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Love this quote!! :) totally going in my binder!! :)
i Konto
Yes yes yes!!!;)
Even the strongest among us has a Child inside that needs reassurance from time to time.
someone to be there and be supportive.
lol, it was just funny to me that when i wrote that u posted ur comment
You are right, strongman or woman needs someone to implement their decision
sometimes i jus need a hug and to kno that someone cares
why can't there be love in dis world? soo much hate nowadays
It's nice to have someone do that to you, but when you have a cancer doc who you know is being sarcastic about it says that, I just get up and leave.
Sometimes all you need in life is someone to wrap their arms around you, hold you tight and assure you that everything is going to be fine.
always gonna be true
The best thing to hold onto in life is each other
It fits me with a lot going on rgt now
Also, someone to tell you that 'alright' isn't a word.
Couldn't have said it better 
Me too alot going on, sometimes I feel like I can't take anymore.
Wow so touching & true..
I take you by the hand, I look in the face and I assure that everything will be excellent... I <3 you..:)
right..everybody needs someone in their life..
nice i need such type of person in my life
in fact I have had it ..
those experiences ..
when you truly know how great it feels , I personally have a great deal of trouble
going through life without it .. that's me a rock and and island.. it hurts really bad sometimes ..
if we all had someone to support her unconditionally , maybe they wouldn't
be so much hate . I don't know really .
I can only speak for my own needs.
we all need somebody to comfort n be strong...
Yeah... Ra ha NOT
for me. support is..
I appreciate everyone's honesty and sentiments

exactly coz we always need someone 
its  indeed  a  true  fact!
I wish I had a someone..............
That's me... plain and simple.
takes hand everything will be alright :)
I really need to feel like that today and everyday
Don't we all feel that way at times...
forealz this boy i talk to who is my best friend watev...a close person aka my(ex)
So very true. I am a strong & independent person, but it's nice to have someone to lean on once in a while.
Yes too true. Tho if ur man doesnt support u n understand wa ur goi.g thru. Esp after youve opened your heart up an expressed yourself......
Is he really worth being with.......
So true!!! I agree with krytel. We lock everything up inside of us and when we feel the need to explode and that person we explode on doesn't care well then i think it's time to say goodbye... Because this only means one thing he/she probably doesnt care of how you feel.
someone,hugs you tightly and says everythings will be right....
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