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Sean Buckley
I'm just this guy, ya know?
I'm just this guy, ya know?

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The last time I posted something to Google + manually (not using a share button) was July 20th, 2013. 

On the plus side, I just learned I've been driving the Mustang for almost a year. 

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If you missed it in last week's Engadget +Engadget Distro  read it now: Edward Thorp and the wearable computer that beat Vegas. Fantastic read from +Donald Melanson and +Engadget

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I don't always drink too much coffee, but when I do I think about Jim's Big Ego.

I know its stupid, but I'm really excited that I got 25 miles per gallon in the Mustang yesterday.

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Ugh. Why can't I resist sales? 

Modernized Shakespeare: I'm at a Taming of the Shrew production that featured a photo shopped cameo of "Jay Zed." Awesome. 

Sooo.... North Korea, huh? 

March. You're killing me. 

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Razer man. They keep building crazy stuff. 
"All told, Razer can get away with calling the Edge the world's most powerful tablet, at least for now." - +Sean Buckley 

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Mickey Mouse: former badass. 
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