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Your memory is a keepsake, from which I will never part

“I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in frame. Your memory is a keepsake, from which I will never part. God has you in his arms. I have you in my heart…”
- By Unknown

Put this as your status if someone you miss is in heaven.
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So amazing to capture feeling into words! Miss you mom dad sister nephew
So grateful God gave me you....even for a short time...memories that will never leave me...enjoy your time in Heaven..i will see you again...
I miss so many and think about them too!!!
Very nice! Love every word!
Mimi & Opa....My grandparents....I miss you so much, no matter how long you've been're always in my <3
Beautiful words makes me cry 
Even though u are not gone gone , i miss u as if u were gone.
And this made me think of you.

That is why is always important to say what u need to say to your family and friends. Tomorrow is never promised and life is too short!
I love this poem goes with a lot different things in life
A great poem to know by heart" love it!
this would apply to my dad. i lost him when i was 9.
Recently lost my Mom. This was nice to find.
It sad to think of anyone that has to live this poem
that poem is so true i have lost alot of people in the last few years
this is reallity, I always keep dreaming with all the persons I have really loved.
i never met my mother or father....i still beileve its a lost for me.....
i love somebody but i don't no if he loves me my best friend loves him to will it ever work out
for my mom gave her life to save mine wish i know u much love 
To Mackenzie Waldrip follow your heart you have to put yourself first once in a while. GOOD LUCK!
in reply to Shuppy Machona you should celerbrate her life through yours
i miss you mama and auntie may you guys R.I.P
My daughter,gone 20 years now,and my dad(2yrs). The hardest part of loosing someone is the missing them. The initial loss is devastating,but as the years go by and that gaping wound heals,the missing sets in,and just lingers......
Always thinking and missing you-DADDY (11/17/2001)
I just do not know who you are and how you are in my google I use to have emailing in branson and Ozark Missouri. Now I have a kindle fire hard to use not employed to pay for mobile anedroid knowledge. Kind words to your friends. I use to have a cmt country music account too.
luv u frisco,jake,sammy,loretta,gus,lacy,and bob, the best pets that died ever!
this is for my grandma(ToT)/~~~
This is beautiful and captures everything that I feel for my son, he was 15 years old when he passed from asthma complications.

Jaylen (J-Bug) momma misses you and you are in my thoughts every waking hour. I love you and look for the day we meet again.
Gumi M
so beautiful
I love this... so true for everyone who has though death or just lost contact with someone special to them.This is exactly what goes through their mind. Well at least for me it does. I would dedicate this to My grandma Daisy, Sonya, George R, My great aunt Jean and my mom Tina ( wherever she might be).
messiah i miss him too but he is in a better place now
This is very true I never forget them never never up til I alive.
I miss my family so much!
Love you all!!!!
this beautiful poem touched all my being of how l am still feeling since the passing of my Fred , also my parents and loved ones that are in heaven...thank you so much, whom ever posted this poem  :~)
i really like this one it has alot to do with me.
haha now my name has to be Kat. i miss my silly grandpa.. :(
i love nolan and nathan and antonio dreams dont come true i belive so much and it never comes true
Miranda Joy Zant  is my beloved niece RIP baby girl
very true,lost my grandfather in 2004 though it has been a long time,the memories are still fresh in my mind,RIP,will always love you.
so true...we miss you much honey me and our little girl...
This one is Sam all the way. I muss u dude, I hope your haveing just as much fun as we did when you were still here. Love u big bro
Neña G
That was deep...thanks for sharing.
I lost my son Dominic Wolf but not by him passing. His father vanished with him 6 years ago
Dominic if u happen to read this I love n miss u so much. Not a day goes by that ur not in my heart. Please call 4136570579 if u will let me tell u my side. If anyone knows Dominic Justin Wolf born 2/11/1997 plz call
i love your poem it is amazing and romantic
That's nice..... If he pr she likes u back......otherwise that's stalkerish
Kami T
Also a good thing to keep in mind when someone you love dies
I miss u nephew everyday that goes by.
I apply this poem to m dad who passed away two years ago.
love and miss the family i have lost and the mother i never new......
so sorry to hear that +Crispy Teen i hope you will be able to find someone who will love you back the way you do,just give it time.
If tears could build a stair case and memories a lane, i go right up to heaven, and bring u home again. 
I can't imagine if I lost any of my family or friends. I'll be devastated. I will pray for them everyday and hope they are okay on the otherside.
I can't imagine if I lost any of my family or friends. I'll be devastated. I will pray for them everyday and hope they are okay on the otherside.
Also I wonder if someone send this post to say I miss you? It could be a death of someone or a farewell when you never see the person again
Aww that is so great but really sad because its tough sometimes
Miss you mom and dad
I was lucky God let me have you for the time i got to spend with you-for my son nikolas, and for my wonderful grandparents,uncle fred,aunt lorraine,aunts &uncles-i miss you all

Ammie, Ive lost a brother & a sister time heals broken hearts. U never stop missing them. U always remember the good times. As long as they are remembered, they will always be with us.
miss you great granddad you will always have a part in my heart and i will NEVER EVER forget you ( the best person in the world) <3
I lost my husband two years ago. That really hits home
true it is difficult to live without your family (tht includes animals to me)  
because when they die, it feels as if a part of u is shattered
Miss you Mom, it is three years this month. Yet it seems like yesterday. Love your daughter.
i have no pictures left, only memories. lost EVERYTHING, including the only thing i had left of a very close friend that i got from his family at his funeral, BUT, memories can suffice if you truly loved that person. i miss him, my grandparents, and many others, including my mother god bless her soul. they will never leave my heart it's as it should be. people die thats what happens it does not mean that constant sorrow is the norm.!!
You know what ! I am so serious ! No more ! I am so romantic and want more
you reminds me someone that i meet though internet,i cant control my tears everytime i see his year ago, he's gone for cáncer.i know he is in heaven now..
Made me think of my dear friend... R.I.P Derrick L Scott... 
IDo not no u but your poem was so true for I lost my dad and my babby son. And good has them I is harms but I still have them in my hart so we will never be a part so rip dad and babby boy
R Shree
Heart touching...
Em C
Grandpaaa, miss you... I liked eating porridge with you in the morning... Especially when mom bought shredded pork.
That is true . You don't know that until you lose that person you love. Denise
Great post ill put it as my status
I know God gave me you. And I know he is taking care of you in heaven. That is how I make it day to day . Love you honey
God who gave me you, took you at his own time but i miss you dearly daddy.
How can the dead be truly dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind?
That is beautiful poem, Bruce... and it can apply to any person wo who has lost a loved one.

last month i lost may dad, i feel it. Sorry for anyone in the same situation
We little knew that morning, that God would call Ur name. In life we loved u deeply, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose u, u did not go alone, for part of us went w/ u that day God call u home. U left us special memories Ur love is still our guide. And tho we cannot see u Ur always by our side. Our family chain is broken, and nothing seems the same, but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.
even they r dead............... they wil live in our hearts.........
soy lucy saludando atoda mi jente los quiero
Thought of my dear friend Chris Thibodeau today - KIA in Afghanistan flying his beloved Apache .... As always in our hearts and your wife and baby boy you never got the chance to meet ..... Liam started walking last week Chris, LeeSandra and Nolan and Mooney all enjoyed their first snow in their new home - without you .... Life moves forward but we sure do wish you were here sharing it with us .... RIP my dear
Miss you momma and love you so much. Miss and love you to Doug (husband). I love and miss you all who are gone, yet you are still here in my heart! :-)
Ya ne dis is tough I lost two people I really love my son kamo nd my husband lehlohonolo,2011 it was not my year.i think about dem everyday of my life,we were a perfect family with my 1year 9months boy Tatso even if kamo he doesn't know him,he knows dat I was expecting a baby boy.he came 3weeks after his funeral,nd daddy 2.dis is a real pain
my grandfather just died the day after my birthday..i accused myself of killing so tempted to break down in the middle of school and sob
to store in heart forever and to have eternal memory of them.
This is for my Bestie Deaf Friend Miss you so much, Jimmy...James Walter Casey...
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