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If he doesn’t care for you, he can’t be worth your time

“If he misses you, he'll call.
If he wants you, he’ll say it.
If he cares, he’ll show it.
And if not, he can't be worth your time because you are obviously not worth his.”
- By Unknown
Do you agree?

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What if you broke up with him because your friends convinced you to? But you still like him. And he says all is forgiven, yet he won't talk to you? :/
i am saying true now a days girles are bad
Very true... So stop wasting your time...
ya i am not agree 
happy diwali
Couldnt agree more with this saying:(
Martin- whether your shy or not I go by this saying....ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! Even if a man is shy or introverted he can show KINDNESS! I think your just taking this quote to another's just a quote,don't make more out of it. Your right if you don't like this page you shouldn't follow it anymore especially if its making you upset. 
so wrong..wake up..real life it's not like u see in the's not scripted or directed..some have their own reason why they didn't do so..unbelivable??better believe war.. ;)
Painful as it is, you gotta know... This is SO true!!
I agree completely and (as always) am going to add that many women read too much into what a man says and make excuses for things that he does or does not do.  But, if we are true to ourselves, we know when a guy is in love vs. when he doesn't even care whether we are on the planet.  Listen to what he says, but pay even more attention to his actions.  And, if he doesn't call, have your best friend break your fingers if that's what it takes for you to NOT call him.  You will get over him and realize you deserve to have your love for a man returned. 
Mercedes - so true, but, unfortunately that takes a little more time.  Normally, though, a guy that doesn't call, etc. is normally one you just met and he was only out for one thing or a guy who was with you, but never really committed, and he has moved on to someone else.  Just my opinion.
ikr , goin thru it now . im lettin go even tho it's the hardet thing ever :/
Agree. Of course, we all have our selfish bastard/bitch moments, but if you love someone and you realise you've hurt or upset them, you make it up to them. You don't leave them feeling like they're not worth an apology.  
Likee tht Nicola :) and your name, btw
So, just because someone doesn't crawl on their knees praising you they aren't worth your time? No wonder the entire world thinks women are idiots. Said by a woman, mind you. Reciprocated action rather than words should be a standard for love, not words. Positively ridiculous how blind one must be to accept these posts like they make sense.
very good words........
Really...*vomits everywhere you people make me ashamed to be a woman, grow up and take responsibility for your independence and stop living love struck. Crazy...
that its true' does happined in my life'
I cannot believe so many people are agreeing with this picture.
Guys are famously terrible at talking about feelings, and only about 15% of human communication is reckoned to be verbal content anyway. 
Quite apart from anything else, there are nearly 7 billion people out there: how likely is it that any one rule applies to every relationship?
i know that my boyfriend tells me that in very texts messages
yes all guys are the same but in some ways diff
house phones or something is wrong i got to go chat later
Hello ! Hello ! Hello ! I can't hear you, line not clear and hang up the phone, that what cheating man alway do, 
Sometimes letting go its the best thing you can do...
love is chating.. so dont involve never ever..
And sometimes that aint true they just want a piece of ass
I luv it! This is great.
if nt wats pple we say there is no used goin in 2 a relationship...
Nis Sa
true <3 <3 <3 <3 
halo all men are the same. They just use different techniques to get wot they want.
some guys dont understand that us girls have had our hearts broken by them, and we try to figure what we did wrong and they just ignore us
exactly! they jus think grls dnt have feeelings! well we do and we would appreciate if you guys would jus do more to show us you actually care for us thank you ! :D
nd i do it all, call tell her, nd show it. she really kno how much i love her
sometimes things can be true and sometimes things cannot be true and sometimes relationships are just not worth it
well thats true also but if you really wnt the relationship to be worth it then you should show your partner you do care for them in all the rite will try to make it work and have a strong relationship but if he or she dnt show they care or love you then i would wlk away from the relationship or at least ask them wts going on....
Women think with womans brain..mans brain is different...sometimes we dont say what we really feel cause were afraid
johnita seems like you been real they say.... LOO BEFORE YOU LEAP!!!.... THROUGH A microscope!!!
true true..... grls are scared to say sum things on their mind tooo we jus need to know how to communicate with eachother more easily than wt we do now
very true..and lesson learned
yah i know i didnt realize nuthin i m tlking about untill like a year ago and now my relationship is stronger than ever:D
Very true! Yes, I am talking to you!!!
Ha ha ha...
Nothing!!! I just wnt to laugh.....
anything you and do do it while you still can
It truely depends on the guy and girl..... some like the run around and excitement and some are old fashion but which ever way it goes love takes time and patience then u know if it was worth it
you got that right it toke me 2 years to say yes to my boyfriend and now he is everything i had dreamed for in a guy
Hi, Martin Krischick.  I do not think that men have to be the first to call.  I was thinking that this post was referring to people who had already met and maybe went out one or two times or longer.  I was in a relationship on and off for a while and the guy would tell me he would call right back and I would hear from him maybe 3 months later.  It was one sided and I finally had to face the reality that I just didn't have his heart.  I totally agree with you that it's okay for a woman to ask a man out - life's too short.  The worst he can do is say "no". 
some people wont say things like that because they been broken hearted from their past and now there scared what will happen again
trust me i know what it feels to get hurt my heart into pieces and i finally found someone to loves me for who i am
i see what u mean because it happen to about 10 times and thre is no one in the world for me
yea even my friends turn their backs on me 
their not great friends then i know because my best friend did the same beucause of her new boyfriend
yea i know i may miss her like crazy but i now have some people that she dont have
Wow - this quote really sparked some reactions.  I don't know if I should listen to my favorite love song right now or the song by Alannis, "You Oughta Know".  Regardless of past experiences, I am just going to be myself and keep my heart open and learn from my mistakes.  I know the one guy that I held onto for too long was not 100% to blame - I allowed it to continue, so I feel like I was wrong.  Lesson learned.
yea look on the bright side if you fall in love just dont fall into deep at first let me make first move
yes, you have to show it one way or the other, you just can't leave someone guessing
on one is exempt, this applies to every one and anyone
Lisen to ur hart,mind,body and soul and when one of them disagree, let go. The answer is within, it takes times but in the end its worth it. So men sometimes talk and body language shows but lets face it some dont know how and when they try we woman shut them down . 
Men and women wouldn't be screwed over as often as they are if people actually lived by some principles/demands of these expectations.  There is someone out there that will give you all these things.  Understand it may not come from the guy you want.  But it's life's surprises that get you off guard.  Just be ready to embrace them.  
Marie K
Yes absolutely!
Could be lies and deception
Could be a balancing act
Especially when there could be 2 he wants to swear love to......!!!!!
Who knows
More bees to the bonnet the sweeter the honey. That is Mans Ego

I really agree ......
many thinks to interpret our love
but... If we brandnew in afair how to make our boy friend love us w/ all his heart ....... Impossible,,,,
love is not only says just deep in heart ...

guys are just so complicated,sometimes they'll just do everything to make you feel that he cares and make you believe he is Mr. right while they just want to pass their sweet time with someone and before you realise it he's gone...
Kay P
# Truuu !
Frnds why u all r exciting?
Leave it on the guies who experienced it.
Happy Deepawali.
maybe things would be best if everyones opens up.....but then some will
take advantage
totally and if a boy abuses u say ur PRETTY, ugly stupid weird freaky or hits u slaps u punches u kicks u or more just scream at him and run and definitely tell sum 1 and he aint worth ur time AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amen to that i tell my guy friend i love him alot and his rsponse is 'okay"
exactly....but how many have the courage to do so....
In a Twilight Zone episode, this quote would be the justified manifesto of a
It's true, but it goes both ways... A relationship consists of two people, if only one puts time and energie into it...  Well, not healthy.
well that is true but what about if u cant let go of that special someone huh dont u think
I've had both type of Men. This is so true. We are worth more than we give our selves credit for.

@ rebecca villarreal I think...they should really use the word someone instead of he
old news, I have been using the app for youtube on my PS3.
its great to be able to use these devices in conjunction. 
Yes, I agree to the quotes.  So true!
Yes, because love is binary and can be easily summed up by a checklist of things you should do if you feel it. 

I need a sarcasm tag.
agree 100% :) thts happened to me
he aint here he way on the other side but i still will love him
So true but sometimes taking long time to understand !
YEAH BRO~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was everything to me know but not anymore
that is true we guys do that but sometimes its hard to say it to the person you care for.
I love this. Every good man, and women need to read this and understand that you are worth the love to give and to recieve
if he doesnt care for u u dont need to be wit him
im a guy and im just say it is hard to tell a girl this but it was a long time a go and it still herts.
I bet you regret that some girls just like to know where they stand

the first one is way true
Yeah if you have a guy like this then tell him to fix how he treats you or dump him
im sure there are more that realize it but they are to quiet to even be heard
Sometimes the funny feeling your feeling in the pit of your stomach is not love but your body warning you that something is not right and too run away. We are so caught up in the the thought of being in love that we allow ourselves to fall for anything....
that is true and anyone who has been in a RELATIONSHIP has known wat it feels like to be missed by someone they love
My grandma always said,"A girl must decide whether SHE likes a guy or is just trying to get HIM to like HER."
That's right Kimberly its nice to know that your wanted and not just there
that is so true... if u have to call him to get him to talk to u he obviously does not care.
Absolutely one hundred percent true 
now im just saying here but sometimes i mean not all the time but you gotta contemplate that the guy is in the middle of something and beleive he will call you as soon as he's done wanting to talk to you just listen to you heart and think about what its actually saying and act on that not on anger or  grudge
People please realize that a person's idea of love comes from their lifetime experiences. So what your idea of love is may not be theirs . This doesn't mean that they don't love you just not the way you want them too. But it's still love nevertheless
now hold on girls are the same well some are ok i gave my whole like to one girl and we were together for a year and she told me she trully loved me and i trully loved hell i still love her and she left me and i went to talk to her and she all of a sudden changed her mind/heart because she said she dont feel the same any more
hmmmm....but in the end their dicks.. so phhh.
not all guys are dicks im not a dick so dont say that alot of guys arent but girls just dont notice it because they want bad asses and you want that and your not gonna get a good guy your going to get a dick
see its not hard  to realize  but its just the type of guy the girl wants
it actually depends on the person.. guys aren't the only ones guilty of but also the girls.
so true but some guys have a hard time dealing with their feelings ;)
Yep.. but if they dont take the time to tell u wat u mean to them they need to :)
u can lose a real special person that way
thats called regret and i feel that every day because i feel that i didnt tell her how much she meant to me and because of that ive been single for about 7 months
NOPE, i disagree. untrue in this modern world.  He can miss you and not call you, he can want you and not say it, he can care and not show it. Why? you ask. Letting it burn is at times the best alternative. And all you do is move on in hopes that the next girl will value what you offer. Alot of girls now a days like to use their fairy tales and love quotes just to play with you, uncool..
Hang on we are having a debate over some words here I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend Brandon but everybody is different
like i said, it isn't just the guys... girls are as guilty as them.. :)
From my personal experience that last part of the quote goes more like, "if you played with him instead of showing him your true love, you can't be worth his time" be nice if my evil ex could understand that
Why is it hard for me to get this through my head?
And he thought the same about her! Gender equality...right?
Its so real and a true fact not everybody looks at it as it is
wow ppl if you dont like him then he probably dont like you GOD!!!! slow down on all that hateraid :)
Yes thats a reality and we should just know how to deal with this fact!!
100% true but is painful :'(
Yes, I agree! I hate guys telling me that they will call back but never does :( lucky I'm strong and move on right away!
You're so rite took me years to see it tho
i just got back together with my ex saturday, and i realized how much i missed him
Still wish i had a boyfriend, some 1 too hold, but no guy has ever liked me.

“If he misses you, he'll call, unless he is to shy to do so,
If he wants you, he’ll say it, unless he's afraid you don't want him, 
If he cares, he’ll show it, if he ever get's an opportunity."
Sometimes he's too shy and uncertain,it's the 21rst century,call him
I totally agree!! I just let go of someone who showed what he really wanted it! No!!! 
haha if he does not do anything? You migth be searching in the wrong place
Ok I can understand that but what if girl shows she likes a boy but has a boyfriend
crystal strokes you ugly and you look rachet
i want to belive this, but i cant i like him too much lol
Well, had to let him go cuz he only wanted it a one night stand n the worst part he is married n so am I.. I rather keep my precious family.. Not that kind of girl 
well we are all different, that's the beauty of individuality
you the yolanda on youtube call me maybe
Haley... if he doesn't care for you, he can't be worth your time!!

-"there you go Renn"
Ryan Ng
I'm not gay but that is nice
- that ies so true mahn, dont waste yuor time on a guy that iesnt willing to give his time on yuo .
All of you need a life. This is pathetic. I'm a woman. All of you need to get over this misery crap and grow up. The poem was beuatifully written. Leave it alone. You sad sacks.
You want a mans time? Take my advice. Fight for it. If the man is living he'll respond better than you'll believe.
Heres a little hint. God gave men a brain and a penis but only enough blood to work one at a time. Draw the focus and you win.
Hmmm.  How many hoops must I jump through to earn some-one's love?  Pfffft.  The women who listen to crap like this will be very lonely, and have 20 cats.

Enjoy your cats, or perhaps stop acting like a spoiled princess.....

Then you wont have to ask "where have all the good men gone?"

They have run as fast as they can AWAY from YOU.  :)
if you talk like this to women then you obviously have no rite to love because when you meet that person you love unconditionally you would let nothing keep you apart, run miles just to see  her face and if that wasn't enough you WOULD jump hoops for her because you love her even if she had 20 cats and acted like a princess!!!!! so shut up, get off your lazy but and put yourself out there because love isnt something you earn its a fealing!!!!
방가워요 좋은 하루 되세요
i agree with ya on that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This post lacks substance. Those who accept it so blindly are either self deserving or just simply fools.
that it if he did then what, there aren't many guys like those 
yes it maters to us girls u r heartless Suchet Bharti
Exquisite poem, but life is much more complicated than words, and it can not be determined in 5 lines.
Love is a give and take!  If you are giving and not receiving equally, then the other one does not love you.
100 per cent agree , do not waisted my its to precious , every moment ,minute, second count , so stop waisting my .....
I agree not most girls or guys are like that but there quite a few that are and it's saddening to know that
Yessss, I absolutely agree. Eventhough a lot of people do not agree as you can see on the list.
I totally agree! Life is way too short!! Doesn't apply to just women ... Men too! We r all feeling people!

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No ... People are selfish but be hopeful.. Not all people are selfish. Just some.

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Very wisely said !

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Then we have to set good examples to all. Be hopeful. What comes around goes around.

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We think on the right path... Others can think what they like... But we can set good examples to others. Keep it up and can see good results one day! Good luck!

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Unfortunately yes but there are room for changes! Be hopeful !

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That is so absolutely true! Love yourself first!

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watch out for person who is wasting your time coz time is precious ladies out there be careful when you meet such a person
why is it.. always a he... chicks are just as bad
Estoy de acuerdo 100% por ciento.
sometimes they dont call because they are waiting for u to make the first move. yes they love u and care but they also know u love them and they hold on to this evil pride that turns into a game. but what they dont realize is that love is not a game. i think guys should always make the first move. as they are the male masculine born first offered the rib and should care and protect it. but the game turns out to hurt that one girl that really loved them. its not about who is right or wrong its about love. but guys would rather burn within and suffer and play the cat and mouse game than just pick up the phone and say i am sorry or i love u. in the end they realize the huge mistake they made by not calling. by then its too late. whos crying now?

again.. why always a he... girls do the same... maybe its nice if a girl calls.. says stuff... takes 2 people.. not just one.. 
i can give u the right answer to emmotions resulting from guy/girl not calling or contacting. it really is not love. because if the guy didnt love fine go away there is alot of fish in the sea. and vice versa. the real answer as why we allow ourselves to hurt is the fear of rejection and the emmotions that result from that. nobody wants to be rejected...
boys are stupid. don't read so much into what we do or don't do;)

that is why its hard because after all the commitment u put out, they suddenly reject u and make u feel like u r not worthy. u try to figure out what went wrong or why is this happening and why is he or she not calling? this leads to feelings of rejection and it hurts. but its hard to read guys cause they rarely express their feelings when something is not connecting with the girl. instead they cowardly run and hide and reject without explanation or expression. as apposed to wemon i tell u 98% if we dont call guys its cause we have no love we r not interested in you. it doesnt mean we found someone else we r just not into u anymore and we are not afraid to be honest or express. and not to hurt anyone. and what trigers the turn off? when a guy acts concieted or abusive jelous possesive lazy inconsiderate and is cought lying. 
and i am being honest. wemon dont just not answer calls because they r runing from the relationship. we r iether busy and working. but we will be honest enough to say its over and play too much they want to hide while they look for healing in another girl and hold on to the first one then if they decide they made a mistake they come back with all these stupid excuses acting like nothing happend and if they dont call within the month its over girls. they r not into u anymore. but a guy like that is worthless if u ask me. no matter how long u have dated or been in a relationship with him. once he plays this game, know that he is worthless. nomatter how much it hurts go on with your life. he does not deserve u anyway. and u can do better. noone ever gets away with hurting anyone. carma is a bitch.....
way wood u. want someone. if they do not want you. Get rid. and move on . time makes u smart if u pay attion .
I. Realy. Love. Reading. All. Love. Sad. Good. Happy. Funny. Sensahumor. Poems. Keep. Sending. Me. More. Thank. U
but not always true. it just depends on the guy and how well you know him
amen and that is why you should get divorce and find some body that will dump your boyfriend or your husband DUMP THEM ! :) a la quinta 5555555?
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