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Saturday is SOON! Do you have your tickets yet?!!!

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James Cha notifies GDG Fresno about his move to Oakland. Rio Waller acknowledges how important his contributions have been to the development of the local group and programs he helped develop.

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@ GDG NA Summit

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#gdg  #2014

A couple goals we set for ourselves:
Get more people to come to our monthly meetings double the number of 2013.
Get our members to give talks.
Accumulate a list of people to reach out to when we need individuals to give talks at our events.
Attendees of Devfest 2014 to 400 people.

We are currently on track with our goals of accumulating more attendees to our monthly meetings and also within those individuals finding more speakers to contribute to our meetings and events.

We have already started the year strong hosting a Dart Flight School.

- Dart Flight School
We had a stunning 80% of the people who signed up come to the event.  We had two separate labs to accommodate those who were seasoned programmers and also those who just want to learn. We had attendees young as 11 years old. We went through a tech talk, a code lab, and ending with a Hack-a-thon.  Thanks to our sponsor Decipher we were able to provide awesome food and awesome prizes. And lets not forget the awesome Dart flight pins and swag from Google. Thank you +Seth Ladd and +Stephanie Liu.

- Women TechMakers
Four Women and a Mic. We really wanted to show our community that women are not left out if this industry and their numbers are strong and ever growing. We will share four strong and wonderful women’s stories of how they got to where they are and inspire anyone who wants to join the developers community, regardless of sex, color, or background.  We are currently still in the planning phases of this event. Working with Fresno City College’s Women Studies department and many other ladies in the community. 

-Dev Fest 2014
Three words describe this. Bigger, Better, and Swaglier! Like we’ve mentioned we hope to double our numbers for this event and provide more sessions and did I mention more swag? 

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#gdg  #2013
 2013 was an amazing year for GDG Fresno.  We really bloomed this year. Our organizer team grew to include Rio for GDG Fresno and Gabe for GDG Fresno High.  Also our active members number has been increase significantly compared to the year before.  We also found a home to do our meetings and found a focus.

Events we had for the year:
- Hack-a-501c3
Our way trying to give back to the community.  Worked with California State University, Fresno, the Mosqueda Community Center, and the Central Valley Software Cluster to bring this event together. Our goal was to reach out to the local non-profits and help them where they need with our code.  We were able to help four nonprofits to get a more high tech solution with some of their challenges.  Our Sponsor were Google, Pelco by Schneider- Electric, Starbucks, and Chipotle gave us over 130 burritos for our event.  

- Devfest 
Simply Awesome.  Got to reach out to the community. We held our own DevFest that received large amounts of media attention We had over 160 attendees for our first go at doing such a large event.  We had several talks and Code Labs that filled up three different sessions for every hour of our event.  We had a great time organizing and also presenting at the event.  With our sponsorships we were able to give away 10 Nexus 7s, three Raspberry Pi Ultimate Packs, and countless other books and other swag.  We like to thank Fresno City College, Google, Pelco by Schneider-Electric, O’Reilly Books and all our sponsors for everything they gave to us to hold this awesome event. Also like to thank people in our community coming and boothing to show how cool they are.

- Hour of Code
Teaching programming! A push from to get everyone to start coding no matter what path they are in life.  We got people of all ranges in age and experience come and participate.  We joined up with Code Combat to use as a catalyst to get people to start programming.  It is an easy game which gives you challenges that you must face using code. It was amazing to see peoples reactions when they were figuring things out.  We saw parents who are not coders come and learn with their kids. Funding was given by Dennis Mohle and Doing What Matters,, for lunch for all the attendees.  It was great!

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