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Was sind denn das für bilder?

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Thank You : 3000 circlers - the Hard way!

I've been waiting for this.
It's taken little over 1.5 years.
It's taken more than 2,000 posts.**
It's taken more than 6,000 comments.**
It's taken more than 500 curations aggregations and syndications.**
It's taken more than 1.5 Million words.**
It's taken 3000 people with good taste :D
( ** = Estimated :D )

How did I get to that number?
Well, I took the hard way.
What is the "hard way"? 
Well, it means I didn't do any of the following (well, not more than a few times in a few cases);

* I've not seldom partaken of social media manipulation.
* I've not run around butt kissing popular profiles/people.
* I've not sought out shareaholics.
* I've not sought out and egaged with prominent people/profiles.
* I've not searched for popular topics and injected myself into them.
* I've not jumped into trending topics and injected myself into those either.
* I've not stolen other peoples curations aggregations+syndications.
* I've not referenced my own posts.
* I've not seldom reshared my own stuff.
* I've not made back scratching arrangements.
* I've not shared out popular posts in an attempt to win favour.
* I've not ran around claiming to be a guru, expert of "pro" on a subject.
* I've not made announcements declaring fantasy as fact.
* I've not generated a "resource" that has been done to death.
* I've seldom hijacked someones post with links to my own stuff.
* I've not spammed other peoples posts with links to my own content.
* I've refrained from using a real photo for my avatar.
* I've refrained from providing real details in my profile.
* I've refrained from showing my real face in public hangouts.
* I've been highly selective on who I chose to circle/interact with.
* I've refused to partake in Circle games/manipulation.
* I've denied myself the pleasure of blowing my own trumpet.
* I've avoided playing around with fake profiles/networks.
* I've not very rarely posted anything about cats :D

Instead, I intentionally chose a somewhat different route...

* I've attempted to create topical, interesting, attention worthy (or humorously inane) posts.
* I've sought out interesting posts and shared them when I think they deserve/warrant it.
* I've contributed to other peoples posts with (what I hope/believe to be) solid, informative and/or entertaining comments.
* I've tried to be timely, providing my circlers with informative posts/shares/curations.
* I've actively engaged with those who comment on my posts (and enjoyed just about every bit of it).
* I've thanked the majority of those that have shared my content.
* I've utilised Hangouts to interact with others and share information/perception.
* I've helped others with their questions and issues.
* I've tried to point credit when/where it is due.
* I've used my profile as a play testing ground.
* I've tried really (really!) hard to make it about others, rather than myself.

The result?
Well, I like to think that I have a number of quality circlers.
I admit, the chances are I have a few hundred fake profiles in the 3K (who doesn't?), but in the main, there is a bunch of real, interesting, amusing, intelligent and fun folk that I get to interact with.
I don't have to worry about fakers, thieves, hijackers, attention seekers, manipulators etc. - as they don't seem to be that interested in me.

The conclusion?
If this was a popularity contest, I'd be losing.
More importantly, I wouldn't give a fig :D
For marketing purposes - I should have done at least a quarter of the negatives I listed above, but simply couldn't bring myself to do them.
I have a sneaky suspicion that if I had, I wouldn't have had the pleasure of certain peoples company ... and I think that a valid trade.

So, as I started, so I shall finish ......... Thank You!

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Hallon wie geht es dir?

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