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Dixie Burkhart
Birder, writer, crafter, reader
Birder, writer, crafter, reader

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Trumpeter Swan Success at Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery?
It has become the local birding soap opera. Each year birders who bird the ponds at Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery agonize (well, I do, anyway,) over the breeding hiccups of the resident Trumpeter Swans. Each spring they go to nest in the cattails of pond 24...

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Van Buren County Summer Chorus
        As I go about my outdoor activities around the homestead, I am constantly reminded of how very lucky I feel to have put down roots here. Today a Scarlet Tanager has been singing almost nonstop from the treetops behind the garage. A Gray Catbird skul...

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Yellow-crowned Night-Heron is my evening guest
This time of year spring migration is heating up, and the cast of characters in my yard changes daily. I usually walk my dogs with the leash in one hand and my zeiss binos in the other. Usually I am sorting through various warblers, sparrows, vireos and fly...

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One Summer Day
It is worth a blog post. Today we had summer. It was hot. It was buggy. It was humid. It was great. This beautiful cicada was near the end of its long life. The wings looked like someone had spilled golden glitter on them, but I couldn't make that show up i...

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Idle Summer Thoughts
Like most of the rest of Michigan, we have slipped into the fullness of summer here in Van Buren County. The corn is as high as, well, maybe not the elephant's eye, but certainly his elbow. Young rabbits are everywhere, making me think of renaming the month...

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Farmer's Market Livens Up Lawrence
Welcome to the Lawrence Farmer's Market The village of Lawrence, (exit 52 off I94), is usually pretty sleepy - the sort of town that you can drive through on Red Arrow Highway without even realizing it. But on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm, it wakes u...

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Migration Heats Up Van Buren County
    Today's walk at Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery coincided with what was, for me, the first true day of spring. There was so much bird song that it was hard to sort through it. We found Gray Catbirds building a nest behind the equipment barn. The Trumpeter...

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Trip Report: Closing out April at Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery
It was damp, it was windy, it was overcast. The sensible people (everyone except me) stayed home. I almost got back in the car and headed back home for some hot chocolate. Then I decided, since I hadn't been there for about ten days, I would at least check ...

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Winter in the Rear View Mirror at Last!
After a winter that seemed like it would never end, a few brave wildflowers finally raised their heads last week. I think I have the ID's correct - any corrections more than welcome! Rue Anemone Spring Beauty peeks out of last fall's leaves. Dutchman's Bree...

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Thrill of the Chase
Recently birders in southwest Michigan were in a frenzy over the presence of, not just one, but two birds that are megarare for the state. A Black-bellied Whistling-Duck found a haven for a time at the dairy at Andrews University. And, after some initial co...
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