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A person who truly loves you will never let you go no matter how hard the situation is.

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Unless you're acting like a complete douche and treating that person with disrespect
Soo true found that out the hard way.. Now I am scared and want nothing to do when it comes to love.. Relationships are a two way street yet I am the one who took all the blame and all I ever did was love him... Love should not be complicated nor hard yet there are people out there that enjoy inflicting pain on others..
to Linda Dinunno and anyone else who feels that way...... I have been there and completely understand the way you feel now. Grieve for what should have been, but don't cut yourself off from Love. Love, true love, IS easy and uncomplicated, but relationships are not; they're hard work (as you have found out). If the other person is not doing the work, cut them loose and move on! No sense keeping bad energy (or people) around. Treasure Love and keep an open mind AND heart.
Ell Lya
If it's happen t0 the person wh0 know what is l0ve then they will show it if there's respect,responsible and believe in each other.
its very true..and he/she can walk away from you, then let em go..your worth someone who will stay :)
C Banks
I disagree. Sometimes the best thing to do is let someone go. 
its very true..............
Oops i think i let him go..... >:3 bwahaha but true saying
hmmm............not true always
No it isn't true always... some pple are scared of their parents ...
Its the truth they will never let go of you no matter the situation or the pressure from external forces.
Thts a delicate subject .. 
So love the parents and win them over. They are people after all. Talk to your guy about how you feel about the situation. Talking helps. Finding the correct moment is what matters, though
When you truly love someone, I would let them go. When you are on a situation that you know they would suffer because of you, you would need to let them go.

Sad to say, they would not let me go...I am filled with people who loves me. They'd rather have me even if I got to the stage when I am paralyzed completely. I Don't want them to e me suffer. I want them to remember me the way I am and not the way I will be.
let them go, yes. maybe. but like i said, talking, having a dialogue always helps. standing in two corners like boxers does not solve the situation. one person has to talk the other has to listen and so on. dialogues will help
we are equally blessed with a gift called FREE WILL. if you feel that you can live with this situation...then stay. if it is not an ideal situation for you and it  stands between you and what it is that you want to do in order to be a happy fulfilled human being, then i say leave. Love does not conquer all. we do not possess the ability to foretell what will happen in the future, so we can only rely on hope. it is unfair to expect a person not to change their mind.
me be soo  person not to change 
It is not about the love at all it is about the lust.... Stay f buddies it better off. Dont let ur heart have feelings it is never worth the price you pay....
yea... but what if ur the only one who love him or her....
Teza Md
If a person loves you a lot but you do not love that person... then its better they let you go... 
But .. what if ...u do not love him or her... that time u want to move out.... So love should be from both the sides to be together ...else let the other live.
Dee Bee
I totally agree!!
I agree. They will be by your side no matter the situation.
the person who really loves u will be there mostly the time of need and pain  
Devi S
i dont believe it .............
Thats very true, its so hard to find someone like that...
I agree if the person you love, loves you back.  But if it is one sided, it is near to impossible to keep holding on when your love is not reciprocated.  I think in this situation, it is best to let go instead of beating oneself up.  

This is a chinese proverb:

"If you can lift it up, so you can put it down."
It's like trying to save a sinking ship!! A true captain will do all to save her. Even go down trying!!!
so true but so rare to find...
hope to knw any1 like this attitude atleast once....!
To Diana Koulalis: Thanks for that GREAT advice you shared with the world. My sentiments exactly :-)
I disagree completely. There comes  a point where holding on becomes an act of self mutilation. Just because you love somebody does not mean you can be anywhere near them. The relationship has to consist of two healthy people for this to work out so ideal. To be part of a healthy relationship, your priority has to be on being healthy. Only then do you stand a chance at having this ideal. Healthy attracts healthy, unhealthy attracts unhealthy.  I also noticed the theme of this article seems a tad bit one sided. True love always takes two. When things are healthy and mutual, then this really isn't even a question..Its just pretty much the result.
So true.... still hoping find someone who does ... someday...
i wish someone is there like that for me
Love does conquer all. WE need to study the past to avoid what might happen in the future. Mankind is doomed to repeat history. There are those who are in power and are corrupted that will lead us to destruction.

...and the greatest is love...
If you truly love someone, then you have to let them go when they don't love themselves.  If not, you end up hurting them rather than  helping them.
Love is not love if it is not reciprocal. That is why you need someone who will be friend who would understand you and at the same time your lover. smtyms we r helpless!
My wife & I amor each other we been through alot no matter what the situation has been
It is amazing how true love could possibly change someons life completly around.....
What if you are soo f*cked up and aren't thinking clearly??
Finding that special someone may not be difficult. They might be next to you or close to you just waiting for the right moment. He or she might be a close friend that you don't notice.
the only one that will ever truly love u is God he has always loved u and forever will 
If you are so "F-U", what I do is take a long walk and think it over. A long walk by a shore line might calms me. Most of the time I play music to calm my confused mind... I also find music calms us. I am an accomplished musician.
so sweet! If only I have one.. :)
There is so much more in life to enjoy. While you are single and able, take advantage of it. When you get married, you may not have a chance to enjoy what you missed.

In my case I have enjoyed my life so much. Now, it is time for me to retire permanently.
sometimes the situation might make relationship impossible then what?
Just don't rush love. Enjoy life while you can. Love will find you.
yess.. thats  true..if  its  really  true love..
Relationship in impossible situation? I had that and almost got killed twice.I did choose love. It was an adventure for me.

In the end she left me to protect me it was hard but I survived. If would ever see her, it would be an interesting moment.
yes its true but.... if the other hand still holds you no matter what...
when the love you have  is stronger than ever that the best type of love it never dies
Well, it depends on DESTINY..
I treasured my memories so much because of love. It nearly got me killed more than you could imagine. It was a ride of my life.
That sounds comforting, but not to someone that is being physically and verbally abused. Everyone's relationship is unique. We just have to decide what's acceptable for us. 

Sorry, this is the 223th one......  
Asae, destiny is what you make it.
I had an obssessive and very controlling gf before.Yes, verbal abuse is so much.what I did was treat her to the best I could. When she finally realizes that she did so much bad to me, she was the one who left me. In spite of her attitude towards me, I treated her so good that she could not even say the end, it was her own conscience that separated us. She told me that I deserve more than her.
I know he will only let u suffer alone till there is no more breath let 
so true if we love someone we should love him unconditionally and should be with him in every kind of situation
That is so true... But U can only have true love ounce in ur lives... We just gotta hope that we find it! 
Oh God I did not even notice how well I was treated for 3 years until now when u made ms realize 
lets say if u love someone that never love u..should u let her go??and if u did..thats mean u didn't love that person rite??do you the cooking.. ;p
Oh my God I have been having a blast all Along and I have not even appreciated . Thank u so much for the wonderful 3 years it cud not have been better. I AM SO LUCKY 
I fell in love so many times, little that I know I fell into the hands of my best friend. Now she would not even let go of me. Even on my dying days.
Arrey how cud I be so blind not to have noticed the love attention affection and so much of time that u spent with me not with my so called friends. Tch I shud keep reminding myself 
Naina rite ??? Did not have to been a genius to figure that out . Everyone in town knows that u have spent your days and nights talking to her :$
Not difficult impossible to find some one who loves me so much that u got close to all my friends but me for 20 plus years
Long time ah ? So happy that u have given me so much help thanks to u I am a successful business woman and have so much going for me for years. All good yaar , all is well -/:;()$&@".,?.,!'<>€€£¥¥•+^%##}}}{][
this can be taken as good or scary. Good if both ppl are on the same page....scary if not. Intense sometimes.
That explains everything-and is very true!
No, thank you. At least I had a chance to share my side of the boat. I'm glad I did.
If you can't see me anywhere in G+, that means I am gone.
Listen I loved this guy with all of my heart
Nd believed he loved me with all of his heart I was unsure at first as I find it difficult to trust but I took a chance nd thought yeh good guy
Whilst he was in my country he proved tht
But when things went wrong here for him
He went back to his mother land nd swore he would come nd get me
But was to scared to tell his parents as I am christian he diff religion
Took my love my money nd scooted nd left my heart smashed into a million peices 
Just don't look for love. It will find you...Just enjoy yourself.. There's so many lthings that you have not done. Don't miss them.
Why keep triing when theire breaking you inside
When is class? Did you have it already?
That true ...Couple that share them problem have together... Liked my parents for 65 years.....
I never looked for love this guy suppressed me I said no but he wudnt leave it so me like a mug said ok I will give it a shot loool some shot 
Nd Elaine my heart goes out to u
I know how u must be feeling

+Love Quotes
... until you've exhausted all your own strength. Only by God's strength may we hold on forever.
One must love themselves first and be aware of things. For if they have no love with in and only misery to share there is nothing to hold on to.
One cannot rescue those who do not want it or are in danger so much you would literally die trying. It is best to let go when there is no love to hold back onto even if one still cares for another. It is best to just wait and plant a garden of love with first.
 ' Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.' With a log in our eye how can we ever hope to remove the splinter in some other eye not our own?
Disagree, if a person wants to go, you let them go.
If it is really love, you will find a common ground. But, if you feel that it may not work, you need to give up. before its too late. There is someone for you out there.

I had a similar situation before. She was a Princess of a certain royalty in asia. I have to give it up because her religion is different with mine plus I have to fight for her with my life. Even so, the relationship willnot work for us. It was also tough.
There are times that when you love someone, you need to give it up for both of your sake. It is not selfish...when time finds both of you in one place, it will be an interesting moment.
@B. A. Daniel why you did not think to do civil marriage and both of you keep his/her religion ?
Awww B A Daniel life is cruel
Nd if two pple love each other so much no matter wht religion u r There should
Not be a problem in my eyes not for family to chose who u love or Marry

Yo! where u get all these quotes from I love them! >-<
+B. A. Daniel I was reading your posts. I've been where you've been and I just hope that you can still find happiness in life.
ooooh cannot read all 293 comments... but I cannot stop for commenting... I would go for sth like:

A person who truly loves you WILL let you go if this is what you want, but WON'T leave you when you need him no matter how hard the situation is, or even WILL come back for you when you need him. 
Do you know somebody called Richard Allan whos a math teacher @ OGA? x
love sucks yet others grow old together.........
Oh, Dimitra, I am begging my loved ones to let go of me and just die, they would not let go of me.

I am very sick and in so much agonizing pain even with heavy med...Why is it hard for them to just let go?
I am actually very happy. My only problem is my loved ones would not let me die.
If you love something, you let it free hoping it loves you enough to come back..
Don't be negative, for your loved ones you have to bear that pain
Vijay, you do not understand my condition. I am living in pain and suffering littrally for 10 long years, 24/7. Something is eating my spine. Do you know how agonizing that is? There are times that I am awake for a week and wait for my body to crash because of severe pain. This is the reason..
true love would be to let the one you love go if its what thay want
When you are in severe pain, you will beg to die just to stop it. I hope none you will experience my condition. But still, I am happy, I still can smile.

In my condition, I am NOT negative. I am just simply being realitic.

my loved ones are the one who don't want to let go of me. Not that I don't love them, because I love them so much and I would not let them suffer taking care of me. They also need to live their lives. 
Nope! I might love you, but I love me more. And if you're with that bullshyt...Imma love you enough to let you go. And that's PERIOD!!
True Love. The most valuable gift anyone could ask for.
Antrina Simmons thats kind hard dont you think. And know harsh words. i'm much more younger then you think I am.
I mean thats kinda harsh dont you think. Well I think that what you said was not true. I would do anything.
Love should be naturally pure and beautiful. Not a game of guessing "yes or no, love or not, wait or move on" yep pretty fu*ked up to say the least. Why couldn't he communicate with me like he does with the strangers on the internet. He will be missed more than he will ever understand. You see today, he lost a soulmate & true love. The heart break will last through eternity. I love you honey be safe & take care.
G Bunny
hmmm true but cant forcefully impose yourself on someone though we can still pray to be with them :) but its better to let go at times!!!
i disagree, our journey places challenges that cause us to loss sight for a moment,we cant always be held responeable
Only Gods love is 100% true and unconditional. Ive been there. There are no happy endings. None get out of this life alive without Jesus' unconditional,stand always by your side, no matter what, pure love.
Question: What if 2 girls wants to marry you? Or what if 2men wants to marry you and you loved both? What will you do?
Sometimes you have to let go just to show your love.
When we come to terms with who we are and love ourselves unconditionally. As well as fall in love with Jesus first; He will send the right person whether male/female that will have the same views as you. God did not mean for us to be alone. There is someone of the opposite sex for us all. That will love God and us the way we need to be loved.
a person that truly loves you never surreder at all trials and difficties...
Not practical. Love to each other depends on many factors. Question of true love comes, when no love of such nature can exist.
Sadly, I think it's the ones we love the most that hurt us the most because many times we put unnecessary expectations on them. Love does't always work out the way we want it to. But I do believe that if you do love someone, you should at least try to fight to hold on to it. At least you can walk away knowing in the end, that you did. 
True love only happens in fairy tales, you can love someone with all your heart and they take advantage of it knowing your not going anywhere, or the one you love and loves you but morals stand in the way so you never know except being stuck in a triangle ; (
if this were true there'd be no value in love or in people. love respects that we can lose and lose big if we are careless with our lives and with those whom we claim to cherish.
But at what point do you love someone enough to let them go? Like you love them, but marriage is out of the question, you have to let them go.
And a parent who's child is rebellious, they just have to let go because forcing them to stay is not what's best...Best for the family.
Daniel I am not an expert, but I can tell you what I believe.. almost everything in love and life is selfish.. meaning that when we love sb and we don't wanna loose him is because we cannot stand it (selfish but inevitable in most cases). But also it is rather subjective what it is that we want and what people think we want. If they believe they have to help you because they think you want the wrong thing just because you cannot do it by yourself, then they help you for non selfish reasons... and so on.. I love the smile part of your attitude!! for me it is a way of living! the only way!!! nothing else matters... so have a nice smile :D
Love is more than a feeling, and there are no set parameters on it. Love is not just one way, its more than that feeling, and yes, it does hurt too. Love is not just people, its all around you.

 I would rather love, that to not have ever experienced it. I have gone through a whirlwind ride, and have given my heart. I wont squash it or beat it down, I will let it love and be loved. I give it all, no matter what.

If someone chooses to be a part of my love, then its wonderful and fulfilling. If they choose another route, its ok, as I will still love them no matter what. 

If someone loves you that much, they will not hold any barriers on you or against you. They will love you. Love will grow if you let it, and it will  fill your senses and help you move through the hard times, whether its relationship problems, family, sickness, doesn't matter, or all the good times. Let your love loose. 
Love does not hurt .love does not let you down .love is not is kind. Love is you love is me. Love is life and true love is God.

love is something you do.
Sometimes we love to much. In all things let God guide your path. 
In an ideal world this would be true, but we don't live in an ideal world.
mores the pity cp
true love is patient,kind & it keeps no record of wrongs.true love always protects,trust,hope,perseveres & it does not fails...
I can't cooking and i am not niec lady he love me or not ? he said he need a lady can do everything . I can't cooking :-( how can i do ?
1Cornitians 13:1- its about the happyness u make for the other soul and urself 
B A Daniel i am sure that your loved ones dont want to see you suffer any more than you do, and once you are free from the pain and suffering you are in, i think thay would remember who you are as a person not what life did to you

i would know i have been part of the loving family of the person who was hurting; my grandma had a hard time dieing but i know she is not in pain anymore and all i remember is the good time we had; i think it will be the same for your loved ones

i hope this give you some consultation MWAA
It's easy  to Love some one when everything is going your way.  Test of True Love is to stick in there through thick and thin,  You find your Love grows stronger when you face the ;problems together and never say die.  You just stay in there choose how many times you would like to walk away.  And your Love gains a new dimension.  I speak from experience 50 years of marriage.
I feel the same way Linda dinunno. I just gotten out a really bad relationship and I took all blame and he move on with someone less then a week. So I have trust issue.
Absouloutly true xox
he or she should be there for you no matter what, threw thick and thin xox
Love doesn't die. Love is unyielding. It's going to come back. The more you love and appreciate yourself, the more prepared you are when the real things shows up......."Find new treasures in yourself,Love doesn't die."
They will smother you to death.
I think sometimes love means letting go.. 
That is so true! el matrimonio es difiicil pero hay que saber convivir!
I think there are people who definitely read this a few times a day!
thats totally true but i also feel bad for the people that dont get that from there love
Sorry, got caught up with a bacon bits
There is really a test if you want to know the real intention of a person.
so true its insane... my ex just left me. but told me he was in love wit me
Glenn F
False, if they truly love you and you don't want them to be with you, they should let you go.  Otherwise, they're just keeping you a prisoner.
Afraid most of us learn this the hard way.
there comes a time to let go, that's part of love, too.
A person who truly loves you will accept you for what you are and for what you are not.
Rosie H
With certain obvious exceptions....murder, for example.
Isn't it lovely that a person who loves you also has tons of duct tape and a dungeon? 
This could be a problem if the person who truly loves you is a psycho path killer.
I like that, but it depends on what the situation is. Some things u have to raise an eyebrow on!
Tamara Bonefont, we should talk... I know that we all want the fairytale life where we live happily ever after its everyone dream.. I know from my experiences that sometimes life does not go the way u expect but when it comes to loving someone it should not be difficult., u don't tell someone u love them and then take it back how could u hurt another being?? I guess I am vulnerable and to sensitive I just feel that no one should get hurt because they love someone be honest and talk through problems both partners should make the descions...
that is so trur...... guys who really love who they are with
Very tru. They will stay by ur side nd gt though the situation
So so true!!! Love it!! Xxxxx
so TRUE.I have a wonderful husband and we go through trials[who don't]and we will be married 15 yrs saturday.He loves me and I love him and you stand by one another no matter whay if you really love someone.
A person who truly loves you, or a person you truly love, will let you go if that is the right thing to do, despite how much it hurts.
I dont agree...i have left someone I truly loved because he was toxic to me.
ok so heres what i think people are either ment to be or not its all about faite and you have to work hard at a relationship so if one working the other needs to be as well !!
Linda it would be nice to exchange words. It seem we both been hurt by people we loved. And we have to be strong enough to go on with our life.
ha have to show this to my ex
NOT TRUE!!!!! That is called domestic violence: aka possession and control!
Rubbish! People will call you immature and all crap in the world, if you try to hold them back. I say, move on (I've been there and done that, it's not impossible just bloody difficult. This is realty)! If he/she is yours, he/she will come back. And my suggestion when they come back? Kick them as hard as you can (I bet you can't follow my suggestion because you still love them).
I think if you love two people at the same time choose the second, because if you really loved the first then you wouldn't have fallen for the second.
Tamara, I could always use another friend so email me sometime it's my name at hot I always up for talking..
so true i hope that happens to me and my boy friend
Because refusing to let someone leave isn't creepy in the slightest.
Then that means I never found true love
Well, nowadays we call it by "CANCER!" or more precisely said, "Insanity!" -- Love sucks!! Sorry to said.
The beautiful creation of God ....The Creator
+Maria Ethy not just sucks but it sucks bigtime. In fact when Money speaks Truth and Love will be silent.
Hahahahahahah must be patient and tolerant
:P hey read me post to farther if you want to see what i think
Wouldnt know. Never being loved or been in love. Lol
Love is Love and I'm in Love is from yemen
Until he/she finds something better... ;)
yeah right.. until he finds someone better than you..
Ma Nature stands protective and always bears us under the blue sky.This is the true love,I felt from my childhood till now when I am 62.So I have dedicated all my books to Ma the Earth writing when Ma is with me and gives protection,then why should I play tricks to have anything?So be sincere and with love and honour I will do my duties.If agreed,you may shake hands with me.Its up to you.This is the only theme,expressed in my books,DO or DIE DECLARATION,PRINCESS DI'S DOVE DIDI,DAMODAR DEEPTI,DIVINE DEMAND and others alongwith one poem 'AN EMPLOYEE'S PRAYER' for all the employees of the entire world,from Divine Demand book.Nmaste!   Jaishree Devi (DIDI means elder sister),a V.R.S. staff of STATE BANK OF INDIA,VARANASI MAIN BRANCH,U.P.INDIA.   
but what if they are too jerky to let u go??
Wow this is an amazing quote :D thankyou love quotes :D <3 is good for d health.but eer is dis loveeeeee
yes when someone truly love u will never let u go no matter what is the situation.
True love is when BOTH people will never let each other go. It has to go both ways for it to be TRUE love.  
Yes Sandy Cheng,its true,very very true. With regards DIDI Jaishree Devi.2013.
Very true. Reasons are just a drama to justify their action
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I disagree . Sometimes it's the best thing to do but that doesn't mean you don't love that person you are letting go of the situation that you are in. 
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