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She is WOMAN.
She is Mother. Daughter. Wife. Sister.
She is a Person.
She is Strong, Smart, Crafty.
She is Passionate, Courageous, Generous.
Cooking barefoot is only one of several superpowers.
She is Action, Emotion, Devotion.
She has Hope, Beauty, Power.
She has a Brain and she knows how to use it.
She Gives You LIFE.
She believes in you.
She will nurture you, fight for you.
She deserves nothing less from you.
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Add on -"So why treat her like trash?"
wow this is so truo. meow
Nothing i can say to a woman,man should respect,take care and love ..
Such a strong message...that is something we can really get behind here at The Indie Chicks. Great share. Thanks.
thats soooo me!!!
w0w!!... luvin it...
I am so glad I am a women if every man understood this women wouldnt have been the most oppredded group of people in america and possibly in the world
We as women need for the world to recognize it
'she has a brain and knows how to use it' soo, so, so true.
dats 4 all de mothers and woman in de world esp my mom love it
Sound like something Michelle Obama wud sey
gust i am think like her den lol
Yep:) Great post tho wudda been great for Mothers Day
she deserves more then what you would give 
she cook to fill your emty stomach.....
Bryan, you belong in the nut house!!!!! LOL
She deserve nothing less from you...
so respect to all women !!!!!!! 
That's more than these sentences...
We women are jacks of all trades!!!!!! LOL
“She is WOMAN”

I am the MAN.

“She is Mother.  Daughter.  Wife.  Sister.”

You forgot ex wife.

“She is a Person”

Not when she's unjustifiably angry over nothing.

“She is Strong, Smart, Crafty.”

Not really, only when I'm drunk, I agree.

“She is Passionate, Courageous, Generous.”

When watching the TV show Ellen.

“Cooking barefoot is only one of several superpowers.”

Modern women considers it a liability, not a superpower.

“She is Action, Emotion, Devotion.”

When I have BIG money.

“She has Hope, Beauty, Power.”

When she's in her twenties.

“She has a Brain and she knows how to use it.”

I have a Brain and Muscles and I know how to use them.

“She Gives You LIFE.”

I thought she sucks the life out of me.


Again, when I have BIG money.

“She believes in you.”

That's because I have a BRAIN and I know how to use it.

“She will nurture you, fight for you.”


“She deserves nothing less from you.”

If I do that, what will my other girlfriend say? 
I love it ..respect for all women thanks...
im a woman...tx alottt 4 ur respect!!!!
Its very fine, and i like it very much :)
talking bout extinguished species???
gia go
guys we suffer a lot than u do.
What is the big fucking deal being a woman.
If you wanna expect from others respect, you do respect first.
Not rumbling bumbling around being a woman.

I am a woman but trust me a lot of bitch out there to ask respect.

Reena s
yes its write Women's can do every thing, without women nothing is impossible
Thats a nice quote but its so funny that only one day out of the year you get to celebrate to that special woman, So what about the rest of the days of the year we should show gratitude for every single day bcouse they deserve it ( a toast for every wonderfull woman in this world that makes a sacrifice for their love ones <3
I agree to John Lawson .
This is looks like cheap shit made .
To spread for suck up weak women.

100% true. Give respect to women to improve our society
Im starting to see this sad ....well not sure what to call it other than role reversal type trend. Every where I go from one side of texas to the other. All these so called men want to sit n Bitch chat with other boys expect girls to come to them call them beg them even treat them out on the date. Hell. What's a Bitch to do to get a guy to buy a drink? Beg for sex. Compliment them take hours to get ready. Even pick them up. Girls have no sense of just strong we really are. So step up ladies squeeze their balls and take your panties back. Tell show them the great importance of treating a lady like a . Bfore we adapt and become 'ma'. ! Hate that ! Not fully woman nor man.. dumb. Anyhow thOSE lovely words of who is woman, will change just like Mr. Sinjuevos. Who is always now that SHE got her husband to open every door. 
praise to all the women out there....CHEERS!
She = Mother <3
So count this a blessing someone out there does understand.
she is STRONGER than you thought
Love those gals in office I do, raise the flag, try at least.
I ponder a peace method daily, Mrs Calabash, goodnight!
Thanks for making me glad to be a girl
i like being a girll too but i wish i could have moree!!!!!
I d b so thrilled if this was put into practice ::::))))))
I respect women... but why can't they just accept a normal guy instead of the typical doucebag
yes and she knows the value of the family + family life too.......
I have come out of a very abusive relationship witht a woman, and these kinds of postings do hurt. Why do we assume that women are better than men, or men are better than women? We all need each other. And only together we can create a WHOLE.
u r right mr.Michael Schwope. i agree with u .
greatest truth but we ignore
Sounds boring, where's the strippers?
So What do U want from this Dialoges.
she is beautiful creation of GOD ............... :)
Forgot one thing...... "She's a Pornstar!"

is it the definition of womans u mean?
If ever I find someone to love..and we both ready too for a family....i will apply that all to my self.....just to make him happy and satisfied w/ me....
Thats why we went to BEIJING to have equal rights coz 50% of gents dont consider all this!!!!!!!!!!
Ma' mama is all that & much more...:-)
rightfully said. I try my hardest to be these things. I may not be perfect, but I try to be a good person every day.
words we should all take to heart!
so touchy words about woman i like these
i like your pictures and messeges 
Like if you read she is A women. Not she is women
wow thats awesome how u think of your wife as soon as you read that
I AM WOMAN !! And I Am Blessed!!!!
Thanks for this it should be in every mans room and office and billboard to tell man that if it was not for a woman they would not be here.
Avery man need a good woman like this god bless a woman!
To my friend who alway turn up when I need her thks Sonja
For u dan u no u n my grls are my everything. 
+soraya oudi W -  wonderful
                          O -  OUTSTANDING 
                          M -  Marvellous          
                           A  - Adorable 
                          N -   Nice 
Women is women without women notingworld.
Women is mom
Women is sister
Women is wife
Women is daughter
Women is god without women nothing tha world
Please respect women
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