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People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t be with you forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.

Who Agrees?
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Brilliant mind look for the inside not in the outside..
I agree with +Erik Satou on that quote. A good percentage of the time the outer appearance is always the first attraction, mind u I heard someone say the other day Even if they are drop dead gorgeous ...  if their car is dirty on the inside, u can only imagine how they take care of everything else.
Chemically the outside is what first attracts us... its whats on the inside that keeps us attracted forever.
I agree with Sarah and I do think that Erik had a good explanation too.
I agree for the most part with Sarah but haven't you ever been attracted to someone solely because of their personality or glow about them?
Very true ........... however not most of them can see ur heart as much as ur face and The face is the reflection of the heart is what they say.... so both means the same ..................... what say ????
ı don't think ıt is like that.ıf you need to love the first person you meet is the most love for you.that is the can spent your all life with him or with her
I know. I hate when. Guys. Like me just. Because. Of how nice I look. :/ is really nice when they see. You're. Heart of true love :')
Its 100% .your right.the real beauty is with in the heart.
Sadly, this love quote can't work for me. I guess how the outside looks will work for me until I can change. I agree with this though.
Its hard to come to this result that the one you love with all ur heart and soul wants u just physically 
I Agree and LOVE these sort of quotes xx
I don't want a partner "trough", so it all works out.
how beautifully quoted. if everyone was like that what a wonderful world this would be.
Those quotes are simple and true.
that is the real fact,,
they just admire the physically, your hair, your body, but dont accept the real who you are,,
when they found the mistake, they'll left it ..
its different when someone add u from the real you,,
they will love you whatever you are ..  
That doesn't stop me from wanting a boy toy. Don't tell my husband.
its funny but the ones replaced are women, women know this to be so true
I wish more people were like that though
But It is true!
it's a total fact, but ,don't be a hater some beautiful people are beautiful inside and out.
I hope someone will see my heart! Sigh!
True love when you love a person more then their looks. I agree.
So true. Luv never leaves you, wether your with some one or not, you just gotta find it in yourself.
People who can see how beautiful your heart is are either performing surgery, or very, very disturbed.
Irony. All the girls who agree here friendzoned all the nice guys, so they can date the douchbags who only wants them for their looks and body
aww thats so sweet sadly thats all people think about now is what people look like really the heart counts more
Jenna C
Wouldnt it be nice to have both
Rita P.
Hmmm, let me goeth before he falls! ;)
its called unconditional love.
 A "... pretty face or nice body..." may indeed draw an appreciative glance or perhaps an errant lustful thought, but ones inner fire is not yet truly beheld until one should speak or smile. I have met some exceedingly ugly "pretty" people in my life and, in retrospect, some blindingly beautiful "plain" people as well. 

I should think that I am well enough experienced to surround myself with the beautiful souls and ignore the not so beautiful souls... just a thought...
complete agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 
i love this comments.....
So true!! Looks are only skin deep!! Who we are on it the inside is where the true beauty is!! :-)
I agree and was just saying this!
yes i do agree also. but it sometimes seems to me that sometimes we misjudge people. I think that just because someone takes care of thier outter appearance doesnt make them ugly on the inside. I believe that one can have both inner and outter beauty. maybe they really love thier spouse and want to be all they can for them?
Agree most definitely! nods head vigorously
I dont think thats true. Ive been through some pretty tough stuff with marriages and its hard for me to c the light n many love situations. I pray that one day i will meet a person that believes n me. Im not just another pretty face! Im a good hearted person!
Mia M.
aww totally agreed 
Soooooo True but sometimes not in most cases
Thats all good..but isn't there always some initial attraction before a meaningful relation develops?
Yoko T
Mmmm, I just did a quick scroll so may have missed someone but of the 200+ misty eyed comments at least 190 are from women...
its not about the beauty but the heart..we cannot deny the facts that the beauty or physical was the basis...
Yah  if you knows someone likes you because of your outside  wate till they break up with you
I think that is a really powerful and great quote!
Leia H
i like this because its one of the only honest, down-to-earth things on the internet.
Again. Lets not be one dimensional. Who's to say that the person that love you because you are physically attractive won't be with you forever?.

Yes people get old but remember people also change.

A person with a beautiful heart might change as they grow older or a person that was attracted to you physically might also change to love you for more than your physical appearance when they get older.

It is a fair quote but i don't believe it is 100% correct. 

 true but when people change that can also have a bad side to it too
"Beauty is only skin deep.  But ugly goes to the bone."
the truest beauty is almo,s from with in never with out our harst are who we truely are good or bad
omgsh so true (well sometimes)
I may be only 16 but I have found my one and only. He and I are very happy together. He loves me for who I am and doesn't try to change anything about me. 
I definitely believe in that :)
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They notice you for your body but yes this 100% true!
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I beg to second that, it's reality,
so true it happens all the time iin cluding me
Ro Roe
very true!!
Yep so true. Thats why my ex husband left. He told me so !
bollocks, trophy wives have always done very well thank you
What if we want them to leave?
I agree, however most men don't even look ur way unless your skinny, blonde and tan. So without them approaching u at all how r they even going to know how good of a person u are. I'm single and consider myself pretty and I have a heart of gold so where's all the single men?
Thank you so much....i agree 100%!!
Who doesn't know that? It's just getting people to apply it that makes the difference.
Lets be honest here... If i was with a woman because of her personality and tell her so then she will constantly think that i dont find her attractive, but if i DO find her attractive and tell her that then she will always think that i am only with her for her looks and will leave her when they fade. Aahh! Women... Am i right! :) how about this... I am with her because i love her, which is to say that i love EVERYTHING about her, including her looks, personality, and her faults... Yeah, that seems better.
i believe in that just wish a guy would just like you for who you are and not for looks!
susssss!!!!!it dpends upon the situation hehehehehehehe
Leo T
Biggest crock of sh*t I've ever heard...
oh my allah, another bullSHIT ! quote...
i took a 3 month chance of bein away from my bf to c if we can handle it and i can but not sure bout him. he loves me unconditionally and i no he feels the same. we r so happy together but we didnt think we would b able 2 b together cuz i thought i was too ugly 4 him but it turned out he thought the same thing bout himself so anything is possible!!!!!
my cardiologist loves....the income from my heart
Yes very true!! Looks can change over time but what's in the heart is unconditional;)
me i love mattyb hes an amazing rapper and hes cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
People's I'm afraid its true.😓
So true but so little people rarely look on the inside.
TRUE: I've been married to the same woman 38 yrs. & still counting.
Mia B
So True
:) i wish there was a way to know
For me, as we grow old together, my hubby says, "I see you as the young 26 year old woman that I married. And we have been married for 23++ years now. 
I agree completely.I enjoy looking nice...smelling good...and speaking well.But at end of the day....Nothing means squat if u don't have the inners to back up the attention u drawl from all of your superficial outwardly substance.If their is one thing I've learned so far.....Beauty only gets u so far.
Its both not just one.please dont mislead the truth!
Disagree. Not all people are shallow.
You know you can find this wisdom in the teachings of Budha
true, its the vain ones u don't want to stick around but the ones who see your true beauty are the keepers. ;)
i see this this quote is true in my parents marriage life. they have been married for 51 years. my mom got bigger and fatter, my dad got skinnier ( :D ), but their love grows stronger. 
It all depends on the person, personally I've never met a guy or girl who didn't want somebody absolutely gorgeous on the outside.
So true👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
im not a surgeon how do i see your heart
Iniya J
Why the heck does anyone want to show their heart. Just be yourself and stop being demanding. Ok? Especially all you pretty faces with mildly heavy bases.
tits still get you guys though. no lie.
+Alex Borges thanks i 'll take that asca compliment. Lol! Just joking. That's a great observations on your part.
I totally agree. Exboyfriends have told me that they only loved me for my perfect body and ddg (drop dead gorgeous) face. I told them I am so glad I am not dating them anymore. The true them comes out when they move on.
If you love yourself, you'll live until you die.
If you love someone, you'll live until this someone dies.
If you love everyone, you'll live forever.
(I mean hearts, not bodies:)
max m
Words really are powerful and they explain
What I can't.
Absolutely...let your heart shine forth...
Absolutely..let your heart shine forth.
Ann M
Aw :) true
sure that's right ,.but nowadays .most people like one's beauty
bec beautiful appearance is not permanent and by passing time it is reduced, but a beautiful heart will be more beautiful.
My mom told me that true love lasts until death but infatuated love lasts for about at the most a month. My mom also said that we should move on from heartbreacks when we meet another man. I am still suffering from a heartbreak that happened 2 years ago. She said I should move pm but everytime I see another man it Ronda me of how Caleb treated me. I tend to hide with a good book when we have coompany that Is't related to me. I gave up on love 2 years ago and don't plan to ever fall for another man. If my mom knew that she would be very sad. She and dad have tried to get me interested in " eligable young men of impecable character". I told her it was never going to happen and that was her wishful thinking. She golden that my plan to never falling in love was wishful thinking.
but at first people will attract towards u bcz of ur physical appearance.right?
Love Ian't my type. Love has never worked out for me 
everybody knows its the truth but ultimately v all go for the most beautiful
one count of "i agree" in here!!!
Only you will find that in you soul mate.
I'd rather look at your pretty face than your insides...
either one are high % but both are most likely to fail
All people likes only outside beauty n not inner beauty for sure. i can prove u all.
havent we heard this before, isn't nice to think that inner beauty is better than outer beauty. I know a beautiful girl that has no inner beauty at all but she still gets the guys however she doesn't always keep em (one of those clingy brainless types)
It is very true ! i will agree
Lots of pretty faces in this thread. I am truly attracted to them. 
its true.but as usual we are to blind to see this fact..
disagree no one loves u if u'r ugly except your family. that's the only truth. humans we are not that blind...if the person is not blind of heart h'l see the beauty of the soul of what is believed to be "the ugliest person " around......
Great! absolutely right.
It's noway there's someone looking like that in this world most looking from outside :(
Our body os prone to decay n destruction, the people who are attracted by physical beauty only, will leave when the body ages cause beauty is temporary so will the love of beauty worshipers
but most of them show partiality among the people so no one show true love to anyone 
indeed! but who knows what's inside  one's heart?
How about those who can see the beauty inside will also be attracted to your face and body no matter what!
its a common sense quote do not need philosophy,,,,,,, 
This may be true, but the pretty face and nice body is a great start!
I'm here in barwell leicestershire but i'm too old for you my sweet (59) XXX
I agree 100% with you, also we are all human with certain flaws so what gives one human being the right to pass judgement on another !.

Only the Almighty God can be our Judge !
"Beauty is the the eye of the beholder"!
Sheryl Govender
A person with genuine integrity will look at the beauty of the heart, not just the beauty of one's outside appearance.
aww... so sweet.. i'm totally agree :-$ :-) i hope my future husband love me because of who i am Not because who am i. So he will never leave me and live happy together and forever :-$ amiinO:-)
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