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The year in review.

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I wanted to alert folks about this Humble Book Bundle: this time it is a bunch of O'Reilly Unix titles.

Proceeds support Code for America.

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What if the best way to fight desertification, improve food supply, and perhaps reversing climate change is raising more grazing animals?

I found this talk pretty incredible.

Some related links:

"Protecting the West from Its Protectors":

"Farmland management changes can boost carbon sequestration rates":

"The Carnivore’s Dilemma":

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On one fine November night, Government of India in its infinite wisdom decided to remove 86% of the overall worth of banknotes from circulation. Since nearly no one was prepared for an event like this, let us say things have been going less than smoothly.

+Asutosh JG shared this piece about demonetization elsewhere, which I think is a quite good analysis of the situation:

Nuclear options should be used only when other options have been tried... Draconian, disruptive decisions seem to admit that reform of the basic institutions of administration has failed. Has the government done all it could on those fronts? For instance, have the recommendations of Tax Administration Reforms Commission been considered and implemented? On black money, as on other issues, the best thing that a government in India can do is to first get the basics right.

It seems to me that our governments are constantly seeking new and novel ways of making our people's lives miserable for dubious benefits. This is one such instance.

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This is a thing that has been bothering me for a while.

Privacy expert and TED Fellow Christopher Soghoian details a glaring difference between the encryption used on Apple and Android devices and urges us to pay attention to a growing digital security divide. "If the only people who can protect themselves from the gaze of the government are the rich and powerful, that's a problem," he says. "It's not just a cybersecurity problem — it's a civil rights problem."

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Chicago area tourism with Shiv +Shivapratap Gopakumar.

Note to concerned, notably +Sundaran Kannadath: your humble correspondent still has not read anything by Saul Bellow. This shall be remedied, eventually.
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Many birds on wires, for +Sundaran Kannadath.

(What would Leonard Cohen say about this?)

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Sounds like folks had fun!
Googler Gleb Peregud reports on ZuriHac 2016, a Haskell hackathon that was hosted at Google Zurich. Check out his blog post for links to fascinating presentations on the functional programming language.
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