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" Anyone can make you smile or cry, its takes someone special to make you smile when you already have tears in your eyes. "

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Need love advise? message me and will get started!
Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. Love this post!! : )
Soo true that's what love is about to bad we have people out there that don't understand the true meaning of LOVE!!!
I had a friend that I knew many many years ago; I was his first love; two years ago he re-entered my life. We were like teenagers! Then he used. Me; took my inheritance; had well over five other female friends that he felt sex was just a toy, he loved his toys... he was a twenty or so years ago a celebrity; he is still living it but there is no shows of it... anyway I was solely faithful; gave him everything I could and loved him to no end; then he texts me to "go *&%# myself" and lose his number. What would you do when he has personal property of mine, he owes me close to $3000, and has sent not only life threatening texts but vulgar and pixs. I welcome any suggestions or ideas anyone my have. I am also on a fixed income. I believe God will heal me in his own time; I will continue to pray for forgiveness and faith that my life will turn around and I will survive. I will leave an email address for responses; I have never blogged before; but, thank you for letting me vent....
My email is he made me smile and cry on many occasions; I was so vulnerable. If I am not allowed to blog in this fashion; please advise and I will remove it promptly. I am desperate and have no one in my life right now; as I have lost four of my best friends, family and Mom and Dad; over the last three years. May God bless all. Thanks for listening.
Love s a gud thing if u hv it enjoy to the fullest,others re dying to hv it.
Christina, Taylor Mali is a super hero in Spoken Word circles and like so many don't use Google+ yet. I just let him know on fb and twitter that this is here - he will be honored.
That is so damn true i have the love of my life in my corner
to hear from friends is so important,some people are totally alone..and need their tears wiped word can change a life.. or destory grandma use sing a little song to me be careful little mouth what you say.. words can hurt bad.. priscilla locke
Really sick and tired of all these Arab countries that the USA has been putting our troops lives on the line for their freedom turning around attacking us for what some stupid - hateful non-american film maker living in our country and " oh by the way this moron is Arab" has to say about The Islamic relegion. They all need to get over them selves. Everyone has the right to worship as they wish and no one especially The Islamic Hater's of the world who think that their relegion is better thaneverything because they say so.  As For me and my Hoouse I will Worship and Follow the One True God "Jehovah" and no one can change how I feel, think or believe!    
Woowee, so true! True love and/or friendship is a powerful thing! Make sure to always thank that person who makes you smile! :-)
love is selfless you give of your self freely your reward is to be loved in return 
somewhere theres someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while, so when you are lonely remember its true, somebody somewhere is thining of you.
Yup your not only in my mind but in my heart too..
It happen to me also but i need time to heal my heart to move on and on
soooooo ture i love it <333333333
Kelly, sue his ass and go on a court TV show.  That way his other girl friends will see him and they can sue him too.
Oh, and you don't need an attorney either.  File in your local court house.  I've did it years ago on Peoples Court.  
i love lovequotes it makes me smil and gives good advice
C Banks
Bad grammar. Fix the typo! Ruins it for me. 
Haha the most I have ever laughed was when I was crying and I have never been in love ;P so ha
ya i wish the guy i liked played me cough couch dawson gates......... it was really painful 
I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that completely fuckin describes me and my fucking best friend bitches!!! i fuckin love my BEST FRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
love is not roses or choclate, love is a strong feeling that holds us 2gether, like friendship, love yur love1 so tight! say i luv u and kiss them every night, let them no yur there and always will b, how much u luv them, at the end you'll see. <3
I know what you mean although I am the one crying most of the time
You show right just your comrade can turn your tears into joy
Thats amazing I've never thought about it like that, but that's spot on!
sniff sniff... some one make me smile
seeing all this love stuff reminds me of my EX
Then my cat was special.   He always knew I was sad and made me smile.
i miss my husband eve though he abanded me on a rv park i still love him 
but show me ur picture so that i will know
How can there be so many +1 for a grammatically incorrect statement???
So lovely.  Yes, it's having someone special, who "REALLY" cares and has time to give to you, too.  Actions speak louder than words.   
Thats so cool, its like that when Im sad or angry, I try and make my fiance happy cause it kills too birds with the one stone :)
Its??? ...Rant alert... I can understand and forgive typos in comments. But typos in graphical posts? Come on!!
Proof read your stuff people!
well, my mood change depends on what kind of music and friends i hang around with, it's kinda cool to chance mood in second!!
Well its rare 2 find sm1 who cn make u smile the ones avilable jst makes u angry!
Well its rare 2 find sm1 who cn make u smile the ones avilable jst makes u angry!bt luv is beautiful.
Well its rare 2 find sm1 who cn make u smile the ones avilable jst makes u angry!bt its so true.
same hre i get mad so easy at people but i stop and think about that persons feelings nd try tu not make them mad or sad
That is my husband and myself from day one.
I thought I had that special person and he cheated.
Love the picture. The colors totally match the background.
Nice. Loved it ~ ;D
I agree with Russel Oliver for one thing, and what does that and buying thing from a web side have to do with love & tears?
"The laws of gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love." --Albert Einstein
Speak on those who accuse the Prophet Muhammad with violence and sadism this talk about .. The Prophet Muhammad (who assured man of his life and killed him, I ame acquitting the killer even the slain person was non-believer in Islam) .. and you can be sure of talk over the Internet, this talk more than 1400 years ago.
Have a great morning every one :-)
Pene T
Now that is special!!
yes... yes ... yes.... it always anyone to everyone... to you and me too...
but that might give u the power yo move ahead
That is true I can't believe how true that is
so true why if everyone in the world could make u smile thu the hurt.
Sooo truth.. but lot of beasts out there they don't know what real love means.even there there is an 50 years old
When I smile this when I been with my kids I wish I can be with they I do cry but God now what.happened.
Gumi M
true. i have good friends so im almost never sad
yes. and i love my nathan. he can Always make me smile :)
I hope I will find someone in future who will make me feel this way...real special 
he always make me cry,,but another man wipe my tears it's also the fact that our spcl ones r only the cause of our tears too..