaningfully. Described are relationship power tactics girls use, and this guy allows it. True love doesn't need to dominate.
had a guy exactly like that only thing missing was the intro 2family n friends......wonder if all else was in-fact true......
eli sa
hey guys, i'm so alone helppppppppppppppppp !!!!! what should i do to find real frnd?
get a ragdoll ! there are no guys like that anyway !
Evry grl wants to hav smone spcl xactly lyk dat...
This is so true. Now when we men do this, I've been told I am to old fashion. I spend a lot of time in the woods or fishing. My Mom always said she would rather have us hunting 4 legged deer in the woods, instead of 2 legged deer in a bar. Still single. I am still a Southern Gentleman. Thanks for showing there are still ladies who love those things in life.
wow! that is so truly true...i wish i have a boyfriend like that:)..ehehehe in dream eheheh
I'm that guy, and chicks hate that guy.  They go for the loud asshole in the wife-beater.  GOOGLE LIES :d
I think this is just down right beautiful!!!
OMG! ..... the guy is just like me ... :P
I feel so lucky I am having a guy like this! Have to go and give him a big hug! Ladies believe that you will have one too!!
When this one is found,will u call me to get photographed with that rare creature ;)))
OMG i too miss to have one whom i can hug and embrace.
Where is this guy,? please, let me know
i'll bet you this is only enticing people to go on online dating sites. wrong message.
I hope to be that guy some day, if I could just find a bitch who deserves that sort of attention
leo kun
any guy you pick will be lucky you think.
i havent seen a more truer quote in my life!!!!
Guys and gals, it's almost 500... Who will get this very elusive number? .-))
I think it is a good point of view ..... but finally it is all upon the person, what & how he/she thinks...
I got one last week and it's enough for me, at least. LOLZ! ;-))
it gives one hope but i often cannot help wondering whether such a guy exists, and wondering why on earth would he want me if he does... :(
Wow! Thats diffinitely're so the lukies woman.
Stalking?  harrasing?  sore looser? insecure? can't take NO for answer? a show-off? Attention seeking? Constant need for approval? Weird?  ... :)
if u hve sum1 lyk den u r so lucky nd if not den i wish vry soon u'll get.........
Nope, still single and still looking. :)
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