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...And it did happened to me and my wife; after 26 years of being married and 3 years engaged we thank GOD our love still strong with our 5 children.
I love hearing "love" stories like this! Keep the Faith and stay blessed, Congratulations!
I also love to talk about our love story, actually when we were still kids I already find my future wife very cute and got some kind of strange feeling inside of me. When we almost graduated in our high school one of my friend courted her and she became his girlfriend. After we almost finished our college we met again and that time i already had the courage to court her and the rest is history... ;-))
that happened to me.........but then he decided to give up relationships. :'(
I love this! I lived this, my hubby is 7 years older than I am the first time I meet him I had just turned 12. I remember I was 12 maybe 13 n told my friend, "one day imma have his baby n marry him!" (we actually fought over him) LOL 3 years later we finally got together after the 10th time running into each other, 2 years later I was living with him n two years after that I was expecting, then we got married! We now have Irish twins!! I love my hubby!
SiL vy
it's a beautiful picture!-
omg yes yes yes yes! so true. and i love him SO much :) <3 meow
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