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LightwaveRF Android App
LightwaveRF Android App


Sorry guys. Just had another knockback from LightwaveRF regarding the heating and TRV protocols. It seems they only want to release it to their own developers.

Anybody interested in Nest integration? IMO it a better system anyway.

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In response to a play store review. I only get 350 characters to respond there so I thought I would give a full response here.

+Luveh Keraph

This app does not seem to do anything beyond what the official (free) app does - it just has more in the way of eye candy and gimmicks. In addition, most annoyingly it makes it difficult to log into one's account: one is supposed to tap on an icon labeled EDIT, on the top right - but, on phones, as opposed to phablets and tablets, that icon can be seen only when the phone is held in landscape position. This is very poor design. A GUI so poorly designed does not make me confident about other, more complex chores, that the app is supposed to tackle. I will definitely stay with the official app. Actually, the more I look into this app, the worse it is. After logging into my account, it just offers some generic settings, rather than my specific ones, as the official app can do. This app is eye candy and nothing else.

Eye candy? you are being serious? In my opinion, Lightwaver could hardly be more generic looking but thanks for the compliment.

The Edit entry in the menu is visible whenever you press the menu button regardless of screen orientation as can be seen in this screenshot of a portrait Nexus 4. This is a standard Android function and I doubt what you say is true. If you find it difficult to select a menu entry and then press a "Log In" button, perhaps you should give up on Android and use a Nokia dumb phone. After all the 3 screen touches it takes is by your own admission, too hard for you.

If you are using a phone with a customised UI (e.g Samsung), you may find the menu is not there. This is the choice of the phone manufacturer and they will have given an alternate method (such as a hardware menu button) to access the overflow menu. Nothing I can do about that. If you do not like it, complain to your device manufacturer who have forced that "feature" on you by modifying the Android OS..

Does not seem to do anything beyond what the official app does

I would say you haven't bothered to try to use it or even to read the description which clearly lists everything it does that the official one does not. Try using the official app with Tasker to turn on your lights automatically as you arrive home or touch an NFC tag to set a mood. Try adding some widgets to your home screen or turning your lights off by speaking into your Android Wear powered watch. Try using the official app on an Android TV device to control every LightwaveRF device in your home.Your statement is frankly ridiculous and just highlights your trolling intentions.

Lightwaver is for advanced users as it offers control via Voice, Tasker, NFC, Android Wear, Android TV, widgets and desktop shortcuts. If you don't want to do that any of those and just want to turn your lights on and off then you are not the intended audience for this app and the official one will work just fine for you.

Try asking LightwaveRF for a new feature like this guy asked me.
Added within a couple of days. See how far you get with them and if your feature ever sees the light of day.

I would say actually say the GUI in that app is far worse than mine (at least Lightwaver looks like an Android app and not an app written with a cross platform framework) although I admit, my app is showing its age and navigation is rather clunky but I am working on that

By the way, my app came first. There was no usable app when Lightwaver was released and only recently has the official app allowed you to use the same number of rooms and devices as the Lightwaver does. Previously I allowed hundreds more devices to be controlled.

What specific settings do you want? Lightwaver allows you to log in and to import your devices which is pretty much the same as the official app does. There are no specific settings that I can see. If you are referring to your data being synced with the LightwaveRF servers, then I cannot do this as LightwaveRF do not allow it but I have never had the need to do that as Lightwaver allows me to save my data in Google Drive and restore it to any device I choose. Similarly, LightwaveRF will not release the heating API and so that part cannot be added. Out of my control but feel free to complain to LightwaveRF (if they bother to answer you).

I notice that most of the reviews you have written in Play Store are poor (14 out of 23 are 1 star and only one 5 star review for a weather widget) so I do not take your comments to heart but try to remember that these are real people and months of work you are slating. Just because it does not suit your needs does not make it bad and I find your comments ill informed and juvenile. Far too many people use the reviews section of apps to trash talk. I suspect this is down to poor education and the inability to craft a coherent "real" review. I find it childish.

You allude to the fact that the official app is free and mine is not. LightwaveRF HAVE to give away their app. They make their money from hardware. I have no such luxury. This is my income so thanks for your attempts to derail my income. Like I said, real people.


Testing a new version in the Beta community.

LightwaveRF changed the account system so this new version attempts to resolve that.

+Grant Hutchings Not really sure what you found so confusing. Get in touch and let me know.

There was only 22 minutes between your 1 star "unusable" review and your 4 star "perfect app" review so I can't think the app was that difficult to work out.
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Become a tester.

First join this G+ Community

Then join the testers program here:

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Lightwaver TV for those unable to see the real thing.

#AndroidTV   #Lightwaver  

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A new Beta is coming soon.

Primarily for users of Android TV (e.g. Nexus Player). If installed on your Android TV device, it allows you to control your devices from your TV using the Android TV remote.

Voice control support same as usual.
Energy Monitor support.
Activate Sequences
Full device support.
Data transfer from your phone.

Lightwaver TV (LTV) is for data consumption ONLY. It is not possible to edit rooms\devices etc. You should use your phone/tablet for that and then transfer your data across.

Data is transferred where you would normally backup your data to Google Drive. Start LTV then whilst the main screen is displaying, choose the "Android TV" option in the data menu of "Lightwaver Phone" (LP).  As long as you are on the same WiFi network, you should get the request on your TV to allow data transfer. LTV will then shut down and when you restart it, it should have all of your data that was on your phone.

Ensure the LP settings are as you expect before transfer as these will be carried over to LTV where you will be unable to edit them. If you need to make changes, the idea is that you do this on LP then transfer your data across to LTV.

Testers who do not have access to an Android TV device can still test on their phone to make sure that I have not broken anything.

Please report all beta related issues in this community.


p.s Don't  forget to authorise LTV with your WiFi link 
Lightwaver TV
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Will be at #gadgetshowlive on Sunday
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I have just noticed since the recent firmware update that the energy monitor no longer works.

It seems that LightwaveRF have changed the way it works and yet again, did not notify their registered developers so they could amend their apps accordingly.

I'll get it done as soon as possible.
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Easter Egg

There is a secret function in the beta version.

If your device supports the "Ok Google" voice command try saying this:

"OK Google. Note to self. <Lights On>"

Obviously replace <Lights On> with whatever voice command you want to use.

The first time you use it it will offer you a choice of apps that can handle the command. Choose Lightwaver.

Until Google offer an API to Google Now without rooting, this is the closest I can get to fingerless voice commands.
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