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Someone is selling a 'gently used' Saitek X52 Flight Control System for $75.00 US locally. Worth the price?

Really tempted to get the Lifetime version:
For a limited time only, players will be able to purchase a Lifetime Expansion Pass granting access to all current and future Seasons of Elite: Dangerous. The Lifetime Expansion Pass also includes access to all Elite: Dangerous Beta builds to gain an early glimpse at upcoming game content before release plus exclusive content.

Got my second (for the PC) account and figure that is the one to go pledge to to Imperials. Suggestions for the best place to grind rep ?

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Found this to be helpful to keep nearby as I am trying to learn ED on the Xbone.

Time to pick your brains (the size of a planet) again:
 Empire or Federation? Do I join either? Which to join and why?

I keep getting NPC's who tell me "oh glad i found you! follow my wake as i have some info for you!". Are they trying to trap me into a sales pitch or is there something worthwhile in trying to follow their requests? Anyone elver follow through on one of these?

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Happy Father's day to the man who taught me everything I know about humor. Love you Dad!

For US players, do you have any advice you can offer for the best head tracker setup I can purchase in the States?

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Confirmed: No Man's Sky' will launch on the PC on the same day its released on the PS4!
"Hello Games' Sean Murray announced that the highly anticipated No Man's Sky will be coming to PC the same day as the PS4, though he gave no indication of when that release would be, precisely. Murray talked a bit about the AI bots his team had to design to go and test the game's procedurally generated universe, creating technical reports and GIFs automatically for evaluation. "We grew up playing Elite. This was the game I imagined at the time," Murray said of his ambitious creation."
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