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A man has two options in a relationship: Either stand up and be the man she needs or sit down, so she can see the man behind him.

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Regardless of if you treat them right or not some still aren't the man they should be. There is no reason you should waste more of your life trying to make them happy. 
Yes like it, but don't like men with 2 faces or more
hohoho may be in this world there are several people like that but nice words
Sometimes you love someone a lot, but that person doesn't believe you.
ya hes not worth my time if he dosent stand up for me
yes, but she has too be the women that stands before her truth and not take a man just because society thinks you should
Omg this quote is for Mr. Perella when they wrote this they must have meet his sorry butt!!!! He has no balls!!!
Wish I could a meet a guy who follows thses rules
I would expect a woman to be wise, don't be there to stand up or sit down if you think she is not the one. Phrases are good to read but in reality it's different at times
I wish, I am that kind of woman who will search for another options if the current one doesn't seems right but unfortunately I am too soft to do that & always think that I should give another chance and who knows it might work later.
Hopefully I could have this guy!! 
I am just like u Umi... For a year and half I excepted everything final the truth is out instead of talking about he ran and now blames me.. I destroyed our relationship??? Really I did not lie about my living situation... I learned my lesson if they can't talk to u and be honest let go not worth the heartache...
Hi +Linda Dinunno sorry for that. Only one thing didn't work with us & the rest absolutely fine with us. All the best to you.
I wish I could see the man behind him
Lol.. If women only learned the actual meaning of respect.. They just might be able to raise a male child.. Men with no respect were often raised by single mothers.. Never trained by real men how to act like real men In front of real women.. Stop raising boys like they are girls and you'll have men not metrosexuals when they grow up
And maybe man sould stop walking out on us then are sons would have someone to look up to and know what to do
Okay guys, have to go now. Have a wonderful day :))))))
Seriously? So what I gear u saying is that u were raised by a single mom and u have no respect for her or other women, because she raised u like a girl instead of a boy?. You have issues.
Yes.. Women understand love.. They are love based.. Men are respect based.. We practice each others language but when a fight happens we both speak our own language and things deteriorate quickly.. Unfortunately disrespect to men is accepted in society today and so you get respect minded boys not learning how to understand themselves or their own motivations.. I didn't say women were incapable.. But you jumped the gun in a disrespectful manner didn't you?.. Were you looking for a fight from a misogynist?..
I have immense respect for women.. I love my mother and father dearly and they were together until my dad passed in his 60''s from a certified study... And has proven true in my life and friends lives consistently.. Stop jumping the gun on a friendly... Sorry for being a man and accusing women of thinking differently then men
I'm not falling for that one +Love Quotes . The HUGE assumption is that everything in the relationship is not-negative. That deems it an imperfect relationship. Very dangerous.

+Staci Young you get a +1.
Every male is not a man, but our society is more androgynous than men and women roles.

To be a single mom isn't likely a first choice, but a rare few prime on it. But, when that choice is removed by forces outside of you're control it can be devastating and hard to manage.
Yep! High five girls! Guys! good luck with your options! :D
U r very true too

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True indeed..something goes for the woman...but it's goes alil different,"shut the hell up talking!!",a real woman is
Carla F
he chose sit down.. lameeeee
max m
I will be the MAN
And then there are the ones who wont leave married men alone and try to destroy families.
Unless the man decides he's GAY...
Dumb --- it takes (2) to work at a relationship ---not one woman who thinks she's it - no one is perfect.
I think not the man only can do that!! I can do that
he can become a puppet and be the man who obeys her every command...
Theo A
I always thought it was "Be the right one for who you want to be with.  Think about who you want to be with and who they, in turn, will want to be with - be that person."
man or woman, it's important to know that the people you share your life with, will, if need be, not only standup for ya, but deliver a proper bitch slap to said offender.
nice quote some people makes some good ones.
doesn't same thing apply for women as well ?? be the woman that man wants of sit down and let him see the woman behind her ??
Instead of waiting for a man to complete you, try completing yourself and being a person who feels her own self-worth--that way there will be no doubt when you attract a man worthy of your love.
If she can't see the man in front of her? then she is welcome to the 1 behind
Haha.. sit down please. I cant see behind you..
I love this quite, but my complete distrust in men have left me with the desire to remain single.
Haha. Sit down sso i can see the man behind you..
Sadly, most men sit down! Known fact!
S**. I don't want to +1 this but D*** it, it's true.
I think the quote is miss written. It should say :

A man has two options in a relationship
Be the man his woman needs, but if he won't then leave so she can be free to find the one who can make her happy.
It sounds good but what if she's not the woman she claims to be. Now a days women and men are crazy lol
best to get to know someone really well. some show their true colors sooner than others.
Every one as floss u just hve to work on it together i agree it take 2 to make it work :)
Jane is right. The world is full of cowards! There are only a few men out there who don't just look brave but are really brave in their acts!
Our wants are always something beyond what is a reality. But those who understands and able to carry on in enjoying what he or she has is the one who gets everything. We need to train our mind to be satisfied on what we have.
Ha, try standing up to an alpha-female.  They get what they want regardless of what is between YOUR legs.
Because women are always in need of a great defender? I'll pass thanks.
Whaaa? Sit down here, next to me...
And girls you got two choices. Either go on a diet or roll out of the way so we can see the much prettier girl behind you.
"Even though I have fat thighs and flabby arms, a pot belly still gives good loving"
that must be challenging for a man to surrender to another one of his kind though but that is what makes him a man after all
relations are not that much clear.. either to take stand or to leave...
This makes women sound like cunts.
Not all of us guys are like that. Don't lump me in with them. Some of us guys just don't like being with women that start fights over stupid things or play mind games to test us. You get us a gift and we don't look at it and instead sit down with you? It means we value you more than a gift. Plain and simple.
And from the point of view of a decent man, the word 'woman' could be just as easily inserted into the quote.
Amen. I am the blessed one my guy is a real man. Takes care of his family,that includes me. Love him to pieces.
then... that man's not good enough for her either so she turns to the box of kittens. 
A man has no options. It's always "Stand" , "Sit", Stand" , "Sit" , "Stand" , "Sit" . There's never a regular thing with women.
Every man is different but underneath they are ALL the SAME.
max m
There we go again
Ms. Davies with all do respect to all women u know what they say about us guys all we want to give ladies is the frut off the loom as longest all parties agreeeee O. K. at that magical moment
If she keeps searching for the perfect man, she'll only end up staring at the blank wall at the back of the room.
Can't turn a ho into a house wife. Say whatever makes you feel better
thats hard for me. i want the girl to notice me but.... im basicly nothing. and the other guy gets the girl.:(
atracting girls attention is always helpful with some gifts and some noticeable clothes
If we stand up we're arrogant, and if we sit down we're immatured. Girls always find a reason to dump if they want to.
vo hang
mat troi sao lai khoc,con nguoi ma chanh luc nao hoan hao ke ca mo mang..hi hi hi
Hmmmm.....& what about the man....what perfection does he find in a woman....we know what a woman wants....!!!
why is it so hard to understand girls?
A (wo)man has two options in a relationship: Either stand up and be the (wo)man he needs or sit down, so he can see the (wo)man behind her.
Guess it works the other way too.
there's always someone out there you just have to find them.
course it can work both ways :-)
+Wilson Sapien, nope, even your great grandpa can't answer that question because he had a similar question. Same goes in my case too. Typical girls!
All you with the man hating on is a two way street... Make sure you're worth standing up for if you expect him to stand up.
:o No man will rule me.... no man will have a chance to abuse me... ha you forgot the 3rd choice. A man will only lay down if its time for rest. Or time to truly love a woman !
waduuuh... butuh waktu semuanya juga ya ;)
is true but if you chose one you must accept what man you get you cannot play the love or your self is not easy to remember  what is your fast hurt felling and make dirt life..
It's a case by case basis. Each Individual is different. 
never search!!! i believed the real love you it will be youre's like magic....
A woman searches only life long security.........................
A man should stand up and be the head of his household, he cant lead sitting down.
the same goes for man. he keeps on searching for a perfect girl who can keep her mouth shut, eyes closed, hang on his every word and be his puppet. If you ever try to go against the rulez he will start searching for more girls. Men just cannot bear intelligent and smarter girls
well said Qanita zakir.......u r 100% right
Maybe you should stand up and make me a sandwich, while I enjoy 30% better pay and no glass ceilings
A women is like a baby needs to be taken care-of regardless of social status.They need to touched,its in their DNA.
Shared this with 2 sons suffering thru relationship breakdowns.
Respect and honesty are key plus love really helps alot I think!!
In my experience, you CAN stand up, and she still might be looking AROUND you for another "perfect" man.
Replace man for woman and she for he... u c how ridiculous this quote is.
i think its true because   its all about following your heart and using your mind that matters if it doesn't work why keep him  like your favourite hairstyle
Most women don't care about what is inside, they just want your military pay check or some dude with money...  No wonder girls can't find their twin flame...
Yeah! why should I live with someone am not comfortable with?I should always feel happy and this is why I have to get the best ever in live.
Just be yourself and she will love you...
It is CONSISTENCY that a woman looks for... no more the reel-life goody stuff.
Either knock the back out of her OR go knock on a door ... And someone else ring her door bell 
To a women, just be a good listener..

She loves being noticed just by simply complementing her hair...
Her beautifull eyes.....
Her shoes.....
Her dress...
how she smile so lovely....
How beautifull they are....

They will love you more remembering yearly anniversary.... Flowers(not the ones in FP)....
Just simply by being there when they need you.....

And.... ''What is yours is mine and what is mine, is mine alone''....Don't interrupt me when I am talking...

Never fight a woman...They are there to be loved.....
Just asking, but why is it always the man's fault when a relationship breaks down? As mentioned time and again, it takes two, irregardless. And what about all the men who do end up leaving a relationship with a woman but still do what they can to remain a positive influence to their children? Whether raised by a single mother, or single father, it just comes down to paying attention to your children and being part of their lives, not just turning on the TVs because it keeps them out of your hair. Everyone make mistakes, but if you deny you even tried, that's where your real mistake is. Also, no one is perfect and every situation is different; hard to judge when you don't know all three sides (his, hers and the truth).
There is a third option - dump her and get a girl who doesn't have unrealistic expectations or use sex as a weapon.
The behind him is doing what back there??? Weird place to be....
so true! i wish more guys were like that! it would make things so much more simple!
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Wow you must've looked right into my mouth the words out I love this!😊
How about, so she can see her own way without him. 
Yes say it again .. recently Divorced and Happily in love with God ..
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Hmm...ever considered he may be a Person of restricted growth, only ever reaching the underneath of her breasts when stood in his 7in wedges...

Give the guy...a pat on the head! Erm..I meant break!
Pssst...Did you know the 'Pneumatic Drill' treatment is absolutely heavenly from a sitting position???.,.i digress

If I wanted to read this kind of crap I'd go browse pinterest. 
Take a stand together works Better, but is a lonely experience when the guy lets you take it on and refuses to uphold what's right
This is very true. Man need to learn about woman's needs if he wants to keep her.
they show do need to know about how a women is feeling but we argue sometimes but still manage to get back together
Imagine thats true but take advantange of the ladies
Maybe the man sitting down isn't the problem, maybe the man standing up hasn't had enough to drink!!!!!!!
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