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A cute Love Story
There was a husband who daily sent his wife a rose wherever he was out. One day he died, Still his wife received a rose Everyday. She was shocked, She asked florist. He said that her husband had paid advance for her whole life. 
So love someone such that it remains 4ever...
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i am crying awww i love that story tell it again
Nice... But I wish really someone will tell this story that it's true and it happens to her. ;-))
Omg that's so sweet!! It brought tears to my eyes :-)
That's amazingly beautiful I wish everyman could be like that!!
that is so sweet. xD and at least she knows he'll love her forever and always even if he's not there. true love xD <3 :')
i wonder if david tennant or daniel radcliffe would do that....... oh fate let me meet them PLEASE
it really is rare to find somebody sweet like that
Amy Mao
It's like the saying " I wish to live one more day than you so I can protect you the whole of your life" .. So touching
margarita ramos do you want to be my friend
Wasn't there a movie called "P.S. I love you" that had the same story as this one?
AWWWWW! that just so sweet
thanks margarita we will be best friends
- Cmt thế này có ai đọc được không ??
Isn't that cheating? he only needed to think of her once to make her believe he thought of her every day
Alex C.
that must have been expensive : ) 
romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope my husband does that for me
I wish mine had just stuck around instead of killing himself.
Wow, that was so sweet, thoughtful, and loving of him.
im so sorry to hear that i hope all goes well for u .
That's is so sweet :') Now that's the way to treat a lady! :D hehe
That is the sweetest thing! 💗I want someone that loves me that much!
Awe. That is the sweetest thing ever. <3
That so cute. Not very many of those out there.
He should have left her the money for food instead. Cuz that would be even better!
Shocking at first, then when the advance flower thing comes, then it gets cute. :)
you missed the point mrs.bates. the storysabout his unyeilding love 4 his wife!
+Jocelyn Torres, don't say that! I'm sure you'll find someone someday who will do something like that for you. Someone who will love you with their whole heart. I'm sure if it. Just keep your head up and be happy with what you've got right now. When you stop looking for love, that's when you find it. And when you do, don't be scared to take a leap. The best things happen outside of your comfort zone! :)
The same goes for everyone here. :D
aww...*sniffle, tear rolls down cheek* how sweet for a man to do that for his wife. I know I won't ever be that lucky. <3
To me this is doing nothing but selling dreams... Unless somebody changes my point of view.
aaaaawwwww why cant all boys be this nice
Very nice for the florist too don'.t you think.
Even Christen men don't really do that! This should be what all men do for their wives or girlfriends. I would really like that to happen to me when I get married.
That's sweet ahhhh and also nearly made me cry
Got anything that displays a woman's love for her husband long after she's gone? Nice story though.
Having read all the comments I'm shocked that not one other person finds this creepy. Its like he's stalking her from beyond the grave, never letting her get over her awful loss and move on with her life.
Chances are, at one point or another, this type of guy was available...but you went with an asshole instead.  Eventually you realized, you only wanted one asshole in your life after all.
i would love to have a husband like that! He seems so sweet!
This is so lovely.... bt again wat happens wen u start a new relationship????
i think im going to cry because that was soooo sweet! :'(
Nonsense , he wanted to be sure that she'll stay his prisoner after his death as she was in his life , SELFISHNESS ....
What he did was showing her the love that he had "vowed" to give even after he physical couldn't do it anymore!! *true love * allsmiles ; )
awww so adorable i would love my husbund if he did that
he cant boost his sales if there was no business name mentioned. no, this is true-love-forever love
awwwww so cute and this is not bull s  this is a love story 
Very nice. I would do this if I did love my wide that much. Im not there yet!!
Awwwwww so very Touchy and Romantic as well 
That shows how their love for each other will never die.
that's so nice! people these days would never do that for each other!
That is AWESOME!! I'm not sure of any florist around here that would do that because nobody knows when you or someone you love dies. It not only touched me that the husband did this for his wife but also that the florist would do this for the man.
It's very hard these days to get lover like this ....!
+Jocelyn Torres : don't be so sure! There are some men left out in this world that would do exactly that.
The moral is to love in advance though might not be reciprocated. 
The man never love his wife, he deeply love the ROSE!!
That is real love, the kind we all dream of.
The moral of this story is: Capitalization, punctuation, grammar, spelling and attribution, when ignored, ruin a story that could otherwise sound elegant and wise.
the say manure works wonders!!love always tel x
This is gonna sound shitty, but I'd much rather the money spent on all the damn roses. Seriously.
So so sweet!!! No words to describe it!!!
haha so true but its still super sweet
I hope one day im loved that much that is jus so so sweet n also sadly beautiful.
There is a kind of love like that: for everyday and forever!
A man like him is one in a million, this is what we can call "true love".
wow yar u people r sooo genius
...and some love others so much that they drain their bank accounts to send stupid roses every day instead of leaving enough money to ensure financial security for their loved one.
That's awsome I'm gunna steal this idea. Maybe one day I'll have someone to send them too
sad. i almost cried when i read this
Don't mean to troll here but some of you women seem to think this is true and wish you had a man like this... this story is obviously fake as one cannot pay for something in advance if one does not know how long the service is needed for... i.e. how would he know how long his wife would live for... also who would pay all that money to have a single rose delivered to her from a florist everyday... if he eally loved her he would have invested that money as a safegaurd for when he died... at least she can her daily rose when she goes hungry
To have someone love you that much, I can only hope for a man like that!!
This story is getting a lots of beautyfull lady fans. But really touched my heart
someone wo sows they are always thinking of you and loving you,mayb its not true but it is still a baeutiful story
So sweet. Such beautiful love! 
Thts the real love,wch found vry once if get.thn lyf set.
Very sweet but I like silk roses. They don't die. Wish I could meet a man that loving!
Ive seen this before, but it was longer and with more detail. Thay one made me cry.
That is Amazingly sweet. All men and Women should be like that
Love the story!! Definitly shows how he had loved his wife in such a beautiful way!!!
that is a cute little love story. its awesome how much he loved her.
azs man
his wife so lucky :)
Ma Loy
That would be creepy for me
The good die young that is y most of the men today think that one rose in a life time is a big sign of affection.
Aw Thts soooo adorable and cute!!!
that's some love. wish i had something like that.
I think I watched a movie with the same concept once. 
Kim CM
How romantic
Y cant men be more like that these days ne ideas.
That's unconditional love.
There are still gentleman in the world
sa ka
It'is rarely happen.only a story
yeah. it rarely happens but atleast it happenes awww
Seems more likely that a woman would love that hard
that is amazing when he died and still had roses sent to her wow that crazy but you cant stop ture love even if you try you cant at all
awwweeesoommee...loving husband..
I wish my husband also can do that for me;(
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really amazing love hope to die before my husband
So touching...wanna hv that kind of husband
Sweet! True love bring tears to my eyes....Dear God please send one to my way!
i don't see how it's possible to that the Wife didn't question why her Husband was "Out" and hadn't returned home yet.
Oh it's wonderful and full of emotion
An imaginary dead man makes people happy...oh I get it--- just like Religion
Wonderful story if only i would find true love like this
That's so cute that would be amazing if a guys did that for a women!!!!<3
Awww that soooo sweet that just brant tears toy eyes
How did the husband know how much to pay? Did he know when the wife was going to die? Did he put a hit out on her? I'd be looking at the florist.  Something fishy here. ;-)
that is the cutest and the most romantic thing EVER!!!!!<3<3<3

...........................                       ...................................................
...........................................................LONG LIVE LOVE <3
How sweet I started crying💗💗💗
Think of the interesting thinks they could've done together, rather than blowing all that money on flowers, and udoubtedly containers for them.
Sooooooooo sweet!!!
Its stories like this that make you women want the unrealistic fairy tale and spend your life bitter and unappreciative of what you DO have. Love is truth, love is acceptance and love is out there- if you aren't looking over your shoulder for something unattainable
sorry.... dumbest thing I've read today. brought tears to my eyes for an entirely different reason...
u sure it wasnt a stalker..... would have been more intresting!
Love story, I hope one day I will find love.
And florist's evil plan worked... You know what i mean..
nice i would do  that if i a place that would do that
That was Jack Benny. Verify on Snopes.
The story is somewhat like "P.S. I Love You"
I'm never gonna find someone

That is the sweetest thing I have ever read.
True love will never die ♡ there someone out there that is like him....thats true love ladies and gentlemen.
i cried the first time i saw this
I thot they were gunna say it was another man who loved her :/
ahhh that is love.... so sweet would the florist know how long his wife will be alive.
Sad Story...  :(            that guy realy wanted her to fill loved
That''s is true love that nomatter if he past but he still think avhead something so sweet and lovelly for her only lovecof hus life that what is true love and not to hurt that person instead love his only love that person has is to care and taking care of her love for ever no matter what that's is what real love is about and love that special person nomatter what 
wow he must have loved her alot bet the florist didnt mind covering the cost of a single rose daily
1,869 +1 are you kidding me I like the love story don't get me wrong but 1,869 +1 ⊙0⊙
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