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just make sure to be that kind of person to others , I would add
This is a true quote, and I've recently needed to do this! However it can also depend on what type of person you are! 
Very true sum good advice ;) . <3 xx
Couldn't agree more. My motto is...'First do no wrong.' Stick with this and you will be all right.
Hmm i hope this quote will help me in my life
Kate L
totally... i have experience on this one..:)
Good advice that I will keep in mind.
Positive happy friends who inspire you are keepers!! If not it will hold you back,!!
I wish I could let them go..... But sadly they live with me (my sisters)... Srry if I ruined this happy moment thingy :-/
So inpriring.... but im still inspired by demitra lovato (demi lovato.)
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
+Meg Pappas  you are a non-inprirational person then...ah i see you just need to discover how it feels to have those kind of people around you. i hav..., for i have the feeling for the poem (or whatever .-.)
Very true............Need to hurry up and get cleaning. Have some undesirables I need to delete from my life.
I have people who do that. And I love them for it . =^_^=
its true and hey my names Emily too
Lol, too silly.  No one can make another person happy.  

I believe it's much better to love others as they are, motivate oneself to set appropriate boundaries and maintain them, encourage yourself to respect other people's boundaries and customs, be an inspiration and enhance your life while uplifting other lives too, and balance happiness with all the other emotions that are key to wholeness.
Then exclusion is moot.
I agree  negativity just brings you down!
Demi J
I d'ont want 2 B your friend!
i like that by the way i look crazy in profile picture
i do have a lot who do not encourage me but i am ressissting them !!!! but the love me so i can't let them down
- and likewise, be that sort of person to those around you as well. Don't expect all of those gifts from those around you if you are unwilling to reciprocate. 
Hey does anybody have a prank that i could do on my thirteenyearild sis plese tell me
dissss izz so true but i lettt emm go summmtimeeee hahahahahah
I will keep that in mind something I need to follow
That makes letting go, sound easier than it really is.
aj sky
i love that so cool
i already let go of my brother :)
Of course, share. Because no one knows this and you will be helping out.
I disagree.  You are responsible for doing all these things for yourself.  It is very nice if people around you do these things but you should not count on it.  Some of the most important people in your life, regardless of their best intentions, can't do any of these things.
that is such a nice saying if only we could all be that way
I will keep this in mind!!! Sweet!!
We should all try that. It is so true
People should listen to this more often
That why I gonna keep my girl until end of my life
Keep both. Follow the good and exemplify the bad. There's always something to learn from those who dont.
That's right if you have "none" be "done" with them! 
don't worry lisa I won't let u go!
Knowing who to dump is as at least as important as knowing who to befriend.
Life's journey is so much sweeter when are surrounded by those who love, motiviate, encourage, inspire and make you happy! 
Sooo.....soo......True!!! ~ t ;)
I have one special person who does all the above; my fiance who is the love of my life.
i dont know how to share this!!!!!!!!!!!
We have to cherish our best friends ! ! !
OMG, The quote above is how I have lived my life.
I Love That posting it's Super motivated
the only person you need is yourself so ever so politely SCREW THAT
Stay clear of those who have nothing to lose.
That is Harry for me all of the above
somtime, you can't do that, because of your heart...
Wow.....ok Pops I hear you.......#RIP....MissinMyDad&StepDad.....
This is so true are in life there's only 1 shot and we are human we do make mistakes but it is very important if you have people when you wanna willing to help you along the way we think I'm gonna come tomorrow
Sometimes you have to stay where you are even if it hurts.:(
Sometimes a hard lesson to learn.
Ive learned that those people are usually the ones that you miss the first time around. 
I like how she used the diff. colores and that CUTE font
I'll keep that in my mind ,, thanks ; )
Try to follow it!
jay yo
but wat if ur loved ones loves u haters?
It is difficult but you have to chose one of the options which makes you comfortable.
if we did that :P we might  find no one around us except our mothers and fathers :-D however some people even if they hate or envy u they make a better person 
really like how this is worded ...and WOW! Definitely an accurate reminder for me.
If somebody want u no more while u still love her/him.Let him/her go.
Maw gyi
that right!!!!!!
so true even if they pay you that is just bribing you I have so many people who don't do any of the above but at lease i do have so many people who do as well let go of those people that don't because they are just going to go around being nice to you one minute then when they don't want something from you that is the minute they start hating you again
Maybe i need to reevaluate myself... true........let them for sure........
That one's a keeper...  also a good note to self about what's important.
If that's true i have a lot to let go...hihihi
what if those same people can't stand you because you have yet develop the same qualities? do you persist and insist they keep you around even going against the restraining order?
i lyk this al are fact ,bt i cnt let them go caus is the part of life.
i like that. its like they no wat i need to do. almost like a checklist
No one can "make" anyone happy, except oneself......besides If rather be joyful.Happy comes from Happenstance..which just means it happened by chance.
Guys I'm fairly new to google+ how do you share this?
So true.... if you do it will also make you feel so much better in the long run :)
OMGosh! Jesus does that for me!
im satyapal singh chef editor akshay samachar
I have a Best Friend that never let me down ...nd never will. ^^
They fucking love you if you got money 
Fuck them all that the truth 
its true but there is always someone who does all of this but annoys you. get rid of them.
BUT HOW???????????????????????????????
because everybody knows that people are only worth what you can take from them
so .... if i let them go .... i will be lonly 
what a  selfish attitude...
“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, 
but from what we give.”  Ben Carson
"Who has sunshine and life inside himself would not seek the light outside." R.Rolland
ok!!! i'll be lonley person
I really like this b/c it is so true and the mean of this is also so important.
but you lose almost everyone
O, your directions lift me so that I desire flight to friends and memories in delightful Hong Kong, again and over again to my Old Star Ferry Line.
Gosh, did I speak with such candor, you bet!
0just cheezy sweet
You bet, Spring's a time to clean house for fresh air push!
Wind speaks to the crying willows about finding original inspiration of dryness and droop!
Love you de la république française et le développement de la république 
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