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nada 9
maybe yes maybe no
hahahahaha......... REALY????

HOW does that happen in the real world?
if you look into someones eyes and see their heart, they need to see a doctor
I found his heart in his eyes and then told him I want you, but he told me: "Oh, I do not love you, just like you and it is not enough for marriage". what should I do? Was I wrong with his eyes? or He is lying? :(
fighting may hurt him , I do not like hurt him :( I must respect him, but ... I do not know if had lied or not?! Was I wrong with his eyes?!
omg that every time i see my bf BRANDON!! thats love baby!
anyone else have that with their special someone?
I think that this quote is beautiful and it tells alot
Love is blind. You can't actually look into someone's eyes lol
that is very true, someday i will lookinto some boys eyes and see his heart. very, very beautiful. :-)
No love is so much more that's just the beginning of it
I say its that awkward moment when someone says "hey you to should go out" and you go out 2 days later
Those big beautiful brown eyes...
But my boyfriend doesnt have brown eyes his eyes are blue like mine
what if you had x-ray specs? does that count? :P 
(not like anyone would now though.)
nice quote though, i guess
Hey its really sweet and junk but like BLECH to girly for me!!!!
My son has the big brown eyes and when I really look into them I see his vulnerability and raw feelings staring right back at me....
Wao.. But I have not eperiance like that ;(;(
Yet from all the eyes I've seen in my life, I've only seen one heart... My beloved's :)
That I looked some one eye and see his heart:(
i did but he didnt look at mine :'( 
ahh it is ok u will find the right one
that is so not the way to life!!! no boy would ever look into your heart
denise he looked in my eye i looked back but now he is cheating on me
in knoe i will  look i gave him a note and he just crushed itand thruw it awaynd when i grow up hes going 2 mwant me but im not leting him get with me cause of that D':: 
So that is what I thought just no so sure now...just saying
Hmmm...............It's ok I guess....There are plenty of fish in the sea!! GO FISHING!
i did that to a boy named jamie i thought i loved him he thew it away and i cried and then victor my cheating bf asked me out then jaime got jealous
 oh well  u shude cum up 2 the girl and beat her ass srry 4 the bad word but yea u should cuz thats not love at all
Doing things like that will only cause problems and drama, I wouldn't suggest that, but that's just me. Flirty guys are trouble though.
well i guess im in love:)
so do i
so romantic somehow
im nine and my crush moved to dallas his name is hunter
im nine to and i have 2 crushes mason and ryan corr
that is a natural impossibility
This never happened to me
Yes is true.. When you see the eye so you can see
The heart person inside the body..
love is not looking its  just ...................................
Deformed person? How is that love ... ;D 
get ready for summer vaction
If you take this literally, its actually kinda scarry....
What if u though u found theirs heart n then get kick to the curbs
AWWW! that is so cute and sweet you can say that to a boyfriend or girlfriend
there is no man that ever said that to a woman thanks to love tips i feel more off a man now
true dat, but the amazing small pitcher is better!
if i see someone's heart in their eyes then i would call an ambulance for them immediately. lol

just kidding, that was very nice. :)
Who would see someones heart in their eyes?

Jk! I luv it!
boy is that the truth Happy Anniversary while I am away hope we find our way back!
Have done that to him, don't think he felt the same way though!
Eyes - a soul mirror... If they are capable to see and feel someone's heart... their owner... the person able  to love
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