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A boy was in a taxi eating chocolate, then he
took another one then a man next to him
said"do u know that chocolate will damage your
The boy replied" my grandfather lived 132yrs".
The man asked" was it because of eating
chocolate ??
The boy replied" NO he was always minding his
own business.
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A French man visited Nigeria..... When he got
there he found a prostitute and ask her to have
sex with her and they had sex.
After the sex,the man gave $100 (dollars) to
the protitute....
When the man was going back home the
prostitute acompanied him to the airport. When
he was getting inside the plane he turned back
and stired at the protitute and say "La dollar la
The prostitute looked at him with a seductive
smile and she replied back "La pussy la AIDS".
The man fainted...
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11 ppl Whr Hanging On A Rope,10 guys N a Gal.Dey Jst Needed One Persn 2 drop Down so dat the rope culd b able 2 withstand dia weight or else D rope will cutloose N dey'll all Fall.D Only gal Volunteered 2 Drop Down N Said 2 Dem Afta-all Dats Wat We Gals Do,we always obey d Men Cuz God put Dem Frst b4 Us N Dey are More Imptnt Than Us Coz Dey Hav 2 Wrk Dia Ass Off 2 Fend 4 Dia Famly...The Storey Waz xo touching Dat D Men Started Clapping.....ReasonOut D End Of D Story!
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