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Alright EVE folks, I'm finally done with Mechanics V and I got Heavy Drones IV in the pipe. Other than getting scout drones to V so I can get myself some nicer light/medium drones. What else should I put some effort into using in general (PVE and PVP)? Remote Rep and other logi skills? Or keep working on my exploration skills (I have plans to apply for a WH corp that's part of the talocan alliance)?
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Armour compensation skills and scanning skills if you haven't got them already and if you want to remote repair get logi V.
That seems reasonable because I don't see drones as being my long term primary DPS or support role. I don't mind drones, but they're fucking RETARDED little bastards at times even when I micromanage them to the nth degree. So, I want to branch off into skillsets that don't need drones as a primary mode of interaction.
Logi would be quick and easy to train, while allowing you to provide good pve and pvp support while you train up your gunnery or missile support skills. Like you said drones will not be your primary DPS later in the game, they move to slow or do not provide enough damage. They are just used as an added little extra in most cases.

You will also want to make sure your engineering and electronics skills are at V and any other skills that increase your ships CPU or power grid or your capacitor recharge rate, for example 'Energy System Operation'. Skill that also decrease the requirement of modules may also be useful, such as Energy Grid Upgrades. These will all help with fitting and running them larger guns and modules. :)
Yeah I got Engineering V already. To get core competency to standard rating I just need core targeting to standard. Most of that is due to only having electronic upgrades at IV and targeting at IV. Those are on my plan to get done next.
I forgot to mention before that if you plan on using turrets you will want to train 'Advanced Weapon Upgrades' to V. The sooner the better. :)

I'm sorry I've probably made your skill plan a few months longer now :(
Hah, that's not bad, really. I just need to get the core stuff done. So far, I can fly all my gallente frigates well enough to be of use. BCs and Cruisers are the same. More or less I can help out in C3s if I put a few weeks into guns to get my domi's DPS up. Right now, I can tank well with it, but the DPS is lackluster.
You will be more than able to help out in a C3 with the skills you seem to have currently. You could probably solo some C3 sites already. You should be more than able to tank them but with only your drones it may take a long time.
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