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So it's been nearly five months up here in Minneapolis. All I can say it's been interesting, but honestly I don't like the city. It's not like Des Moines where it's just a cleaner Wichita. It's truly its own animal. The biggest complaint I have about Minneapolis is how their highway system is laid out. It's definitely built around an old traffic flow (everything converging on the Minneapolis and St Paul downtown districts). So, the traffic gets all weird and slow during peak times. Also, the city proper is a bit dirty. I think that's not unusual for any city that's packed in like it is. But still I prefer less dense, cleaner, cities. Then again, Wichita wasn't much cleaner, lol.

Anyways, I might move back to Des Moines if the opportunity presents itself, but only for a direct-hire position with better pay/benefits.
Nice find +Jacob Zolt​:3
"Getting Rid of Bosses
Can a company succeed if no one is in charge?"
Can a company succeed if no one is in charge?
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This Saturday I had someone who I thought of as a friend tell me that since I'm transgender that I must be suffering from a disassociative disorder. I don't know why this friend of mine thought that was an acceptable statement to make, but I can say it has to do with her own upbringing (her mother is a psychiatrist, so you can see where this is going). It really pissed me off to have her say that to me. Of all the people that I thought had enough sense to know that my identity isn't some delusion or fabrication for some other ulterior motive it had to be her.

I don't know what to do with regards to her. It just seems like a bunch of bullshit pulled out of her ass just to get a rise out of me (she does troll people, so I don't think it's impossible she's pulling my leg on this matter), but the fact she fought tooth and nail on the matter demonstrates to me an ideological position that seems to override her compassion and empathy. It's just heartbreaking to me and it makes me feel like a fool because I trusted her. Ultimately, I'm going to have to just not associate myself with her anymore but that's going to be hard for me since she's friends with other people who I'm still friends with. It's just fucking ridiculous that this sort of shit comes out this way.

Seriously, some people just fucking suck.

#rant #transgender #transphobia #bigotry  
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I'm so sorry. That's just hurtful. You deserve a better class of friend.
Okay since Caitlyn Jenner has come out it seems everyone thinks their 6th grade sex ed class gives them the expertise to define sex and gender. Nothing personal to you all, but it doesn't even give you the knowledge to tackle first year college biology. The fact is that being transgender is no worse than being left handed. It evolved from the nature of how our sexes are not defined by pure deterministic processes. Like ogres and onions our sexes have layers. We got genes for metabolizing hormones (androgens and estrogens). We have genes for genital growth. We have fetal development stages. And much more that goes into sexual development (puberty, social norms, and etc). So, clearly from genes to adulthood our body takes forks in that development road which explains phenomena like intersex conditions. You can't go and say xx is a girl and xy is a boy. It takes more than that. The fact the y chromosome can lose the sry gene means someone can be xy male but have no penis (CAIS). That means sex is complex. It also means transgender people aren't delusional. So get over it already. /rant
I'm glad the New York Times is publishing such good articles on the matter these days.
The New Girl in School: #Transgender Surgery at 18 #trans
It was not an easy transition for Katherine Boone, but the question is no longer whether gender reassignment is an option, but instead how soon it should start.
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In the Rewrite, Lawrence looks at a major correction the assistant prosecutors had to make to the grand jury in the Michael Brown case.
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True, that's the situation, really. I mean at what point does a cop lose the right to live? I can't say despite my dislike of authority that I can make any individual agent of authority's life higher/lower than that of any one else. So, yeah if the action was aggressive then the cop had the right to defend his life good/bad/indifferent.
After reading some of the excerpts from the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing I really want to punch every politician and cop in the dick (even if they don't actually have a dick I still want to punch them where it would be).

Seriously, these folks are as clueless as biblical literalists.
I'm going to make one last post on libertarianism for the night. First, all of you who have commented on my previous post ought to read what I have written on the matter in the past and realize that I've read the same literature as you. I consider myself a fan of Ludwig von Mises and Fredriech Hayek. So I think you all got the wrong idea about what I was suggesting before. Second, social norms will always trump economic norms. This is a vacuously true fact. Look to history for examples. Third, there is no economic theory to date that can properly describe the formation of social norms nor how economies affect them. As such, to suggest that the market can correct racism, homophobia, transphobia, and etc is nonsensical. Fourth, none of what I wrote suggests the current paradigm of state monopoly can solve these problems, so stop assuming I have wrote as such.
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I believe you are essentially using education (in schools, in media, etc) to foster a cultural change. Yes?
I've come to a realization today that I don't fit in the libertarian ideology. How I don't fit comes from the fact that I don't see the economy as the cause of social ills or the means to remedy them (mostly). It's not the governments either. It's the fact that humans are taught from an early age things like poverty are unavoidable. Or that scarcity is the norm (tell that the dairy industry which is literally throwing away 31% of its milk this year alone). When you have such ideas drummed into your head from day one you can't help but feel helpless to the evils of the world.

Mind you, I'm not arguing for a Star Trek future but I am arguing that the assumption of material deprivations is wrong. Look at the fact that we can produce electricity in kilowatt hours for cents on the dollar. Or that the total labor hours to produce a single electronic gadget is spread over mere minutes of thousands of people. We can economize in such a way that no one would go without. But why don't we do this? Why are millions barely living on a handful of rice in mud hatched huts? It all comes back down to those assumptions. They're treated as essential truths that cannot be denied despite the fact that innovation always has denied them and refuted them since the beginning of human history. Ultimately this fraud can't go on. Eventually, people grow weary of sermons and do what they feel they must to survive. Ask the French nobles how that went down in the 18th century. I only hope maybe this time we can as a species get on track and develop a society that doesn't need to exploit an underclass to sustain itself. 
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+Stevie Davies Clearly you haven't even read Mises, everyone uses that term both from 19th and the 20th century economics essays and journal papers. It's not an unusual term nor does it it imply one means of economic organization or ideology.
Wow, barely four months into my new job and I'm already bored with it. Seriously, I've worked simpler jobs and wasn't nearly as bored as I am with my current job. Maybe it's too easy for me to add features to their apps, but I can't think of a more challenging position to take anywhere in software engineering. Bleh.
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imho she looks good either way
#Transgender LA woman shot dead banging door for help: cops #trans #california
A 21-year-old transgender woman was shot dead on the front porch of a Los Angeles home as she pounded on the door for help.
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No gods, no masters.
WARNING: May contain assorted fruits and nuts.

In all seriousness, I'm actually a fairly nice person to get along with but I do have my own weird point of view, so here goes.

1. I'm an anarchist. Yes, an anarchist. Not a bomb throwing anarchist, just an anarchist. I'm left of center when it comes to the political compass, but I've been shifting leftward over the last two years thanks to folks like Sheldon Richman and Kevin Carson to name two folks that I've been influenced my political-economic views.

2. I'm transgender. Yep, an evil "tranny." No, I don't do drag, that's a gay culture thing. Also, being transgender doesn't make me one of those folks that gets really dressy either. I just don't 'pass' well enough to pull it off unless I'm doing a cross between Glenn Close and David Mustaine (hmm....that gives me an idea.).

3. I'm bisexual. Yes, being transgender has little-to-no significance to one's sexual orientation. In fact, transgender people will shift orientations more often than not during their HRT regimen. It's sorta like second puberty but worse. Anyways, being bisexual doesn't make me desperate or greedy. I just find both men, women, and any adult sexy on their own merits (physical, mental, etc).

4. I'm spiritual, but not religious. And not spiritual in the New Age sort of way. Yeah, I like my Tarot cards, but I do that for kicks and the artwork. I tend towards a mixture of Taoism with some form of Christian Gnosticism.

5. I'm a leftist (that goes with being an anarchist in general). I'm not one of those leftists that plays apologetics games for Obama, Pelosi, and company. I'm very much an anti-authority and anti-State leftist so I see politicians as the poison of the world. The sooner we don't use them the better. The same goes for corporate 'leaders' and other cultish market fluff. The market can run well without corporations as they existed well before them and the State. In the end, I'm just a general 'commie' in most things. For example, I'm pro-labor and pro-market. These two are not incompatible if you understand why (check out the concept of mutual aid).

6. I love scifi and cyberpunk. So the grittier the cyberpunk or the harder the scifi the better. But I also love fluffy space operas like Starwars and Babylon 5. Also, Star Trek TNG. That Riker beard... Just sayin'. ;)

7. I'm a programmer which means I love to deal with all problems in logic. I'm primarily interested in programming language constructs and how they actually operate. So I have a big of a fetish for the less than mainstream languages like Haskell, Common Lisp, and Scala despite programming in C# at my day job. Over all, I just love computing as a science (yes it's a science, deal with it) since it solves many problems that often are overlooked by other disciplines. 
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