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Emma Brooks
Advertising gal by day and night.
Advertising gal by day and night.

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The reason people generally go to Facebook is to be entertained in a bite-sized manner. They log on multiple times a day for a quick respite from their daily activities.

I'm finding that I'm getting less and less satisfaction from Facebook every time I log on. All I see are ads, ads, ads, links, links, links, and instagram, instagram, instagram. (The most annoying part is the instagram content is completely duplicate content for me, because I access my instagram app all the time.)

Do you know that you can't hide instagram posts on Facebook? The link appears and you can click on it but it does nothing.

And to the links and ads: There's so much noise and very little signal. This comes after carefully curating my friends list too - I very much force myself to keep it to a certain size. And yet... nothing of value appears. I would love it if Google+ could actually provide a social experience I crave. 
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