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I leave the internet for a few days, and suddenly everybody is using google + like mad. Wow.
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Yeah, if it gets to the point where the 150+ people I actually care about on FB migrate here, I'll leave Facebook.
I can't see my family moving over to this. I have a feeling it's going to replace Twitter before Facebook for me.
No way. Twitter is going to be around long after both FB and Google + die.
The fact that G+ in early beta form has us questioning the lifespans of Facebook proves that this could very well be the social medium of this new decade.
I feel like I "grew out" of social networking two years ago, and sometimes forget that the rest of the world didn't move on with me. One of them has to die though. I hardly check facebook as it is, I'm sure as heck not going to spend any extra time on google + that I don't already NOT spend on facebook.
Actually, that's not true, plus may evolve into something more useful to me than facebook. We'll see.
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